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I Am A Church Member - Part 2

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a church member We got a little more Jesus playing. I guess it's for somebody. Alright, I'm sorry praise team. I didn't mean to get out of my Lane. Amen. Alright, alright, so stand up everybody staying we going to pray over our kids. Amen matter fact. I want all the kids to come down here. So folks can see y'all come on down here. Amen. And y'all grab grab grab a handyman grab a hand. Amen. Come on. All right. Amen. Amen, alright. Listen y'all this will be praying for y'all. Look here this and we praying for we praying for their instructors. We're praying for them. We're praying form in school. We're praying for them to have all their needs met a man. So let's join together father. We thank you for our young people. We thank you for what you're doing in their lives the Lord. I lift my to you. It's some crazy challenging days for young people today, and I'm praying God that the blood of Jesus will cover each and every one of them from the crown of their head to the sole of your feet. I pray for him God when they're in school or touch their minds that they can remember what's being taught. I pray for the Lord that they would be that example of hoard Christian young man or woman is so that someone in their class will come to them and ask him. How do you have so much joy and what and what is it that you do and they can tell him I know Jesus and so is there dismissed from that class to their class Lord I pray for their instructors. I pray for them to monitor their bodies and their mouths while they're in class Lord and to be an asset to their instructors father God and then when they come back in they will have drawn closer because they will be taught more about who Jesus is and who God is and so we bless you and thank you and we give you all praise Glory and Honor in Jesus precious name that everybody say man and you guys are dismissed the kids world Amen. Come on, y'all. Let's praise God for our kids.

All right, and for those of us who are like kids 18 and older. Hey, man, let's stay and we going to read our confession. We're going to read are foundational scripture a man and are foundational scripture comes from 1st Corinthians chapter 12 in verse 27 1st Corinthians chapter 12 verse 27, if you have it in your Bible, you see it on the screen say Amen. Alright, let's read that together. Now, you are the body of Christ and members individually. They say that again now you are the body of Christ and members individually not share with me and not confession of Faith repeat this after me. I am not move. By what I see. About what I feel I am moved by what I believe. I believe the word of God. The victory is mine. I have it now. I can see it through the eyes of my faith. In Jesus name I give God a big hand of praise and you may be seated in the presence of the Lord. So couple weeks ago. I started this series entitled. I am a church member in in the goal of it is for us to think about what it means to be a Biblical member of the church or of the body of Christ. Amen. So we we we introduce the series by bringing up early and Kevin y'all remember early and Kevin Ware early early doing but that's alright there and in Kevin is over there he met and so here's the deal early and Kevin. Had a story and their story was they they came here to the church and they met at the church and they became really good friends at the church and they would meet weekly they have breakfast together and you know talk trash about the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers, you know, and whoever else they would dump in that pool, but they would get together, but they were developing this amazing friendship at church and then something happened. Earl I believe it was Earl Kevin it was Kevin who decided that at some point he didn't want to belong to this church anymore. And and so in one of their their breakfast meetings Kevin shared with Earl why he didn't want to be a part of the church in the morning and he said he had been watching the folks who go to the church and basically was very disappointed at the fact that these people were not acting Christian Life. I mean, he saw them not only in the church, but you know outside of the church doing different things that didn't line up with being a Christian and he came to church so that he and his family could be fed. The Deep word of the Lord amen. And so this really bothered his spirit that these people who call themselves Christians were not acting appropriately. So in their breakfast meeting he told her that he was leaving the church because these folks were in this church with a bunch of hypocrites. I'm so they brought to my question. How can you have two people at the same church with two different Church experiences, right? So how can we have folks who come to church and are very frustrated at the church because they see what the people are doing. And then you have other people who are at the church for excited for being in the church because they're looking at something totally different amen. And so I want to continue a little deeper about that that whole discussion of what does it really mean to be a Biblical church member amen. Yes. I'm a recap some of the things that I talked about the first time but before I get to there I want to share with you what Jesus told Matthew when he when he asked him to do something now looking in the scripture in Matthew chapter 9 verse 9 beginning with verse 9. And before we get there. I need to help you understand something if you was was a tax collector. And so would Matthew did was he work for the Roman government? And he worked to take taxes for the Roman government's from his Jewish brothers and sisters and said the latest thing was set up was Rome would go and recruit folks so that they could get the local taxes and they told the tax collectors hate all we want all we want is this percentage whatever it was 5% 10% but you can charge whatever you want to charge and so here you have these individuals called Tax Collectors, right and they're charging more taxes than what Rome is requiring. So they were considered the low-life scum of the area. I mean the worst of the worst a man so when you were a tax collector in that time in that region working for the government you were considered the The only example of one of the examples I could give his you know, how you get those CD characters behind them. grammar schools selling drugs to little kids You know that kind of means a lot more than that, but you know, they were on that kind of level, you know, that's kind of really you doing that and you doing that two kids or are you doing that to our own people? You know that kind of thing. So I want you to get the picture that Matthew was not the cream of the crop when it came to Jewish Society. No, no, the reason that's important is because if you look around and you remember not many of us grew up in the church, right? We all had a life before Christ came into our life and we were the best people many of us a man. We did some stuff that you know today you may not even be proud of a man. And so I want you to understand that you can see your former self or yourself in Matthew today and it's important because when we see what Jesus says then it'll add Clarity to what I role and responsibility is as church members. Does that make sense in first 9 As Jesus went on from there. He saw a man named Matthew and another book. She'll see they call him Levi that was his last name. So and in this context of we see it as Matthew and if you see him if he says he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax collectors booth that would be the equivalent of Jesus walking pass a drug addict doing his drugs at the drug house. Or whatever you name it whatever it is, whatever that thing is, you know in the club twerking whatever it happens to be right you caught in your ass right in Jesus. Salt sees you sitting in the midst of your stuff doing your worst stuff. And here's what he says to Matthew. He didn't say I'm ashamed of you. He didn't say you need to get it together. He didn't say I can't believe you bringing this disgrace to your family and to yourself. He didn't pass that kind of judgment on Matthew. All he said was follow me.

