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ReBuilding: Together

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A popular preacher, Francis Chan said that he once was asked by his mentor if he liked to play basketball. He answered that he did. Then his friend asked him “When you get the ball you don’t like to pass it do you?”. Chan replied “Well…no I like to shoot”. I think that can be said of us in life.
No one really likes to pass the ball to our teammate because we are afraid they will miss the shot. There is a trust factor involved. What if they don’t do it right. What if they take too long to do it. What if they forget to do it. What if they don’t do it my way? But, ITS NOT ABOUT US!
When we have true fellowship with each other it produces a partnership in the gospel. As we are partnered together in Christ to fulfill his mission in the world.
I remember last year when our church had a “Work Day”. We Had a good amount of people come out and help. We did different things around the church, such as repairing parts of the wood on the wheelchair ramp, paintings, railing, and painting the doors on the church. It was a good day, as we came together and worked as a team to get some things done. We had people hear who had different abilities but, we all worked side by side to get it done.
That reminds me of the Old Testament story of Nehemiah and the team he assembled to help him rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, which was the central place of worship. Let’s read about how the ReBuilding began...
1 Then Eliashib the high priest and the other priests started to rebuild at the Sheep Gate. They dedicated it and set up its doors, building the wall as far as the Tower of the Hundred, which they dedicated, and the Tower of Hananel. 2 People from the town of Jericho worked next to them, and beyond them was Zaccur son of Imri.
We see the priests built the gates and walls nearest to the temple. It began with the Rebuilding of the Sheep Gate. We understand from that this gate was near the pool of Bethesda. The Sheep Gate get’s it’s name from being the place where sheep that were used for sacrifice were brought through this very gate on the way into Jerusalem.
This brings me to my 1st point...
In God’s Kingdom we don’t rebuild to receive but, we Rebuild to sacrifice
Commentary on the Old Testament, Vol. IV.—Kings to Esther Building of the Gates and Walls, and Names of the Builders, 1–32

The priests seem to have built the gates and walls nearest to the temple. Sheep gate—This we understand from John 5:2 (where see note) to have been near the pool of Bethesda, called the “king’s pool” in chap. 2:14, and now known as the “Fountain of the Virgin,” in the Kedron valley, near the southeastern corner of the city. The gate was probably so called because the sheep used in the sacrifices were brought through it into Jerusalem. They sanctified it—By some dedicatory service. And set up the doors—Raised them and hung them on their hinges, or set them in sockets or upon pivots, in which they were to turn. One gate might have several doors. Even unto—Here in thought we may supply the words, they builded the walls. They not only builded the sheep gate, but also the city wall on the eastern side as far as to the towers here mentioned.

If we are to rebuild the walls of our life then it needs to be centered on Christ. We often here the phrase “Life Happens” but, it doesn’t. It would be better to say “sin happens”, “our flesh happens” or “God happens”
It’s important to know that Nehemiah and the priests put God first in their rebuilding process as they rebuilt the sheep gate which led to the place of sacrifice.
This is so backward to how we think today. We rebuild things so we can use them for our own benefit but, they were rebuilding not for their own benefit. They rebuilt it so they could makes sacrifices once again to God.
2 Inside the city, near the Sheep Gate, was the pool of Bethesda, with five covered porches.
The first gate mentioned in the rebuilding of Jerusalem was known as the Sheep Gate. It is believed to have been a gate in the eastern wall, near the pool of Bethesda [1], and it is believed that this was the gate by which the offerings or sacrifices were brought into the temple. In fact, it is suggested that this was the first gate rebuilt BECAUSE it was used for this purpose! [2]
Interestingly, the Sheep Gate is also the LAST gate mentioned in the list: "and between the room above the corner and the Sheep Gate the goldsmiths and merchants made repairs." This means that the Sheep Gate was not only the starting point, but it was also the ending point of the wall!

Parts of the Body


Colosians 1:18 “And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy.
Jesus Christ himself. He is our leader who we follow after his example. Only when he follow him and allow him to lead our lives will we prosper.
-"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Only when we renew our mind to Christ will we be changed.
We can share the knowledge Jesus gives us to encourage someone in their faith.


i. Can represent those blue collar workers in the church who do the behind the scene stuff that never gets notice.
ii. We can be the hands of Jesus by feeding the poor, clothing the naked and visiting the sick


i. This can represent the teachers in the church who diligently labor in the Word.
ii. We can be the eyes of the Lord by spotting out the hurting, by having compassion on others and seeing them as Jesus sees them.


i. This can represent missionaries who bring the good news and others who travel and do tedius tasks for the church.
ii. We can be the feet of Jesus in our neighborhoods by sharing the gospel as the Spirit gives us opportunities.
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