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Humble yourselves, Not Your Potential

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Humility is one of the characteristics of Christianity that is the defining trait of how relationships are sustained and formed. My question is do we truly know what humility is? God ensures that humility works in two ways either you humble yourself or he humbles you. Humility is something we should be clothed in. states that God resisteth the proud but gives grace to the humble. Grace only comes to the humble, to understand the gifts that comes to the those are humble or to understand what you can receive at the expense of humility you have to know what grace is.
Grace is essentially three tiered. In the story of Moses who recieved instruction directly from God identifies him as Yaweh, God compassionate and gracious. He is also identified as patient and abundant in love as well as constant and reliable. God’s grace is compassionate, gracious, patient, abundant, constant and reliable. This is what we can look forward to as we remain humble under the mighty hand of God.
Imagine how Moses must have felt understanding the abundance and the exceeding nature of blessings to move the children of Israel from bondage to paradise. For them to hear a message from God yet refuse it for the idea of refraining from humility.
God requires us to humble ourselves but our potential is nothing we should ever humble. You never know what God can do in your life, do we really believe the sky is the limit? We limit ourselves when we put Jesus in a box of what we think he can do. Churches and ministries that have impacted the world did not begin by thinking small.
We should encourage our children to think highly. If they want to be a doctor encourage that. If they want to play sports encourage that. If they want to be a worship leader, preacher, teacher, missionary, lawyer, what ever it is encourage them. Do not limit their potential because you did not maximize on everything you wanted to do in life.

Why We Should Think Highly

God has the capacity to do great things. Now to him that is able:
Able or have the capacity to do, we will always fall short if we look at God through the lens of what we can accomplish first rather than what God has the ability to do.
And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed;
This phrase begins with the word exceedingly, grammatically a preposition showcasing that God does this for us or on our behalf.
God has the ability to do far more abundantly, or a lot greater than we ask or think. Think of abundance, or beyond measure. As humans we all have a measuring point of what we can or cannot do. God’s grace and compass to bless us is unmeasurable. To do exceeding abundantly, super-abundantly, more than enough. my cup runneth over.
Power meaning ability to due things by virtue of strength, skill, resources, or authorization.
If you have the strength but you do not have the skill or resources God can provide the rest! You might have the skill but no resources, give it to God. Oh, and what a mighty God we serve who has all power and authorization!
People are sick and all of a sudden the doctor finds no more sickness.
People are paralyzed, doctor says you cannot walk anymore then they walk again.
Marriages are failing and all of sudden God ensures that we fall in love again.
People are fired, unemployed, lose their houses and cars and God blessed them with a greater job, bigger house, and a more reliable car.
Now if we know that God has the ability to do far more greater than I can ever ask or think why should I limit myself to a potential that falls short of what God deems permissible for me to achieve. Humble yourselves but not your potential. How many times have you heard someone say, “oh no we can’t do that, we have tried before” Or “we do not have the money for that”, Or my favorite that has never been done before.
I believe Jesus is the master of it has never been done before:
5000 people had never been fed by 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.
No one had ever risen from the dead to never die again
No one had ever seen a body of water part like the read sea
No one had ever seen a blind man healed, or the lame to walk
No one had ever walked on water.
No one had ever turned water into wine
No one had ever been pierced in the side for blood and water to come out again.
When the power of God is working in you, when the power of the holy spirit is working in you God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask and think. What is your highest aspiration? God can do more than that!
God is only able to do according to the power that works in us. What Power is he talking about? I believe that he is talking about the power of the Holy Spirit. The same power that worked in Jesus to raise him from dead works in us to get us through trials and tribulations. As claims his power toward us who believe. These are in accordance with the working of the strength of His might.


Humility is required, but God has the ability through your humility to do great things for your family, community and this church that can be world changing. Martin Luther King a young man born in the south during segregation, during Jim Crow, blacks not having the ability to vote he found a way to change the world.
Bill Gates a college drop out, took 12 people and revolutionized technology forever.
Mary Kenner a florist and stay at home mom changed hygiene for women forever.
Yash Gupta a child who broke his glasses created a charity that has collected over 9,500 glasses for children who can afford corrective lenses.
Adele Taylor at the age of 13 realized there were so many children who couldn’t read created a non profit that helps kids how to read and raised enough funding to start a solar powered school in Kenya.
You might just be one person today, you might not have a lot of money but I remember a baby born of a virgin who had a carpenter as a father from the hood in Nazareth. Did not have a lot of money just a God that could do great things. He did not come from earthly royalty, he did not have a lot of money or property but gave his life to his calling and changed the world.
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