Cheap see this is part of the problem with the church when we see folks in the midst of whatever they're doing. We we condemn them or judge them as opposed to say follow me.

It's so when you look at the text Matthew, it's me Matthew was you Matthew? Was that person who's mad at the church now because the church did I'm wrong Matthews that person who don't believe in religion Matthews that person who don't care who's just just out there doing their own ask Matthew and all Jesus said to Matthew was follow me.

Give me what say you got to come to your church? He said follow me. No back into our description of Earl and Kevin Kevin Kevin took his eyes are following Jesus and start following people at the church.

CU Anytime you take your eyes off of following Jesus and start following people at the church. All you're going to run into is the Matthews even ate there in the church.

See, this is why you belong here impacts everybody. Cuz all Jesus said was follow me. Didn't say you need to judge this person and you need to make it right and you need to follow this religion and your he said follow me. It real simple didn't I keep in mind nephew was the worst of the worst? Here's what Matthew did. Jesus follow me and Matthew got up and followed him. He didn't follow the church and then follow denomination didn't follow people or mama and daddy follow Jesus. That's what we have to tell people. That's why everybody belongs in the church because Jesus said come follow me not the back. That's not the Presbyterian not the Catholic and he said follow me. If so when you're invited him, you say don't follow me. I'm as bad as Matthew follow Christ. Does that make sense? We got post something won't come to the church because they don't know God is never called them to follow the church folks. God is told him to follow his son Jesus. and so now my I'm lost and I'm angry and I'm frustrated because I don't know what to do because I keep seeing and following after the Matthews for in the church.

And I'm disappointed.

But that's not what Jesus called us to do a men go to the next verse. First number 10 it gets so interesting that end in this is amazing thing about Jesus. Jesus knows who he is to the point where he don't have any problem hanging out with folks like Matthew. So you're on the phone with church folks, they want to have a little country club over here. And if you don't look like me, you don't act like me you don't sound like me. You don't talk my talk to you or not invited to my little Country Club Church.

