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Four characteristics of Real Life in Christ

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Place - Open Word Fellowship (Community Church of Myrtle Point)
Church of Myrtle Point)
Time - Sunday Morning
Date - August 26, 2018
Scripture -
Text -
Topic - True Being

Theme - Jesus is interested in us being the best we can be spiritually. That may not move us ahead in our job, with success, finances or any earthly pursuit but it does put us n harmony with Jesus now and will eventually lead to heaven.

Theme - Jesus is interested in us being the best we can be spiritually. That may not move us ahead in our job, with success, finances or any earthly pursuit but it does put us n harmony with Jesus now and will eventually lead to heaven.


In our study of John chapter 8 we have seen described for us the Lord’s Being as one with the Father and sent from the Father to bring us the news of salvation. We have seen our Being as tied to the who we belong to. The contrast here is between being the seeds of Abraham or the seed of the the Father in heaven. Now we come to what is True Being as apposed to just existing.
True Being has four basic elements in it. Obedience, Submission, Expectancy and Eternity.
Each of these elements could be seen either as steps in growth or part of one big life that God is leading us into through His Spirit. Either way if we want joy, peace and blessing we will be pursuing these elements all of our lives.
Once again Jesus is totally misunderstood. Verse 48 starts out with question about Jesus’ parentage and sanity. Where these kind of questions come from is beyond belief but Jesus turns the question back to them by pointing once again to their disrespect and dishonor of both Him and the Father. Then in verse 50 Jesus cuts through the fog of their misinformation by clarifying that His purpose is to glorify the Father who is also the judge of all mankind.


John 8:51
John 8:51 TNIV
Very truly I tell you, whoever obeys my word will never see death.”
51 I tell you the truth, if anyone keeps my word, he will never see death.”
That brings us to the first element of having True Being. Obedience. Jesus says if you “obey” “keeps” my word. This an action word. It means to conform ones actions to my words. It is not about believing in our head but showing that belief by doing what Jesus has told us to do.
Jesus is looking here at the overall observance of the whole revelation not just certain portions. Particularly those we chose as apposed to some we set aside as to hard to keep.
The condition is followed by a promise. If we conform our action to His revelation we will never see death. This is not physical death because we know these people that were listening to Jesus all died physically. What is here ascribed to the obedient one is spiritual life. Now and throughout Aeternity. We may suffer illness, old age and death but our spirit can be forever young and in the end spend eternity with Jesus.


John 8:54 NIV84
Jesus replied, “If I glorify myself, my glory means nothing. My Father, whom you claim as your God, is the one who glorifies me.
John 8:
Again the Jews chose not to understand and go back to physical death stating that Abraham dies and the prophets dies so who does Jesus think he is to say those that obey the revelation of the Father will never die. Question “Are you greater than our father Abraham?” In point of fact Jesus was and is. But Jesus chooses to move the teaching forward and talks about self glory and contrasted with glory from God.
It does not make any difference what we say about ourselves, it is what God says about us. If God in Christ calls us His children that amounts to a great deal. Our church membership or place of status in this world has not real bearing on true BEING. Jesus take the humble submissive position and comes under the authority of His Father, God.


John 8:56 NIV84
Your father Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day; he saw it and was glad.”
John 8:56
Now the conversation takes a decidedly different direction. Jesus moves from submission to what makes Him so different. In verse 55 Jesus tells them that He “knows” the Father and if He said otherwise He would be a lair like they are.
The word Jesus uses here is to know by experience. Jesus is saying He knows the Father deeply by personal experience. This people knew there was another word for “know” that meant to know by perception. That would be a more of an intellectual or to know by the senses. This not something Jesus was taught and pondered and came to understand but something He experienced, was in the presence of and could testify with confidence about who the Father was.
With that word in mind Jesus told them that Abraham looked forward with great anticipation to the time when Jesus would come into the world. The coming of Jesus was not a last minute lets have a party. It was not some man already here that could be filled with the spirit of the Christ. It was not a phantom, ghost, or a figment of the imagination. He did not come into Jesus at the baptism and leaving before His death on the cross. The coming of Jesus was so predicted and anticipated that Abraham was standing on tiptoes waiting for Jesus to come. Are you that expectant not only for Jesus to come into your life but to come again into our world?


John 8:58 NIV84
“I tell you the truth,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!”
John 8:58
Now they are really ready to laugh. You are not even fifty years old and you have seen Abraham?
It is amazing how little we know
Now comes the biggest boom of them all. Jesus calls Himself “I AM” This is the name God used with Moses to identify Himself so that the Israelites in Egyptian captivity would know that it was the eternal God that had called and commissioned Moses for his leadership role in delivering them from bondage. John started this Gospel with the words “In the beginning was the Word” Now here we are back to the beginning with Jesus pronouncing Himself as the eternal God. Now wonder He could give eternal life He is eternal life.
They are so enraged they pick up stones to throw at Him but again it was not His time and He slips through the crowed untouched. One day that will not happen and on that day He will obediently submit to the Fathers will and go to the cross for us. What the disciple miss was the expectation that He would arise triumphant over physical death and the grave and show by example His eternal being that He gives to us through His blood and resurrection.
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