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Romans 4

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Paul is on the topic of God declaring people righteous.
He is using Abraham to get his point across.
People love to boast about their righteousness, acting like they did it on their own.
Paul is telling us that no, that is not God’s way.
If you could be righteous by your own good works, by your own strength, then there would be no need for the cross.
Paul goes back to the OT and quotes from , since Abraham believed God, God granted Him righteousness.
Read Genest 15
God credited Abrahams account with Righteousness.
V. 4-5
Paul is making some really valid points!
When you work, the money you get is not free.. You worked for it!
We are accounted righteous because of What God has done.
The God who forgives sinners like you and I, chooses to give us righteousness because of our faith.
Paul now uses David as an example!
David was speaking about the way that God deals with him.
God puts our sin out of His sight when He makes us righteous.
Our sin is forgiven when we are made righteous.
There is JOY because our record is wiped clean of sin.
Before being saved...
You were stamped a sinner, ready to go to hell.
But God, in His goodness, calls those who are sinners to salvation.
When you receive the free gift of Salvation, then you go from sinner to Child of God.
It is sad when you meet Christians who are not joyful. They act like there is nothing good, life sucks, and they can’t be joyful…
When you get your eyes off of your circumstances, and put your eyes on the one who made you righteous, you know you can become joyful.
You can’t control your circumstances, but you can control your attitude…
You can be joyful or you can be a bum.
Paul is just pointing out that this blessing is not only for the Jews, but also for us!
Remember, the Jews thought they were all that and Gentiles were nothing.. However, that’s wrong.
The Jews thought that since they were circumcised, they were special.
Since, Abraham was justified before circumcision makes it clear that even Gentiles can be justified.
Abraham wasn’t circumcised until he was 99...
Soo yeah..
Circumcision gave no special standing before God, only faith in God does that.
V. 13-15
Paul is telling us that a right relationship with God comes through Faith and faith alone.
If God’s promises was only for those who obey the law, then faith is unnecessary and Jesus’ death was pointless.
You can try to obey the laws of God, but you won’t fulfill it to the T.
V. 16-17
Faith is the only way to God.
Faith is the only way for salvation.
Paul is telling them, “The gentiles who come by faith are just as saved as you guys are.”

All who are saved are saved by grace, by God’s promise, a promise that is accepted in faith. There is no other way. Thus Abraham is the father of us all. The way of faith which he exemplified is the only way we may come to God. All is a significant word. There is no distinction.

Abraham is the father of all who have faith in Jesus.
V. 18-19
God promised Abraham a son, and he did not have that son until 100…
God waited until Abrams body was as good as dead, to give him a child.
During this time, Abram still had hope and faith..
Why is it that when one bad thing happens in our life, we lose hope? Why do we lose faith when we don’t get what we want?
We lose hope because we care about our own happiness instead of what God has for us.
When we don’t get what we want, we think God is wrong and He doesn’t know what he is doing… Yeah, you may not say that.. but you basically are when you question, “Why God?”
V. 20-25
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