And so now the people who are looking for something who are hurting or going through things now Canton be a part of the Little Country Club church, and it smokes in the country club Church of Justice jacked up, but they don't think so. Amen and they keep in the folks who really need to get to Jesus from getting to Jesus because of a little rules and regulations a man. And so now we got folks who don't know what to do when they're hurting and when you come by would let me stop cuz sometimes we do this we get inside of the religious states and then we feeling something will go out there to the place where they yet Like we doing them a favor. You need to come to my church. Let me invite you to church cuz I'm doing it out of my arrogance and superiority now because I love you. Because I really want to pass judgment on you. Cuz I see what you doing, and I don't do that thing. And you'll never see the thing I do cuz I'm good at hiding my thing, but trust me you got a thing. Hey, man, so you all you do is you gotten good at hiding your thing. And pointing the finger at somebody else's thing. Jesus said Jesus said, let me let me let me help you out church folks out. The Bible says Jesus was having dinner at Matthew's house. Oh my gosh is the rabbi the teacher. Going to dinner with the sinners. I want a concert. what an amazing concert that we could break bread with somebody who don't even believe Jesus and don't even know who God is our don't even care a man that we could sit down and break bread with them and not worry about Who We Are

As opposed to avoiding it. Who did your T-shirt the teacher says you belong? That means everybody. Somebody came to me man. I don't believe in your God. I don't believe in religion affect organized religion. I am with that. That's okay. You belong anyway. Cuz Jesus never told you to follow organized religion. He said follow me.

Amen, so here's what the problem is at church to church trying to get folks to follow they organized religion. And you know, what organ has religion will do failed people all the time a man, but when you follow Jesus that won't fail. Amen. Read what it says. It says Jesus was having dinner at Matthew's house many Tax Collectors. Dim the worst ones. They even worse than the centers look at it. There's a distinctly there's the tax collectors and then there's just a regular Sinners. Amen. So the Bible distinguishes between their tax collectors and the Sinners and and the Texans came to meet with him and his disciples. So he was with Matthew did he's like man, I know I'm jacked up I do I don't have it together. I know I don't understand everything but there's something on the inside this missing in my life. I can have all the money I can have all the recognition all the fame and fortune. I can have all that but there's something missing on the inside. That's why he followed Jesus. It's the only the outside could look fine. But when there's broken this on the inside the Brooklyn Nets on the inside only Jesus can get to cuz you know what we learned how to do we know we've learned how to keep folks out. What are stuff in our position in our power and then switches to cold scriptures that people in all of this kind of messy, but they're still a broken. It's on the inside. That's why Matthew follow Jesus. That's why you and I follow Jesus because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much stuff we have its are we hold on the inside and the only one that can fill those gaps is Jesus. That's why we get up and do that. Come on. Y'all give God some praise.

Matthew said missing. I know how to get to the people who are like me. So I'mma call him again and let them know what has happened to me. So he brought all his friends his tax collectors in his centers. And now here's what the church folks. They they call the disciples they doing the church folks, right? So can you imagine? The folks following Jesus feeling a little uncomfortable in the house where all the crackheads are.

I'm just a little uncomfortable here. I don't know what to do with you. I'm following Jesus and you know, I'm looking at you and you making me feel uncomfortable, right? That's how we get when we get save all the sudden we too uncomfortable to be around folks who going through the stuff that we used to go through. Come on, y'all y'all acting like y'all been saved all the other.

When we passed judgement on them and we get into our other little click the family click and we talked about them cuz they not doing right they stand as a man, but God never told you to tell them to follow you. You said you'd answer do some of the Jesus? And you follow Jesus. Does that make sense? Go to next?

They calling the Pharisees what a church folks saw this they asked his disciples. They wouldn't even go to Jesus. and go to social justice jacked up and nervous about what's happening this day our so you got to tell me your pastor going to go down there and fellowship with them both. That don't make sense. What the Bible says? Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners? So you belong so you belong to you you belong turn that person next to me that you belong. I don't know what you did before you got here, but you still belong. I don't know. I don't know. I know you did something before you got here, but you still belong in there. I don't know what you did last night that don't nobody know about but you belong I don't know what your issue answer. Your problem is not a but you belong amen cuz you don't know what my issue is. My problem is but I belong a man come on y'all we got to tell the truth. Why you teach eating with the I need the name of y'all know, you know.

