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The Good Shepherd

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Jesus is the way to salvation and the keeper of those that come to Him

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The Good Shepard


Place - Open Word Fellowship
Time - Morning Worship
Date - September 23, 2018
Scripture -
Topic - The Good Shepherd
Text - (NIV84) “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”
11 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.


This scripture has many Old and New Testament backgrounds from to to Philip 4:19 to .
Possible Title
The Good Shepard
Basically it tells us some very fundamental things. Jesus is both the Door/Gate and the Shepherd. He is good because He has the care of the sheep in mind at all times. It is because of this and knowing our needs that He chose to go to the cross. He gave Himself in battle that we might live, not just here and now but forever.
The Shepard and His Flock
These verses tell us that Jesus would ultimately lay down His life for us but that His sheep fold was bigger than just the Jewish nation or anyone particular group of people but would include all humankind that would chose Him. He is especially loved by His Father because of this commitment to the sheep, us. All others who come to divide, scatter and destroy the sheep are thieves, robbers and false messiahs.
There are two parts to this part of the 10th chapter of John they are, V. 1-6 Contrast between the thief and the True Sheep and V.7-18 the Revelation that Jesus is the Door and the Good Shepherd.
, , Eph. 2:14-15 Ezek. 34
V. 7-18 Revelation - I am the Door
I am the Good Shepard
A. His care is sufficient See and 9
He goes before them. (NIV84)
"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."
B. - His care is sensible - Lie down in Green Pastures, Leads me beside still waters. , The Good Shepard lays down His life for the sheep
C. His care is Sympathetic - He restores my soul, He leads me in the path of righteousness for His name sake. Others were robbers and thieves, Through Me is salvation
D. His care is strengthening - Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death ... You are with me. The hireling flees I give life
E. His care is soothing - He anoints my head with oil. I know my sheep and my sheep know me.
No wonder I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever
Jesus - Incarnation - forgiveness
I. V. 1-6 The Allegory- Contrast Thief VS. True Shepherd
Statement - "I tell you the truth
Fact - the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the
climbs in by some other way,
is a thief and a robber.
This opening is an allegory. A story to illustrate a point. In chapter 9 at the end of the chapter Jesus tells the leaders that because they spiritually blind they are guilty of trying ti provide another way for the people to find salvation. Now Jesus picks up that theme and likens them to thieves and robbers. This is he same theme that is seen in
:2 Fact - The man who enters by the gate is the shepherd
of his sheep.
This is a complete contrast from the previous verse. In the O.T. a sharp rebuke is given often to the leader that have hurt the people of Israel rather that administer sound practices and cause hurt especially for the poor, disadvantaged or sick.
:3 Act - The watchman opens the gate for him
the sheep listen to his voice.
He calls his own by name
leads them out.
The action shown here is typical of the kind and caring shepherd the sheep listen because they are not afraid. The shepherd knows each one by name. In the previous chapter the work "know" was used 11 times but in the end the leaders did not "know" the most important detail, who Jesus really was. Neither were they willing to listen. Do we know the voice of the Lord? He knows our name and He calls but do we know Him and hear.
:4 Act - When he has brought out all his own,
he goes on ahead of them,
his sheep follow him
Reason - because they know his voice
The seep follow the shepherd because they know his voice. The ministry is about leading. Mine and yours. As we live our lives it should be a call to those around us to come and find Jesus. Then we lead and teach them by our lives how to follow Jesus.
:5 Contrast - BUT
People - They
Act - never follow a stranger;
In fact they will run away from him
Reason - because they do not recognize a strangers voice."
this verse is in complete contrast with the previous one. The sheep know the voice and are led by the shepherd BUT the stranger they fear and run from, They do not know his voice
:6 Explanation - Jesus used this figure of speech,
Contrast - BUT
People - they
Denial - did not understand what He was telling them.
These people who are blind and steeped in their sin could hear the words but did not understand what Jesus was saying to them. Much like in the O.T. When the prophets came and tried to tell the leaders what they were doing to displease God they would not listen and kept on in their ways until they went into captivity.
II. V. 7-18 Revelation
I Am the Door, I am the Good Shepherd
:7 Conclusion - Therefore Jesus said again,
Quote -"I tell you the truth,
Specific - I am the gate for the sheep.
