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When You Pray 8/26/18

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And I'm going to throw the go through some things but it real quick cuz it's just a lifestyle of prayer last week was profound young David thing from Florida said some really profound things that we caught. You. Don't tell him you got word that I can I tell you during our last previous weeks. We are praying that our youth would be the ones you receive that word. We praise the Lord bless our kids bless our youth it was you guys need to be encouraged Your Mark by God. We want to know that God has a plan for you. And I'mma tell you something I was up at 3 in the morning pray for all the kids. And do you think I'm going to tell you something? I believe some really cool things are on the horizon and God is going to he's going to You might think you've had dreams and visions of you and ideas for your life. But God's fixing to throw something on you. So big it's going to like this. Wow, that's amazing. I want to do that. Okay, so because there's a there's a challenge from three divisions in the hearts from kids and God's going to step up and take those and replace him with his calling your life. So you can respond to that and it's pretty awesome. So and I'm and I'm really upset I was up and I was just in my myself up screaming real loud pressure. I don't know but in my heart I was I was just wrestling over our children in prayer.

Just keep that going in any but I want to talk about it lifestyle of prayer because it's 21 days in the end. It's a lifestyle. Write it. It's a lifestyle of prayer just like just like anything else the lifestyle some people exercise and do different things. It's a lifestyle I'm talking about just one little thing. They can accomplish so much. Is it a lifestyle prayer? It's it's something if somebody knew your life and they go math person works out. A lot of that person. Does this or that you know, and this is kind of a Lifestyle Lift Surfers. They hang my son-in-law you can kind of see it on me the hang-loose sky board shorts and flip-flops and what is not working? He'll go to the skateboard park and guess he think he's catching the wave, you know, it's a lifestyle is just part of who he is right is a culture being from Hawaii our lifestyle here in a barbecue and hanging out and just so, you know different things that we do, but how about a lifestyle of Prayer? You know there is there's a there's a way that we can live and I'm continually praying all the time throughout the day all the time in the early in the morning sometimes and I ride the special time the card out for me and God either. I'm sitting on the patio with my Beast dog sitting at the dining room table or or doing something else, but I usually try to carve out some early morning time just between me and the Lord but I want to talk about just a lifestyle that something that you don't have to you know, when something tragic happens or something you got yourself in a bind. It's like, oh, please pray for me how many times I have people like Facebook, please pray for me. I'm like, you should have been praying the whole time. You should been praying a long time to reply I got in this mess. Rite Mason the guys in the guy here, but if you have been paying, you know, it wouldn't have happened more likely. So anyway, so there's a lot of lot to do with that. So Jesus said to remain in me and this is our week of prayers his remaining me is I also remaining, you know, Branch can bear fruit by itself. I've never seen it. I cut off a branch. It just takes a little bit of time was leave start the weather right and enemy wants to come along and kind of server you from your place in the Lord and He and I'mma tell you something run from that don't let that happen cuz no pants can bear fruit by itself. It must remain in the vine. Neither. Can you bear fruit unless you remain in me? And this hold this third week of the 21 days I'ma tell you that was our prayer that we would bear much fruit. I want to be grafted in. I mean, I want his life to flow through me and I want a very much fruit and B is a successful in the kingdom of God as possible and everything in my life over my family first. Over my job over my church. I want the I want the flow and every area of my life and it will and he says you cannot do that must be remain in him and his last 7 days. That was our prayer God help us to not only remaining you but the bear much fruit to be cuz we've been graph and we want your life. We wants your lifestyle your life to be enough and I'm going to say something to remain in him. You have to have a lifestyle of Prayer. You have to have a lot you it is imperative that you develop a lifestyle of prayer and I love all these devotions going off. I'm I love it you version and different things that people do and then and I love that. I'm a Bible said I get hooked on a word or something and I got to go off you version and get him something else and go deeper, you know, but that's just me but the devotions and that that's what that means. I'm a devout person to follow you Jesus you hold the words of life and I got nowhere else to go. I have nowhere else to go. Who developed that lifestyle get that in the mornings and start praying and worshipping this if it's just this on your on your knees and say Lord father. I worship you today even Against All Odds Against everything screaming at you, but Lord I Lift Your Name up over the circumstances because I'm a sudden you got big problems. When you start worshipping and you start exalting the name of Jesus over your problem those problems. It gets reversed was God's name gets bigger over your problems with things kind of flip flop over maybe came under they become underneath that. The problems are get smaller. They're still there, but they are not going to overwhelm you like they were before. That just it just reverse. Is that a lifestyle of Prayer? the reverse is that we had to remain in him and he said this I'm the vine you are the branches you remain in me and I in you you will bear much fruit depart from me. You can't do nothing. I'd like somebody tell you that you can't do anything. Me. He's talking from I love this position is always talking from an eternal perspective. He sees things that we don't see. He's at his view is much grander than ours. His perspective is is beyond the stars and the moon. He sees everything and he says trust me for me or without me. You can accomplish what you wanted to do. You can accomplish two things in the King to me. That's a bold statement far from me. It's not arrogant. He just knows if it wasn't for me. You can't do anything. you can't we might think we are but has no Eternal significance. Has no Eternal change. Have no Eternal reward and I want things our lives are built not to be booking by life and death. It is eternal. It's Eternal and he's going to bless us now and then it went from him. We want to be a part of that a man. So the first thing is that the priority of Prayer I can stay busy all the time doing something. I always got a task or some kind of to accomplish in my mind and I have to really get a priority. I have to get that time. And I have to sometimes you have to fight for it. Just like you have to fight for time with your wife. My wife for me biggest struggle we have is checking out and just disengagement from everything I need to do. My mind is always like running. She knows it. She'll tell you it when we go on vacation. It takes me 3 days to disconnect. That's why I have to go at least 5 sometime. Right or go somewhere immediately where nothing works. I don't need all the technical stuff. Sometimes I want to take a hockey puck hockey stick in my phone to go slap shot at somewhere. This is disconnected just kind of relax and be with each other and you have to make that a priority waiting with your spouse. That was same with Christ. You have to make it priority and 5 that time get your iPad or whatever. However, you come to him throw on some worship music. Look at your emails all those little red dots or like, you know, and in the news in the sports and everything else cancel all that for him for a little bit and just try to focus on him and make it a priority Daniel did the house now with Daniel learned that the decree have been published and it was a decree that nobody would bow or worship except the king at that time, but it said this when Daniel learned that the decree have been published and it in this before it then the penalty was death if they did this he went home to his upstairs room where the windows open toward Jerusalem. Three times a day. He got down on his knees and prayed giving things to his guy just as he had done before he didn't let that sway him or make a change in his in his life and his priority to come before the Lord times a day. And it cost them after while it didn't nothing happened to him is doing the Lion's Den and the fire and everything else and he survived all that he made God. He made it a priority no matter what the cost. You could have just like man, I better not do that. I better go into hiding I better do something else. He kept his lifestyle exactly the same and now I'm going to Worship You Lord God and nobody can tell me anything different no matter what comes my way. That's the kind of attitude. No matter what comes my way. I'm going to I'm going to eat you are going to be a priority to me Father no matter what how heavy or how dark or what the price maybe you are. You are my priority. And you have to fight for that. You have to fight for that. Next thing would be this the place of prayer. I played all kinds of prayed all kinds of peculiar places. Maybe some of you have also right. I meant you make one time I found it and I'm like, I feel like the Lord is not going to bow down there. I'm going to be my alter so I kind of got this stuff on my lord. It's embarrassing somebody walks by but it was on a trail ride. So this nothing just look perfect. And I just it was early in the morning. The sun was just coming up and everything. You know, I love that. Maybe I was praying over my fish and when I was going to do next, you know, I don't know I didn't catch anything though, but I got down on my knees. And I remember remember it was a moment because several years ago, but we just had Comfort emotions time in our marriage and and some things and and and God is miraculous things and I was so thankful and we were up there at Hume Lake and I got a quiet time along the lake there and I just got down on my knees like I did earlier and I'm like I offered up thing. I offered up things but there's a place maybe you have a quick day outside or inside or somewhere else that you can kind of carb away and and get a time. Maybe it's on your truck your way on your car on the way to work. But I'm going to tell you go beyond that get a place to just replace The Fray somehow very early in the morning while it was still dark. Jesus got up left the house and went off to the solitary place where he prayed. So Jesus even himself fought for time. He got two places where he would carve out time. the bill on the solitary place What's the worship God and just to communicate with God in the be refreshed? And to be refreshed lot of people write down their prayers. I wish I was better at that cuz it's amazing when you put pen to paper you'll get the answer sometimes and God speaking to you right there and you can go back and look at those prayers that you pray to journal. the find a place find the prey It's important and it's who was the old guy that years ago. The story was she was set in the corners.