We all got them in our family. Amen. And then you point long enough. It'll come back to you a man. You know the one you call alcoholic. The one who let loose got a whole bunch of babies and ain't no don't know who the baby daddy is there. You know all that you just go across they belong. Amen, they belong y'all. This ain't no country club. Amen. This is not the country club. Then the was asking a question and they look Country Club churches looking down on everybody else and asking why are you hanging around them folks little Jesus said go to next. She didn't remember. They didn't even talk to Jesus about it. They went to his disciples. But let me tell you God knows everything amen. So Jesus said on hearing this. it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the

No, check this out. So he's in Matthews House and remember Matthew you had a lot of money. So he probably had a nice big house with a lot of folks. There. They was also I'm over in the corner. Do they look Coke, so I'm drinking a little drink. So I'm trying to do something over here and then them folks over there. I don't even want to know cuz it was dark in that room.

How do I mail it? I used to be in that room. Amen. Amen. So he says I didn't come for y'all Church Folks.

Cuz you already got it together. That's not why he came. UCF exist for those of us who are sick cuz we need Jesus.

And we need a little more Jesus.

A little more Jesus. Amen. Everyday, amen. And so we struggle with our stuff but we getting a little better cuz we know Jesus can take care of it and he's been taking care of it. Amen. But we need to tell those who are still dealing with issues. I'm not here to judge you. I'm just here to introduce you to somebody who can handle whatever you is you're dealing with and I need you to follow him. Don't follow me. So that's why the church exist. Or had not been for the church existing you and I wouldn't be here. a man and many of us have been dealing with issues for a long time a man. And we need to help somebody else who's dealing with similar issues a man not to pass judgment on them because they belong just like you belong right? She says Jesus said it's not healthy who it is. Not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick go to the verse 13 and then he told them church for the folks and I'm a challenge you to do this. He says now you go and learn what this mean I desire Mercy. Not sacrifice. I need you to figure out what that means. I need you to have mercy for people who belong just like you belong. I need you to have patience and love for people who are going through the same thing that you going through. You know, what I get. You come to church and you raise your hand and you do this and that that's not what I need you to do. I need you to have a heart of Mercy for someone who's going through a challenging a life. I need you to have some patience with folks instead of getting in your little Country Club click and talking about him. I need you to love on them. And remind them who Jesus he is and why he came that's what he told to church fault. So when you run up against some church folks who got all the ideologies down and they figured out all the rules and regulations send them to this scripture say now, do you have mercy for folks who are going through?

Amen, say you belong. He says but I have not come to call the righteous cuz you righteous in your own mind. Just because you don't have the same problems that this person that don't mean you don't have problems. Amen. He said I'm calling not the righteous. But those who are having challenges in there. Like I don't care whether it's a financial challenge marital challenge Relationship Challenge challenge with your truck. I'm calling. And I want them to follow me. Don't follow somebody else in the church. Follow me.

So you got to remind folks that they belong.

And so we have to deal with this whole church Country Club issue because that's the reason Kevin ended up leaving the church. And that's the reason other people have told me past if you don't do this or do it this way. I'm not coming back. And I have to remind them this is not a country club.

This is because in the country club you pay your dues and people serve you. But that's not what this is all about. So you got understand what being a member a Biblical member of the church is all about a man. It ain't about you paying your dues. We call him ties in the church. We call him offering in the church and you think people supposed to jump through your Hoops. The devil is a liar.

Come on, y'all y'all know them folks who you know, they want it they way or you know, they out. Come on, that's the problem in the church. Now people don't understand what being a member of the body of Christ is all about again. Let's go back to the 1st Corinthians chapter 12 verse 12. Where's the body has many members but all the members of the one body being many are one body. So is Christ we won body y'all and we all belong a man. You got to tell somebody you belong even though you don't like what they do. You don't like they lifestyle. You don't like what they've been their political beliefs. They still Malone. Jesus didn't come to digest for folks who look like you act like you talk like you think like you he came to die for everybody ain't man. It's so everybody belongs. Amen. The devil is doing a real good job of segregating God's people from each other then we all belong to the same body look like a rainbow up in here. Amen.

