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Gideon's Sons

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Its time for a King

Gideon said 8: 23 God is your king
Since the birth of the nation- God has been King
but Gideon acted as the king
when he died there was a perceived void


Abimelech - My dad is king
Son of a concubine - not true son, always inferior, outcast, Black sheep
No chance of being someone, with 70 full brothers
Devised a plan- Go to Shechem
Shechem- a Canaanite - Israeli town Home town of mom V 2
It would be better if one of your own rule you

Israel’s King

Was Yahweh no other nation could boast this
But they wanted to be like other nations
They should have said We don’t need a ruler
But here at Shechem The Is. are living with the Caan.
Compromising with the world Good neighbor policy

Lets make Abimelech King V 3-4

made him king , Gave money from Baals temple
used money to hire a gang of hitmen
went to Ophrah rounded up the brothers
killed one at a time on a cattle butcher rock
Eliminated all the competition
Crowned Him King V 6
-This is probably the “oak of Moreh,” God promises Abraham the land
-Where Israel heard the blessings and curses(;
-Jacob buried the idols here as he called his family back to God ()
-Joshua gave his last speech and led the people in reaffirming their obedience to the Lord ()
If we don't make God our king than we will be ruled by worthless Abimelech
If Jesus does not rule, then our sin nature will
Romans 16:6 LEB
Greet Mary, who has worked hard for you.
Romans 6:16 AV
Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?

Jotham’s Parable V 7

As the coronation is going on
Jotham speaks from the montain
the trees want a king
Olive tree in order to be king I will have to give up my purpose in life to honor God
Fig give up his fruit
grape give up cheering God and man
We all have our gifts and when we step outside, our purpose is diminished
They wanted to function as God intended them to function
So the trees ask the bramble / thorn bush to be their king
Abide in my shadow of a low bush, a tall tree
starts fires easily a worthless, and dangerous
They stepped out of Gods will and accepted something worthless

The prophecy V 16

If you and abimilech have treated Gideon well then things will be alright
But if not you are going to turn against each other and be destroyed
rest of the chapter is that happening
V 22 an evil spirit sent from God to turn against each other
God is not an absentee ruler, He is always in-charge
God will use His means to bring us back
Who is on the throne?
Its either the Spirit or the Flesh
God or self
self will take over if Jesus is not on the throne
self is a deceiving destructive enemy
God will allow for a time
but you will be reeled in
Its much better if we ourselves Put Jesus on our thrones
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