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God's Promise Kept and Continues/ Start of Isreal's growth

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Exodus 1:1-7

I. Israel's Growth (vv. 1-7) Past History

  1. God's Care of Jacob's Family (His Chosen)
        1. Remember How God used Joseph to prepare to bring Jacob and family (70 or 75) to Egypt.
        2. God's promise to Abraham continuing to be fullfilled.
              • Always remember: God takes care of His own - even in ways we don't understand or may not think He is present. (From Canaan to Egypt;present, in famine He provided, in bondage He delivered, in trials He strengthened)
  2. The first to arrive (vv. 1-5)
        1. Another memorial marker of God's promise kept.
          • Remember again God's promise to Abraham to bless him from his descedants (his descedants increased and protected).
        2. Foundation Laid for future stability.
          • These men were the begining point of the nation of Israel; What kind of foundations are you building for future generations.
        3. Responsible for passing God's promises down to next generation.
  3. The first to arrive die (v.6)
        1. Dead but not forgotten. (their names in Scrip. prove they are remembered)
        2. What they told their children us still remembered and passed on.
        3. Did their life reflect what they told their children and those around them?
  4. Few become Many (v.7)
        1. God's promise to multiply Abraham's seed.
            • Keep remembering God's promise to Abraham. He promised him a nation would come from him. We need not forget and ever remember this started from faith in God and obedience to what He said do.
        2. Garden grew because of the GARDENER - God's care of Israel caused her to be fruitful and increase. Not just increase but increase abundantly.
        3. People multiplied and grew mightily because of their LEADER.
        4. The land was full of them because of their God's promise kept.

II. God's People continue to Increase (then and now)

  1. We are to remember who called us His
      • He chose us (Deut. 4:37; Ezek. 20:5; John 6:44)
      • He made a promise (Deut. 4:31; 31:6; Matt. 28:19-20; Heb. 13:5)
      • He kepts His promise (Use Scrip. examples and what He promises to do in the future yet fulfilled)
  2. We are to live so others can see and remember whose we are.
      • Tell others of Him (Matt. 28:19-20; Ex. 12:26; Acts 1:8)
      • Live what you say you believe.
      • Do as your told by God to do.
  3. We are to trust in Him not ourselves
      • We are not the reason we are living.
      • He takes care of us in any circumstance.
      • He knows what is ahead.

III. Are you being called by God to be one of His? (present)

  1. Does you past to the present reveal Go's presence?
      • In time of need - it was provided? (James 1:17)
      • Came through not knowing how? (1 Cor. 10:13)
      • Broughtyou to a plce you never thought you would be?
  2. Have you heard others tell of Him in their life?
      • Did it get your attention?
      • Did it reveal something to you?
      • Is it still with you?
  3. Are you presently seeing how He has been working in your life?
    • Do you sense a need for Him to help you?
    • Do you see only He could have gotten you where you are?
    • Do you want Him to be to you what He promises to all who come to Him?


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