Yeah, I see that you belong here. So tell your neighbor your coworker your friend your family and you know, they may not even like church. But time you still belong. Hey man, tell him that don't follow you follow Christ. At least come here because we want to let you know you belong because that's why Jesus died a man. First 13 in 1st Corinthians chapter 12 verse 13 says for by one Spirit. We were all baptized into one body where the Jew or Greek where the slave or free and all have been made to drink into one Spirit. There's nothing but once. I said that a couple weeks ago a man not looking worse 14 again for in fact The body say the body. Is not one member. Bimini look around it's going to take all of us to be part of the body. Amen. Amen.

Y'all both you going to go in that corner. You can go in that car today evening.

But but but looking what is what the text says again? I want a reminder. So I'm reviewing the first 15 if the foot should say because I'm not a hand. I'm not of the body is it therefore not of the body see everybody can be the hand. Somebody got me to feed. You know, what everybody came to the Elbow somebody got to be the kneecap a man. So, we it requires all of us being a part of the body in order for us to move it for in a man. In verse 17 the text says that the whole body where can I where would where would be the hearing at the whole world hearing? Where would be the smelling again? Yeah, this is why everybody belongs cuz somebody who's out there feeling like they can't be a part of this. It's got the gift or Talent. We need to move the body for

And because of our country club mentality and because we don't want to reach out to people because we feel we might get dirty from dealing with folks like that. So we are going and we miss an opportunity to not only be blessed but you be a blessing to someone else.

How many of you belong to a country club? How many do you want to be apart of a country clipper?

That's the problem. I just put you out at the car, this is

That would never happen in the country club because then the person I just just tried to go in with say listen. I pay my money. I'm out of here. You ain't going to talk to me that way a man. That's what happened to the country club. But but my point is this we got to shed that mindset cuz we think the church is all about inside these four walls. And as long as we inside these four walls, we the church know the charges you when you walk up out of here. Amen the churches you when you at the grocery store to Church's you and when you at home with your spouse in your children that you the church say Amen Unity Church and it's wherever you go, that's where the church is gone. So when you go out to the club and you Does the church?

I ain't going to 9. Yeah, I know what that is. Come on. Now. Let's look at this text Verse 18. We got to get this but now God has set the members each one of them in the body just as he please. You see that so I'm not jealous of anybody.

Anyone, whatever God has given you to do he did it because he was pleased to do it because you belong to him. Whatever you give it to me. He's given to me. Amen. What gives he's given to me or my gift. Please give it to you or yours. How can I be jealous when we all part of the same body.

Can we please tell some other time Country Club churches that? Cuz they're so much jealousy and envy in the church. You're so many people. I've said in Madden and fighting with each other in the church, but when God gives you a gift when God gives you a talent. That's because he wanted you to have it because you have a works that only you can do.

18 says what God has set the members each one of them in the body just as he pleases he gave me a mouth to talk.

Some of y'all can cook. Can sing some work on it.

I got you Kevin and Earl.

You know like when you go to a comedy club and don't sit too close and you get harassed by the comedian amen for Kevin in Arrowhead.

Not that I'm calling myself a comedian. They make believe what the text said.

First 19 if they were all one member, what would the body be 4:20 but now indeed there are many members yet one body first 21 get this and the I cannot say to the hand. I have no need of you. give me we can't look at each other and say I don't need you. We need each other. Cuz you are part of the body and when you're not doing what what you need to do, then the body suffers, come on out. What date did they train us to think? I'm so independent. I don't need anyone, but that's not how it operates in the body of Christ. Each one of us has our role and not doing what then the body can't move forward. It's not like they tell us in the world you get yours you do your thing and you take care of yours and that's all that matters. That's not how it works in the body of Christ. I need you you need me we all need each other so we can move forward. That's how it works.