Jesus leaves nothing to chance here He declares openly I am the door, the gate. All sheep come through the door accept the one who is the "door" or the "gate"
:8 Fact - All who ever came before me were thieves and
Contrast - BUT
the sheep did not listen to them.
See The people who came before Jesus tried to substitute national pride, religious rules and/or false interpretations of the scriptures for the true hope in the Messiah and the gospel being preached to the poor. There is no suggestion here that the prophets, Moses or any of the godly people that preached and taught the people of Israel are included in this reference.
:9 Pronouncement - I am the gate; (door)
Condition - whoever enter through me
Results - will be saves.
He will come in
go out,
find pasture.
The idea here is that the person entering through the "gate" or "door" will be safe and be cared for. The shepherd will provide all that is necessary for live to be lived to its fullest. Jesus is both the door to get into the fold and the door that leads out to the abundant life.
:10 Person - The thief
Act - comes only
Specific - to steal
Contrast - Person - I come (I came)
Purpose - that they may have life,
have it to the full.
We are not talking about eternal life only here but life lived in and through Jesus. He wants us to really live not just get by or survive but to experience what life is really all about even if we are suffering, poor or in difficult circumstances. Abundant life is the Christ filled and motivated life. See ;
V.11 Pronouncement - I am the good Shepherd.
Fact - The good shepherd
Act - lays down Hid life for the sheep.
Jesus provides them with a blue print of what is going to happen. He is preparing them for the end and the reason.
See ; ; . The death predicted here is not just a good example of how far a shepherd could and should go to protect his sheep but rather a description of Jesus fighting for His seep even unto death and by that death providing eternal life and fulfillment that only the True Shepherd could and would give. You may be called upon to give your life for another but the giving of that life does not make your moral, righteous or providing eternal salvation either for yourself or the other person. A hero maybe, a committed person definitely but not an eternal Savior. Only Jesus could be that.
:12 Fact - The hired hand is not the shepherd
Specific - who owns the sheep.
Experience - when he sees the wolf coming,
Act - he abandons the sheep
runs away.
Result - Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it.
The words here are snatch and scatter. It is a sudden attack and it ends in death, confusion and disunity. See
:13 Results - The man runs away because he is a hired
cares nothing for the sheep.
There is no real concern for the sheep because this person is hired to watch to the sheep. He is not the owner.
:14 Pronouncement - "I am the good shepherd
Experience - I know my sheep
my sheep know me-
:15 Comparison - just as the Father knows me
I know the Father-
I lay down my life for the sheep.
Now we come to the real difference between Jesus and those who claim to be the door but are not. Jesus knows the sheep, the sheep know Him, He knows the Father and the Father knows Him. This plus Jesus is now and will literally lay down His life for the sheep. This is the standard for every shepherd, leader, pastor. This is not a head knowledge but a knowing by experience. Jesus knows the Father, Jesus knows the sheep, the sheep know Jesus.
:16 Info. - I have other sheep
Specific - that are not of this sheep pen.
Mandate - I must bring them also.
Experience - They too will listen to My voice,
there shall be one flock
one shepherd.
This alludes to the Gentiles that will believe in the future.
See . The use of the word "pen" or "fold" is used to show that the new Kingdom that Jesus is build in not of any particular group but rather a group made up of all those who believe and therefore hear and follow. We will all be one flock not divided into Jew and Gentile but one in Christ.
:17 Reason - The reason My Father loves Me is
that I lay down My life- only to take it up
:18 Denial - No one takes it from Me
Contrast - I lay it down of my own accord.
Status - I have authority to lay it down
authority to take it up again
Fact - This command I received from My Father."
Jesus makes it clear what He is going to do and the authority He has to do so. This was given to Him by the Father in heaven.This laying down His life and taking it up again is a definite purpose not something. Jesus has the right, the authority to lay down His life to redeem us and the same authority to take it up again. He was not forced to the cross but went willingly for us. But, that was not the end by that same authority He took up His life again. He did not just swoon, He did not leave the body of a man and leave an man to die. It was Jesus the Christ who both died and rose again. "My Father" thus taking the action back to the Father to whom the Son is submitted. This divine- human combination is once again shown and brings us back to the authority and power of the Lord through the Father. See ;
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