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Detour to Victory

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Following the testing of God by Gideon the reader is left wondering what Gideon chooses to do with the fulfillment of his requests from Yahweh. As chapter 7 opens it is evident that Gideon has accepted the call of God to lead as his general in the battle against the Midianite-Amalekite alliance.
After such a display of miracles with the fleece you might think that Gideon takes his army and goes right for the throat of his enemies, however, this advancement is stopped in its tracks when God puts a hold on things for a reason that stuns the reader. Following God’s appointed detour Gideon goes on a detour of his own.
This morning we are going to look at the “Detour to Victory”.

God’s Detour

Reduction of Soldiers

Those that are Afraid go Home - Reduced the soldiers from 32,000 to 10,000.
Those that Lap like Dogs go Home - Reduced the soldiers from 10,000 to 300.
This was done so that Yahweh could prove his power and take the glory for the victory that would soon occur. God would keep the Children of Israel from believing they had won the victory and would ensure that they would give God the glory.

Gideon’s Detour

Gideon still lacked faith in God despite all God had done to show him he was going to fight for him. Gideon had not history of knowing God would protect him and his people.
God sent Gideon into the Midianite Camp to show Gideon that he was with him. This is when he heard a man describe his dream and another interpret it. The interpretation was that Gideon was going to come into the camp and defeat them.
This gave Gideon the faith he needed to move forward in submitting to God and becoming his servant in the work he called him to.


Sometimes we take detours to the victory that lies before us. Sometimes it is because God detours us to show us that he is in control and it is he that gives the victory and it is not in our own power that we win victory, but it in his.
Sometimes we take detours because we lack the faith to do that which God has called us to. Whatever detour you may be taking right now you need to turn to God in faith believing in Him that He has the power to bring this victory to your life.
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