So many folks telling me that off I just watch it on TV. Then how do you help in the body? Did you not they're doing what you're supposed to be doing? And at the end of God is calling you to sweep the floor after service. That's what God is calling you to do. You can't run from that because the entire body suffers when you're not doing what God has called you before you step back and say well ain't nobody asked me. I ain't going to do nothing cuz ain't nobody asking me to do nothing, you know, or if the past that she let me pray about it. That's not helping the body move forward and then we come up with all these excuses as to why we can't help the body move forward and then we all suffer we wander and I'm going on at that church cuz you're not doing what you supposed to do.

Does that make sense?

Here we are. Look at verse 22 know much rather those members of the body would seem to be weaker are necessary. She just cuz you're not being seen don't mean the body don't need you. Understand that just because they not calling your name out every Sunday or every whenever doesn't mean the body does not need you. But I say that was that to double negative. Okay. Y'all know that was my ebonics looking in a man is There's 23 and I want y'all to get this cuz some of us here just here in this body here have been wondering what they're supposed to be doing in and if I can't do this then I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I just come and leave. Let me tell you something. That's not what God is calling you to do look and those memory verse 23 of the body which we think to be less honorable on these. We bestow greater honor and our unpresentable parts have greater modesty verse 24, but are presentable Parts have no need but God compose the body have been given greater honor to that part which lacks itself what he saying is y'all don't ever think that whatever the talent or the gift that you have cannot be used. in the church just because they didn't recognize it over there. Don't mean it won't get recognized here. Just because you couldn't use it on your job. Don't mean you can use it here. Does that make sense? And so we all have a part to play in the body of Christ moving forward because we all are part of the body and if I say listen, It if y'all don't say amen, I ain't going to preach.

They may you all right, if I get that arrogant internally in like a man. They don't like me. They hurt my feelings a blood blood whatever. I've heard a million things going to say to me. I was passing you hurt my feelings cuz you stop. That's my job. That is my job is to challenge you. To look at talk more like Christ if I allow you to just be mediocre. I am not doing magic. Hey, man, I'm not doing my job if I tell you it's always going to be always good I would be lying to you. But I will always point you to what the word of God says and so when folks hurt your feelings because they didn't come to you and acted you certain way. Don't take it personally. You turn them over to God. Is it guide you called me to do this you gave me this ability to do this. I will continue to do it for you that you might get Glory no matter what other folks say because some people you dealing with maybe you can in your own men have that country club Church mentality and want you to do the things they want you to do how they want you to do it because they don't pay it into you.

I'm talking to somebody here. I don't know who it is.

Turn it over to God Amen.

First 25 y'all stay with me. Imma cut it short so we can. 425 here's why? That there should be no Schism or division in the body. Y'all hear that that there should be no Schism. No problem. No division in the body Whenever there is a problem in the body whether your body is in your home and there's a problem a division your your your situation is at work. There's a division God has placed everything in place. So that that does not occur in the church. Does that make sense? I need you to hear me this because now is soldiers you are going to be required to go out and remind people that they belong I don't care. If you don't like them, I don't care if you don't like what they're doing. I don't care because that individual. As you may be using to do a thing that nobody else you can do. Are you with me? And he says here that there should be no Schism in the body, but that members should have the same care for one another she is hard in the church when I'm telling you. I love the floor, but I don't like you. What kind of message that I don't want to be a part of that she got an attitude like you got a problem, you know, I don't like them huh by then.

Yo don't understand the stuff I get vitamin you just told me you love the Lord. And you going to tell me in the same breath. You don't like sister sewing something. And I'm supposed to accept that. You need to go check yourself. Country Club Christian Hey man, will pass them we can we don't have to like everybody what they do. Now God never said you had to like everything they do but you got to love them.

Cuz you ain't go like everything I do. But you still got to love me. My wife to tell you she don't like everything I do but at the end of the day she got to love me.

