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Sept 16 - Worship, It's Not Just Singing!

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I wasn't going to get into those last two verses on the dressing part. That part was particularly for the church at that particular time. I was in that particular place cuz the the women of the time if a Disney dress overly with lots of Jewelry in and makeup and things that meant that they were a woman who is walking the street or offered themselves to men so and in that particular time, it was best that they dressed modestly and not in that particular way. That's what that particular passage was about her those two verses I should say Paul being overly bearing for the women of the time. He's actually trying to protect them from overly aggressive sexual men worship. It's not just about singing it's not just singing peaceful. Living living peacefully Godly and holy lies 1st. Timothy 2 1 through 8. I hear Paul gives counsel for a troubled Church like we said from last week and if you didn't know this time, I'm actually going through a series through Tennessee one night while I was praying just being in the presence of God and trying to figure out what the next seasons of Sherman's would be about. God gave me Timothy Amann that particularly Timothy was good for my personal faith formation because Timothy was a young man of God trying to learn his ropes under paw and soap on Timothy developed this relationship this Timothy needed an advisor on how to get through the process of things then and this is a good way to go about it right to have an apprenticeship. On how to do things for freshly. So and I have a relationship with my previous pastor Pastor Blake West off and really though they were some really hard moments in Ministry that I had for several years and to be able to get through my own family issues in order to be more effective in Ministry. I needed to have a mentoring relationship. And so Pastor Blake became that Mentor for me at that time at the same time for him. There's some things that he and his family were going through and just having the conversation to bounce those things off each other was a blessing for both of us. So when we talk about discipleship, it's not just a Bible study. It's not just getting together for a particular purpose like that, but it's getting together to share our lives with one another so that Can understand that God flows through all of our relationships and all of our lives with a particular purpose and just bouncing ideas off of each other and saying I am I crazy am I thinking about this wrong? I don't know exactly what this mean is it, you know and sharing that with another person is the best place to get an understanding of things to get clarity to get to process of your thoughts and your actions because you need another person to tell you that stuff all that to say that this is the same relationship that that Paul and Timothy had my mentorship relationship just going through the process of things and this is a hard time for Timothy in that particular church say he was in because they were all kinds of disagreement about how they wanted to go about worship. And even the theology that they were trying to use trying to understand God and how God will work among them as Gentiles and Jews cuz remember this is still early in the church in church history. So they were still trying to figure out whether or not they would be still consider themselves Jews as Christians weather was going to be a subset of Christianity like the Pharisees and the Sadducees or whether it was going to be something wholly and completely different from that. So basically this is like a leadership manual and that's why I go through Timothy in this way and Paul suggested to Timothy that first off when he needs to do before he goes into trying to make a decision about what the church do his first of all pray. And worship. BC things go hand-in-hand with Cyn minutes. But you know as we break down the scripture, there's four kinds of prayer that are happening here petitions prayers. And these prayers are particularly offering up our desires to God what we want to see happened. What what are the new what are our is pulling on our hearts? What is our hearts desire? What do we want to see happen intercessions, but praying for other people even if the person is in there, we can still pray for the other person and when you have compassion for that person, it's like you're there and you're asking God to pray for you, but you're actually asking God to pray for that person, which is actually a special relationship. Come in in the fourth one is is Thanksgiving. Just thanking God for for everything that he's giving you thanking God for sending his son to us that he would give his life for us. Thanking Jesus for doing that particularly and thanking the holy spirit for coming into our hearts and into our lives and empowering us and renewing us and make us more. Holy according to God's things make us more.

So these included like prayers for all people and it is for all people we should be praying for every single person and I just are friends not just our family but also our enemies. People who aren't about the same things that we are about people who seem to be in our senses, by the way, we think about itself a little bit delusional about life. Maybe even we need to pray for that. We need to pray that God's wisdom comes to them and renews her life and renews their heart renews their mind, especially pray for those in Authority because every single person in Authority. Yes, it might be privileged but Authority also means constant criticism. Do you realize that when you do when you put your place in Authority when it when people have put you in a sorority you will receive criticism. It's going to happen. It happens all the time.

Constant advice no matter if you're asking or not, you will get advice you'll get advice when you're just so you know when you're sitting down with someone and and you're just talking with him and I'll give you advice or you just walking through the hallway and somebody gives you advice about anything. It could be anything, you know, not just like how to read the Bible or how to think about a certain thing you're going through. But also, I don't know how to pickle cucumbers and you know, you're always going to get some advice for sale next constant challenges. They were always be challenges in our life. They were always be things that that we don't know about. There's always going to be something new and something different and yet we haven't been had an experience that involve that is so there will always be a constant challenge.

constant effort always constant effort in leadership. There always has to be constant effort. Cuz what happens when there's not enough heard. Everything starts to stagnate and when it stagnates everything dies.

