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Romans 3:9

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No One Is Righteous

V. 9
The Jews thought that they were better than the Gentiles.
They thought they could condemn the gentiles.
But now… after Paul tells them why they aren’t better. He says, are we Jews better off? Heck no.. Why? Because we are all under sin.
Paul is backing up his claim with Scripture!
He’s saying, you wanna know who the enemies are? Look in the mirror.
No one is righteous, no one
No one understands...
No one would really choose sin if he fully understood what they were doing.
No one seeks God...
Sinners don’t look for God, they look somewhere somewhere else...
They turned away…
They deliberately avoid God.
They become useless..
There is nothing in this picture that is good…
Their mouth keeps bringing out unclean things.
They teach deceitfully and destroy people.
Their tongues were used for treachery
The meaning is the same… There is a deep-seated evil.
V. 14
Paul is talking about those who use wish evil on someone, and speaking badly.
V. 15-17
From talking of sin, they commit sin, and they’re even quick to murdering.
Their ways are their manner of life; they not only engage in wrong acts, but live in such a way of destruction.
Their interest is in hurting others and destruction… they don’t care about peace.
Sin not only separates us from God… but also people.
V. 18
They have no reverence for the Supreme God… Fear isn’t reverence here, its terror.
They have no fear of God.
Here’s Paul’s conclusion...
He included himself in this..
The law was not a special idol that the Jews could obey or ignore it, instead they were “under” it. They were accountable to God.
No one can argue in their own defense.. No one can say “i’m not under sin!”
The law points to God’s standards and show us how we are unable to live up to them.
The law wasn’t made to justify man..
& ; .
The law was given so that we can become conscious of sin.
V. 21
Paul is contrasting what people knew before the gospel came with what the gospel has revealed.
Paul’s making the point that the gospel is no afterthought. God has always planned to save people by the way of grace. It is making of this known that is recent.
V. 22
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