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Luke 12:35-48

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Kids play Hide/Seek – count, then say – Ready or not here I come – when that sd, had to ready, or else found

I.  The Requirement, v35-40       Be Ready

A.    Pictures

1.     Dressed for service – literally- girded up for service= robe tucked in and ready for travel or wk

2.     Light shining – need to have your lamp and the oil it takes to keep it lit

3.     Waiting – for master to return          -- master gon to wdg feast (not his own) not knw when come back, need to be ready to greet/welcome him home ~~ unusual b/c master then serves those waiting for him

4.     Thief – not knw when thief comes to break in, if knw then be ready and not let him in

B.    Principles        ~ We ready if…

1.     Working for the Kingdom – dressed for svc – carries the idea of not only being dressed but wkg    this means that we recognize X as king and wk for His kgdm, not for this present life (like previous vs)

2.     Waiting for our King --  we knw that He is coming again, but we do not knw when (2-3 watch), are we living as if X could come back at any time?

3.     Warning Others – X coming to take us home, so good for us. But bad for those not knw X      we need to warn them so they ready when X comes back too

II. The Reasons to be Ready, v41-48

A.   Rewards, v41-44  ---- those whom X finds fthl (wkng/ watching/ warning) will be rewarded with more – heavenly riches – what?  Crowns/ reign w/ X/ pleasure of Fthr

B.    Responsibility, v45-48

                          1. Know – this psg tells us that we have a responsibility to knw that X is coming again.

2.     Do – knwg X is coming is not enough, must do what X requires

V45-46 tells of svnt knw master coming but not think it soon so misbehaves – this servant is punished   ~~is this blvr or unblvr? Not matter - - point is that we miss out if not doing what pleasing to God

V47-48 = one who knws and not do gets punished/ one who not knw still has respon to knw and do

V48 – those who knw more have more expected of them - - - we have greater responsibility – no excuse

Are you wkng for X and His kngdm, or for yourself?

    Are you watching for X’s return, as if it could be today?

     Are you telling others about X so they can be ready?

Are you ready - -or not?

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