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Who Is God?

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Lesson 2 – Who is God?

List reasons why most people believe in the existence of God…
List reasons why some people don’t believe in the existence of God…

1. The Doctrine of God’s Existence

a. Finish these statements
· God is the Creator.
· God is self existent.
· God is the beginning and the end.
· God is known.
God Exists, but Man Resists
b. How can a person positively respond to God’s existence?
· Wonder.
· Worship.
· Faith.
c. How can a person negatively respond to God’s existence?
· ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Unbelief.
· ­­­Resisting.
d. Describe what happens to a person who does not believe and acknowledge the existence of God.
Spiritual darkness, morally degrading, total depravity, spiritual death.
2. The Doctrine of the Trinity
a. Definition: There is one true and living God, who exists in three persons which are equal in every divine perfection and work harmoniously to execute distinct offices in the work of creation, providence, and redemption.
b. Central passages: ;
c. How do these verses describe God?
· One
· plural, “us”
· plural “us”
· plural “us”
· the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
· Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
d. How do the following verses support the Doctrine of the Trinity?
· , Jesus is God. Jesus existed in eternity; God became man.
· Jesus is equal with the Father; they’re one.
· The Holy Spirit is God and can be sinned against
· Jesus is God in every way.
· The Holy Spirit is called Lord.
· Jesus is called God
“So What?” Section
How does the Trinity Work?
· Whom do we pray to?
· How do we come to the Father?
Through the Son
· Who empowers us to pray?
The Holy Spirit
What is the ultimate purpose for one’s existence?
Fear God and keep his commands.
Developing Biblical Values
I have discovered… ________________________________________________________________________________
I believe… ____________________________________________________________________________________________
I will… ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Write out a prayer to God in response to what you have learned in this lesson…
This week’s accelerated growth projects:
o Read the Book of Ecclesiastes.
o Read Chapter 2 in “Know What You Believe” by Paul E. Little
o Memorize
o Share what you have learned with a friend.
o Bring a Bible to church and take Sermon Notes.
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