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Revival through Intercession: Grace for Birthing Revival

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Pastor Cheek begins the series with relating the life of Hannah & birthing of her son as to how it relates to the Church & revival.

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Vision 2018: Forward Grace for Birthing Revival 1 Samuel 1:24-28 Introduction: Our text reveals Hannah as a: I. A Warrior of Prayer A. The name Hannah means - grace; to bend or stoop in kindness to an inferior. a. The priest of the home, Elkanah, lead his family each year to the Tabernacle for sacrifice & worship. He would portion out the meat giving Hannah, who had no children, a double portion. b. On this occasion Hannah was so distraught she couldn’t even stay at the table with the family, she went into the Tabernacle to pray. B. The cry of a barren womb. a. In her anguish & anger Hannah cries out to Yahweh asking Him for a son, "For I have been praying out of great anguish and sorrow." Never has birth come without there first being anguish. Revival will never be birthed without desperate prayer. b. "The more self-confidence you have, the less you pray. The less self-confidence you have, the more you have to pray." -Leonard Ravenhill c. Hannah knew that the conception of a child was not within her grasp by her own ability, she was desperate for Yahweh to move on her behalf. Oh, when will we, the Church, be desperate enough in prayer to in in anguish of soul? For God only hears the prayer of the desperate & lowly, the humble & contrite. NEXT Page - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - d. Hannah's prayer began with the words, "O, LORD of Hosts. " The thought with this title is " LORD of Heaven's Armies." She stated from the beginning of her prayer, "I am under attack, but my faith is in You Who is greater." The cry of a barren womb. Matthew 6:33 (BIBLE) II. Revival Through Intercession: Grace for Birthing Revival Remember the application: Pressing in beyond Fear by Prayer. A. Prayer, the Language of the Poor a. Over and over again David, the King of Israel, says, "Incline Thine ear, O Lord, and answer me; for I am afflicted and needy" (Psalm 86:1). Remember that one of the greatest psalms he wrote says, "This poor man cried and the LORD heard him..." (Psalm 34:6). b. The apostle Paul overwhelms me with his spirituality, his pedigree, his colossal intellect. Yet he says that he's very conscious that when he's weak, he is strong. He was always trying to prove to himself and to others that he was a nobody. c. True prayer is a two-way communication. I speak to God & God speaks to me. I don't know how the Spirit makes communication - or why God needs me to pray - but that's how God works. B. Agonizing Prayer Prayer is not preparation for the battle; it is the battle. a. There is a struggle, mockery & taunting of one who would conceive & bring forth a son dedicated to the LORD all the days of his life. Revival - many will mock as seekers, intercessors earnestly cry out to God to conceive revival in the womb of prayer. The blessings of the double portion of meat as Hannah was given by Elkanah did not even satisfy because of the anguish of a closed womb. 1. Her husband didn't even understand the bitterness of soul she agonized with. 2. Certainly, the Church should not expect the world to understand your agonizing for a move of the Spirit of the Most High God. NEXT Page - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - b. We must not allow ourselves to become complacent, satisfied with a well-blessed life in exchange for a closed womb to revival. "Things" are nice, pleasant & nothing is wrong with possessions, but when earthly possessions are more satisfying than the pregnant womb of revival then we abort hope. aac c. Eli (a-lee) released blessing on to this woman of grace & she took hold of that word as the confirmation God had heard her cry. Hannah did not conceive immediately yet she clung to the word & it could be said of her from Hebrews 6:12who through faith and patience inherit the promises. C. Revival belongs to the Giver a. Just as Hannah brought Samuel to the Tabernacle to dedicate him there all the days of his life, the Church must be able to say, "Revival is the result of prayer which is due to the grace of God." b. {Prayer Scripture} Psalm 80:7Restore us, O God of hosts; Cause Your face to shine, And we shall be saved! NKJV Psalm 85:4Now restore us again, O God of our salvation. Put aside your anger against us once more. 5Will you be angry with us always? Will you prolong your wrath to all generations? 6Won’t you revive us again, so your people can rejoice in you? 7Show us your unfailing love, O Lord, and grant us your salvation. NLT III. Conclusion: A. Praying for Revival B. The reason we can do this is because of the resurrection of Christ. - He asks us to: * Repent * Live by Faith * Be Baptized * Be Filled with His Spirit Conclusion: PRESENT THE GOSPEL FOR SALVATION – EVERY WEEK – AND THE NEED TO COME FORWARD IN PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE OF CHRIST
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