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I Hope_______

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Our vision at Powerhouse is simple: Love God, Love People, Share Hope
Jesus talked about the first two very clearly a teacher of the Law asked Him, “Of all the commandments, which one is most important?”
Mark 12:29–31 NIV
“The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”
Today I want to focus for a few minutes on HOPE
On the count of 3, I want everyone to shout out as loud as you can and complete this phrase:
I HOPE______
Psalm 147:11 NIV
the Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.
1 Timothy 6:7 NIV
For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.
1 Timothy 6:17 NIV
Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.
Psalm 42:5 NIV
Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.
Psalm 42:6 NIV
My soul is downcast within me; therefore I will remember you from the land of the Jordan, the heights of Hermon—from Mount Mizar.
Romans 15:4 NIV
For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.

Big Idea: Hope comes through the truth of God’s love and a little faith

Transition: Here’s the thing…we all need to have hope and we know from many places in the Bible that God delights in those that put their hope in His unfailing love

How can we have Hope?

We need faith in order to have hope
Hebrews 11:6 The Message
It’s impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him.
“But my faith is Weak!”
“I feel like I don’t really have much faith, if any!”
The Bible teaches that everyone is given a measure of faith — it is part of who we are as God’s children. It may be buried deep because of life’s disappointments, hurts, failures, etc., but it is there.
Luke 17:5–6 The Message
The apostles came up and said to the Master, “Give us more faith.” But the Master said, “You don’t need more faith. There is no ‘more’ or ‘less’ in faith. If you have a bare kernel of faith, say the size of a poppy seed, you could say to this sycamore tree, ‘Go jump in the lake,’ and it would do it.
Here’s how
How can I wake up the faith God has placed within me?
Romans 10:17 NIV
Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.
Romans 10:1 NIV
Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved.
Romans 10:17 The Message
The point is: Before you trust, you have to listen. But unless Christ’s Word is preached, there’s nothing to listen to.
Transition: We know everyone needs faith: everyone has been give a measure of faith; without faith it is impossible to please God; faith comes through hearing and accepting the word of Christ. So...

What is Faith?

What is Faith?

Hebrews 11:1–2 NIV
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.
Trust in God --- FAITH — is the foundation that everything else is built upon — especially those things we cannot see
Freedom from uncertainty
It’s like paying off your car or house — you have the title or deed in your hand — it’s a done deal
The Message of Hebrews a. Faith Accepts God’s Word (11:1)

In this chapter, as elsewhere, faith is man’s response to what God has said. It takes seriously the message of God’s revealed truth in holy Scripture. It does not merely agree with God’s word, but acts upon it. Our writer narrows his interest to the two aspects of faith which are of immediate relevance to his readers, what might be described as the future reference and present function of Christian faith.

First, it anticipates the future. It does not place its reliance on that which is merely visible to our physical sight. It is the assurance of things hoped for. The ‘faithful’ characters arrayed in chapter 11 did not simply live for the passing moment; they realized that there was far more to life than the immediate and temporary scene. Life was a pilgrimage. They knew that there were better things ahead because, in one way or another, God had told them so. And they preferred to believe that word rather than the flimsy promises and facile assurances of the world around them.

Secondly, it evaluates the present. It would be wrong to imagine that the believer has no interest whatever in contemporary life. Indeed, the Christian looks far more closely at the immediate scene than the unbeliever. The person without any clear faith often accepts things simply as they are. If money comes his way, then it is obviously his to enjoy. If he is confronted with an opportunity for sensual pleasure, he will take it, regardless of its immediate effects or ultimate consequences. He does not necessarily sit down to consider whether it damages him or hurts others; that is not his concern. But the man or woman of faith possesses the conviction of things not seen. Such people look beyond the situation as it can be perceived by natural vision or enjoyed by the physical appetites. They do not look simply at their circumstances; they discern the activity of the invisible God (11:27) in their present situation and are able to endure.

Faith It is our response to what God has said
We take what He says seriously
We act upon what He says…but faith is first
Faith does not rely only on what is visible to our physical sight
Abraham believed God (had faith) — for a son and a nation that looked impossible
His faith pleased God
Faith helps us to not get paralysed by our present circumstances because we know God is working and has a plan — we own that, even though we don’t see it yet.

If you have Faith,you have Hope

Love God, Love People, Share Hope
Love God, Love People, Share Hope
This life is short compared to eternity
John 3:16 NIV
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
This life is short compared to eternity
This life can be overwhelming and sometimes seems to suck the hope right out of us
Here’s the hope we all need today
John 3:16 NIV
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
2 Peter 3:8–10 NIV
But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.
God tells us in His Word that He doesn’t want anyone to perish without coming to know Jesus and the hope that comes through Him
Romans 3:23 NIV
for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
Romans 6:23 NIV
For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Acts 16:31 NIV
They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”
Romans 10:9 NIV
If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
1 John 1:9 NIV
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.
Think about how you would finish the statement, “I hope______”
Jesus suffered, bled and died so that we could have forgiveness from our sins
Jesus rose again so we could have hope of eternal life with Him
His plan for us until we leave this earth is that we live with faith and hope,confident of the fact that He loves us and we love Him — and He’s got our back,no matter what we face, as long as our hope is in Him and His truth
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