Show us Authority needs prayer. Absolutely. I need prayer. I need constant prayer between the criticism the constant advice to a square knot challenges an efforts. There's always something to deal with there's always something to consider. There's always something that I need God's wisdom downloaded into my brain and into my heart to be able to deal with why because I'm human. I have limitations. I think we all have limitations limitations of mine limitations of heart. All right, cuz caring and concern for for everyone around you and always putting out you need something to come back in so that you can continually move through a process of caring for other people. Because when we care for other people all the time at your office for a promise and and it will burn you out.

Something called compassion fatigue in the medical community explains this very thing it is a constant working to help other people and trying to have compassion for other people will grow on you and draw in your heart and it will put you down if you don't have something to refill.

pocket verses 3 and 4 3 vs 3 and 4 in this passage the second Timothy 2 Cuz this is a good thing in a plane and it pleases God our savior who wants all people to be saved. And to come to a knowledge of the truth. The verse where it says God wants all people to be saved. And the Greek the Greek word here as used for once is ello. And fellow could mean being willing or Delights in or Desiring or purpose tour. Which so if you think these words into account want actually has a connotation of like God needs you to but God doesn't really need you to do anything except for come alongside him and Mission. So it it might be better to say God is willing to God 1 0 God. Has a desire to God has purposed to for God has a wish for you and all persons to be safe. But there's a there's a stipulation here.

Thank God wants hers willing fellow people be saved, But this is an independent relationship got his not depending on you got his holy of of himself. however

People might not be willing to be saved.

And if we are to love properly God gives us the option to love him or not. Love him.

Because that's what love really is. Is he giving another person the option to be in relationship with you or not? God gives us an option. 3 people of God, we need to let people do that for themselves.

We need to allow for that. So the truth that God has already saved them. Pregnant this isn't a Universalist perspective. This isn't God died for all people in there for all people are going to heaven. This is a God died for them and it South to us to accept a relationship or not. And when we don't accept the relationship, it's not going to be fixed. So the grace of God has to allow for that auction. Are you to say yes or no, and it's by Fate?

Because when I'm in a relationship.

Now and we make them we make a covenant. When we get married. And this is the greatest expression expression for her relationship with God because you actually have some faith in the relationship goes for me to get married to Becky. I had to have some faith that the relationship was going to be solid. Before I could say yes, I will be a part of your life and that means through the good and through the crap of life. Through the hard stuff. Because we don't know what the future is in the future can be great and can make us happy we can be thoroughly blessed with a you know, and God just playing gives us a whole lot of stuff. But at the same time we might have to go through something and I I might have to go through. losing something

losing the option to pay our bills.

Kensington Church in 2 to have a house Losing top option even to like his job losing his health even.

Sometimes we say at least we have our health well. Not all of us can say that. So there has to be something more that we can have hope in or rely on other than at least we have our out. I rely on God and I have faith in God and Only God Can Transform my life. I know that to be true. The worship is continued acknowledgement that only God can and is willing to stay us from ourselves.

Hearing and studying the word of God informs us and guide us into Holiness Holiness is and it's not about perfectionism. If you read the word of God, it is not about perfectionism. It is about allowing Holy Spirit Come into our lives and show with what it really means to love God and love other people because we can Define love in so many different ways like every other love phone there is has a particular definition of what love means, you know, every other phone that I left out there expressive love in a different way. And we even come to the point of hardening our hearts to say that love is nothing but a chemical response. and so we need something other than us LS What Love Is

I'm praying Keeps Us in constant communication with God. And in each mowing moment knowing what is good. And what is love? So if you can say they like worship is constant prayer prayer of different kinds. Even even reading the word of God. I mean to interpret it correctly required of God to tell us what it means. And so even reading the word of God is a form of Prayer. Hey singing is a reminder at the word of God in the Sprite expression of thankfulness and even singing and singing sometime. This is what we're singing is is song the prayer and that's why people like this thing the song Because songs is so heavily involved singing to God thanking God thanking God and then songs are about the and different passages from the word of God and just reminding us of of God's things for us.

An offering is a recognition of God's faithfulness to us and a reinvestment to further the kingdom of God. It is a prayer to God a whole hopeful prayer to God and saying God. I know this to be true. I know it's good and I want to reinvest and I want to make sure that it keeps happening. That's what offering is about. It's not about paying me. It's not about giving me something to be up here to preach like you even if I wasn't getting paid. I still have to pretend I did for four years at our other church. I wasn't getting paid for anything. I was volunteering and yet, you know, I needed to get out there and and and share the word of God with people I needed to be in prayer with other people. I needed to to know that my my service an active living with something of Worth to God.