And I don't work for me and I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. I'm just kick. See I can get her now cuz I'm going to be winter tomorrow a man y'all back y'all keep her in prayer. She's got a procedure that she has to go to deal with tomorrow. We just going to keep her lifted up in prayer. Amen to like why you always telling my business cuz I can I don't have any other business. Don't nobody invite me anywhere, you know. Are we going to look at the look at the text is this making sense? You getting anything out of this verse 26 and we got to get this and if one member suffers all the members suffer with it, or if one member is honored all the members Rejoice with that y'all listen if somebody is hurt and I don't care who it is. We are you don't pick who you get to Rally around we all should be out there making sure that individuals. Okay. Somebody is in the hospital pick up the phone and call him and don't be like, I don't know that's part of your body. You hear about somebody sick or going through don't ignore it. Make sure you're doing your part. Does that make sense? There should never be a time in this church. Where is somebody is down somebody in checking on them.

Come on, y'all don't don't don't do this worldly stuff. Like oh that's on them. I don't really know them. I just see him at church. Hi. I don't really know they may I see him once in awhile. Make it your point to get to know that everybody in the church. Amen make we need to make it a point that all them kids out that we know their names and we know who they belong to. So in the event they doing something great. We can let their parents know cuz the first thing at times anytime they doing something not too great. We want to get to their parents and let him know let's catch him doing good stuff. Amen, let's catch him going doing good stuff. Amen. Matter fact, let's catch each other doing good stuff and let each other know that a man. You know, what brother I appreciate you coming over and doing this. I thank you for that. Let's catch these cuz it's real easy to find Fallen folks, right? But take some work to find them doing something great and let him know and encourage him. That's what the body should be about a man. In verse 27 and says now you are the body of Christ and members individually and so biblical membership important parts of the body. Look at your neighbor say you important

No, say it like you mean it.

Okay, I appreciate that turn around and tell the person behind you that. amen

I want it I want to Outlet, I want to deal with this and then I'll close it out and pick it up in 1st Corinthians chapter 12 verse 28 people always tell me or are they asked me you know, I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. I don't know how to fit in in the church and a lot of times it's a challenge because we have created so many rules and regulations for people to be a part of the church. Oh, you got to show up 17 times before you can even do something in the parking lot or you got to be on this board and you got to pay With all that drama, you got to complete this class before you can look, you know inside the sanctuary all that mess. Trying to be a part of something and we're keeping them from being a part of the body by creating all these rules and regulations. Amen. He says an inverse 28 says and God has appointed these in the church first apostles. Those are ones who go and plant churches nowadays folks calling themselves Apostles and out. All I do is see him on the internet, but that's healthy. Second profits those ones God speak through or you get a revelation that we can all flow through any of these. Hey, man, if God chooses to 30 chairs, that would be me a man after that those Miracles, you know, he he gives people kissing and opportunities to do. I mean y'all ever seen somebody who can pray down the house. You know the folks who got that anointing, you know, you walk in my presence and just you know that then then Gifts of healing people who can who have that anointing the lay hands and and cancer is gone and probably that's real y'all. He's giving that to the body of Christ. And so all these people talk about it don't require all that. Yes, that's part of the body a man and we need that a mess. You must understand it. Now. He may not have given you that gift. But that's okay. Don't try to snatch what God has given from Summer to somebody else a man helps. See this is a general category. Think about it when he gave his message if you ever thinking about how to how to be a part of the church then use your gift to help.

To help you can help in a lot of different ways. Amen. There's a lot of things that you know, we need help with what our kids world. You know, we need help, you know, what the tech team in in in the in the kitchen, you know, we need help on a praise and worship team cuz I know I'm wearing them young ladies out there be like, okay we have to do this every week. When can we get a break and sit and just be ministered to amen? So we need help there's a lot of things we want to do. I don't know what happened to my praise dancers. I'm going to get them back to you know, how to get that. Amen Administration. You know, what if you know how to organize stuff and make it happen. I need them gifts. We need those gifts a man. Especially those who have been leaders we doing some stuff now for the man in front of women. We going to have some Retreats going we doing something in the background. So yeah, I'll be in prayer. Church anniversary at church over we need that's that's a gift that God has given a man and then varieties of tongues, you know, if you those of you as I have the gift of speaking in tongues, you know, if you have that gift make sure that week you can just what I'm looking for interpret it amen and and especially in general public they man cuz some people think it is all spiritual stuff if you can speak in tongue, but if you speaking to tell you make sure you just talking to you and God and you not confusing other people a man because you start speaking in tongue just to show you got a gift you just creating drama. Amen. So the gift is real the ability is real but its use for a specific reason for you to talk to God or forward to be interpreted so that the general body can be edified. Amen. I see a lot of people shunned Aloha Boshi Tata, you know all of that stuff, you know when people like what You know. A man, so so it's all go to the next verse go to next verse. And then he says this and this is what we have to get cuz for those who come up into the country club Church. They think they payday ties and then they can be an apostle. not or profit not everybody can be a teacher. Amen. And everybody can't work miracles a man. So quit trying to be something God and called you to be and be who God has called you to be a man and don't be ashamed of your gift a man. Do not be a shame cuz when God starts to use you, you know what the country club Christians always going to be jealous. We call them haters. Amen. But let God use you a man go to the next one.

