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To Love God, I Must . . .

To Love God, You must . . .
Beware lest you abandon the your first love!
I have this against you!
You have abandoned the love you had at first.
a. the loyalty of young love, the passion of a bride
b. , The sin that surrounds can cause your love to grow cold.
c. love has become static; no longer growing in knowledge/discernment
we must continue to press/pursue God's heavenly call in Christ
d. , God does not forget what you've done by serving others. Endure!
Falling in love with Christ can be easy, remaining in love with Him is both a command and our challenge.
Fighting evil is distracting and exhausting, it can distract and diminish our commitment to Christ.
2. Love stops growing when it is not consistently stirred up and directed at the right
a. Once love stops growing it begins to diminish.
b. A diminished love is imperfect love - misses the mark = Sin
c. It is in danger of dying.
3. Our love for Christ is to be lived out daily in the excitement and willingness in the example of a young couple.
4. What is the status of my love for Christ?
Is it as fervent and strong as when I first placed my life in his hands?
To Love God, I must . . .
Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.* All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely. 13 Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love. NLT
1. Know that the basis of my faith is established by, in and through THE LOVE OF GOD!
2. Understand that Satan attacks our faith, his intention being to undermine our love for God.
3. Acknowledge and admit that we worship, that is bow down, celebrate whether knowingly or unknowingly what or who we love!
I. Recognize who He is (; ; ; )
Recognize - to consciously take notice of; to sense someone or something previously known
2. Recognize the enemy
; He came unto His own and His own did not recognize Him, so they
received Him not
Gentiles rejected Him ()
1. suppress (overturned) the truth
2. they did not honor Him neither gave thanks to Him
3. they became useless and foolish in their very being
4. they replace the creator with man/beast
I must recognize Him. (Appearances ; )
1. He came and called upon them.
2. Jesus approached and engaged them. You didn't catch anything, did you?
3. Jesus provided a miraculous catch
4. He amazed them.
5. He revealed Himself to them, commending His love toward them
6. He attended to them.
7. He fellow-shipped with them.
II. To love God, I must come to know Him.
How do I determine that I really love God?
Love him as he is - his whole person - not discriminating
As He is revealed in scriptures
His Love (; ; ; )
His Grace (: ; )
His Mercy ( ; ; )
His Power (; ; )
His Holiness ( ; )
His Righteousness (; )
His Justice ( ; )
The Wrath of GOD, a vengeful anger against all ungodliness and unrighteousness (; )
A jealous God who will punish sin (; )
Love always dominates us, we are embraced by it and entangled in it.
Love Him with my entire being (; ; ; )
With the HeartAffection
Do you want to be in the presence of the one you love?
Do we pant after him, desire him, seek after him?
Is your heart engaged to him?
Do you miss Him when you are away from him?
With all the mind - Reasoning ( ; ; )
Are your greatest delights to think and meditate on the glorious attributes of God? Don’t we consider the qualities of those we love?
Do you stand in amazement as you think about his glory and majesty?
Do want to know about him?
With the will - Choices conforming to the will of God (; ;
We keep his commandments and to not find them grievous. To love his law and
commandments and feeling like we are making a great sacrifice.
Evil - that which is opposed to God's nature and will: ;
We cannot love what God hates
The love of the world
Lust of the flesh
Lust of the eyes
Pride of life
Friendship with the world is enmity with God. The world as it is presently governed by lust and desire.
When a man loves God, he hates this world. He wants God world. We must see the outlook of sin and hate it.
With our soul – life in our physical bodies ()
1. Has God possessed me?
2. I am captivated by him?
3. Do I give myself to Him serving Him with all my strength, money, time?
4. Is my life is dominated by Him?
III. I must resist the devil who is out to destroy my love for God. ( ; )
The devil’s strategy has not changed but his tactics are always changing.
He attacks come unannounced
They come in multiple forms
His attacks is always at our human nature trying to get us distracted from our spiritual nature
IV. The ultimate test which proves that I love God. ( )
Appreciation of the gifts that He gives us.
The priceless gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.
Have I received Him. This is the ultimate test of your love for God
I demonstrate my belief in obedience.
None of us loves God perfectly, what is the general tenure of your life, do you desire to know God, to love Him as He is; Love him with our entire being; love to do his will; accepted the gift of His son Jesus Christ.
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