Trying to get back to me in a serving others. Is also worship. Acknowledging that God's goodness is working within us in transforming us all. and to show it and others what Real Love Is

because the Bible says and I forget the diverse said it was and I should have looked it up before the sermon by the Bible says that the real religion is caring for those in need. caring for widows and orphans that has to be something about what we're here for. It has to be no love as God knows love then there has to be a reason for this thing. There has to be some connection with humanity and be able to show them love actively to prove. You know what I mean?

Luke 10:18 10 through 14 says to two men went up to the temple to pray and one with a Pharisee and the other was a tax collector. The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed God. I thank you that I am not like other people robbers evildoers adulterers or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I got.

But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up the heaven. Having his own breast and said God have mercy on me a sinner.

Jesus says I tell you that this man rather than the other went home Justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled. And those who humble themselves will be exalted.

2 prayers and our chance to prove to God how good we are. Prayer is our chance to acknowledge before God that we aren't any good.

Because our hearts are so corrupted in in in their Beginnings, even as we are growing our hearts still corrupted appointment. We don't really know what good it is.

we need to know from. And the religious a hyper religious Pharisee tried to prove that to you on. tax collector could only say How much you needed got?

We do these things together or we can do these things together. The congregation is not just a simple. I have to being the individual and we like to be individual and North America. We like to do things of her own. We like to know that we are self-sufficient somehow that means something but I need to be fed definition that you have to you have to have other people to build the road. I need to know how to build a road. I don't and even if I did I could not do it by myself or else it'll take my entire lifetime just to go 5 miles. So is self-sufficiency is really in my misnomer. We don't do the air. We do these things get together because prayer and agreement makes it more effective and brings us under correction. We need it. He sometimes we just pray about things that we think we need from God. Sometimes we just have our laundry list or are our Christmas list the guy. I need that I need that. I need that a name.

Instead of instead of doing it that way try reversing it.

Try asking God what you need? Try asking the one who started creating you. What you need to grow? What do you need to be perfected? Reading the word of God brings us more into light with knowing the truth and interpreting the word of God. We will have different opinions. So what that particular passage might be up here today. I'm sure you had a different idea about what those different than versus mean and that's not a bad thing. Sometimes we have to put up our particular definitions for what these things are in try to weed out and that's probably not likely because of all these other things that God has told us. These might be better. So we can help the correct each other. At the same time and being in prayer in agreement. The Bible says that and I think of this as spiritually not as a physical thing that when two or more gather that's where God is at the same time one person praying a righteous man praying and will put in a hundred angels to flight which means that the good things of God will overwhelmed evil things that God but it also says together with another person A Thousand Angels to flight so multiplies those very things because we're in agreement with one another and prayer for those things to happen. So they multiply that's why we need to be in prayer together an agreement. Reading the word of God. Like I said and brings light and Truth singing together brings the witness of God into our allies were fully, you know, all these people written all these songs and all these teams and they put them together. And how many songs do we have in the faith we sing it goes up to like 2,000. So I think we have enough and if you look all throughout the Bible days enough poetry and language in there to make songs to them that I'm having many songs we singing and as I say when when you rub a person you just want to write you just want to write songs. If you want to let write poetry you want to dance with a person all these things can be used and interpreted enter the relationship with God. Can we tell people not to dance? is it it's at 1 it's not reading the scripture because if you look at all the the language behind what the Hebrew people did and worshipping with God and included instruments and symbols and dancing and shouting in and running and anything that you could possibly do to worship God physically in an appropriate way with considered a part of worship again, everything everything not just seen Are offerings are firstfruits given to God guaranteeing. The mission of God will be made effective because without money we can't do very many. Thanks and really we need money to keep a light on. And I don't have it. All right, if we can't meet at night, we we we need money in order to have a building the congregation and then even if even if we didn't have this building, even if we did meet at homes, there would be other things that we would still have to pay for them. If you still wanted to have communion together. Somebody's still going to have to buy the bread and that you are still things that you would have to pay for a trust me on this. I've been in part of a house church and there had to be a a in a fun is to be able to move the mission of God poured.

Can we do these things together because serving together encourages us? And to doing these great things it humbles us.

Because then we see the mass of humanity that is in such a great need.

And is thirsty for the very spirit of God to come into their lives.

To bring them just one drop of drink.

just one so then they can know the unconditional love of God.

Can I can't just go around asking people? How much they make? In order to be able to serve them. Every single one needs something.

Set alarm mission is go and make disciples of all nations of all persons and baptizing them in the name of the father something else.

Concentra in what we do and how we do it is the greatest Commandments love the Lord your God with all your help. So it with all your heart soul mind. Spanish train, I love your neighbor as yourself.

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