Do all have gifts of healing. No, cuz then all we would be was would be just one piece of a body called healing. Do all speak with tongues. No do all interpret know. So the goal is not for you to be looking at other folks cuz they're operating in their gift. If it's truly they get right the goal is for you to operate in your gift and rejoice with those that God has given gifts to amen. Some people have our business owner. Some people are right her some people are great parents and you know Educators, you know, those are gifts that God has given each and everyone of us, but we all need those same gifts in the church. Does that make sense? That's why you belong Does that make sense and if anybody is trying to keep you from using your gift then? Y'all know what to do a man go to next one. But earnestly desire the best gift and yet I show you a more excellent way.

Who's the best gift that we all can have in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 and Todd on this couple weeks ago, but it Bears repeating the best gift that any of us can have is love.

is love the best gift that you can operate in is when you operate in the gift of love. And then chapter 13 we call it the love chapter. Amen, but it and I shared this last time but we I use it a lot in marriage counseling and then Weddings But it was really design and in the scriptures for God to show us how to deal with each other. A man until the 1st Corinthians chapter 13. Here's what Paul says he says if I could speak all the languages of Earth and of angels, but didn't love others. I would be annoying or clanging cymbal see out here check this out and then we going to close out or you can have all the money in the world

you can have all the fame. Fortune and the power that the world will give you but without love You don't have anything?

a church that does not operate with a foundation of love. the number to Country Club

When we get this love thing, right? When we start loving each other like Jesus loves us. Then we have a foundation. See, we've been taught wrong. We've been taught get all the gifts and impress people. That's not what it's all about. It's all about loving each other. And how do you love each other the Bible tells that sometimes you got to be patient?

Sometimes you got to be kind. Sometimes you got to forgive and forget.

Sometimes you got to sweep their problems under the rug so that they can move on and you can move on.

You always need to operate from a place of love because guess what God would not ask any of us to do something that he hasn't already done for us. Guess what when we act up he forgives us. We need to do that for each other. We're not doing what he wants us to do. He's patient with us. We have to be that with each other. He's kind to us. Even when horrible things come out of people's mouth. Towards you or towards our amazing. How could you say that to someone else? How could you look at them and use those words? You still have to love them?

See, that's the difference.

I belong and imma treat you like I treat me.

And that's our charge.

We have not been operating in what God has called us to do all of us have fallen short. There's been times. Someone has got his preacher spirit and said tell that person. I love them and we didn't. There's been times in your home. Will you should have treated that person in your home a certain way and you didn't.

But God still loves you.

We missed the mark, but he's patient with us. And a sweet he's requiring us to treat each other starting in the church. So that we can take it out into the world and when we begin operate people will feel like yes, I balloon. I have to agree with everything you do. I don't understand everything, but I need to love you. unconditionally amen

We got to get that right.

I'm going to pick this up next week if that's okay. Is that okay?

I want to end by seeing. I am a church member. I'm not perfect. I never will be.

But God is challenging me to love. Like never before God is calling me out of my comfort zone to look at people as he looks at them because they're all part of the body and I'm a part of that same body. And if I miss you and abused anyone in that body I miss using and abusing myself.

So I have to love myself. Should I can love others in the church? If you agree with that say Man and give God a big hand the phrase.

So we do one more thing out of love. And we always invite people. To have a relation.

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