Apron to an apron she would throw it up over face and then knew that was Mom's time to do not mess with her. She was praying. all right when we old school to throw it in the store apron over her face and set there in the corner of the kitchen and take your time out and pray.

profound and sometimes it's so simple just to do just take a moment. Whatever that is set down. The table carve out some time coffee time and Lord, I worship you today. I will pray to you today God and and and bring your needs to the Lord and his worship Him. Amen. So the place and then there's a plan real quick. There's a plan of prayer we talked about this 2 weeks ago when you pray. When you pray the seven points of Prayer the seven points of Prayer

technical difficulties

never go 1-1. Jesus was in a certain place praying as he finished and as he finished one of his disciples came to him and said Lord teach us to pray just as Don Jon taught his disciples. Jesus went on to say this. He said Jesus said this is how you should pray and he listed The Lord's Prayer what we call it in that and we had this whole tag. We're riding up for a prayer people because they're going to have this old man. You're you're starting in September that there people you can go to pray for it to me seven points of prayer on the back. These are things that will guide your life one is to know the how in this in the Holiness of the name of God lord. How will be your name your kingdom come your will be done right in the Lord your kingdom come into my life. You will be done. Jesus had to pray this for take this cup from me, but nevertheless let your will be done not mine just surrender to that this wheel's much grander than anything we can come up with. give us this day our daily bread a provision and also from the word of the provision that we need in this life and from

Leave it and forgive us make it right with others and getting right with God. This is things just constantly in our lives leaves from Temptation and Deliver Us from Evil. That's what Freedom groups is from about to be to learn how to overcome Temptation and learn how to be delivered from Evil you can live You can live a fruitful life and accomplish life.

The last thing is this the 7.62 Years be the kingdom the power and the glory ever forever. So you can you can verbally be able to express yourself.

You hear the good news of Christ? There's a plan to pray in the seven points and always constant everything. I pray is usually within those things somewhere. always next thing would be this. The person is a prayer what there's people that just persons that are involved in this situation this prayer life in this lifestyle of prayer. I love this and 2nd Corinthians. It says in closing all says the Amazing Grace of the master Jesus Christ write the extravagant love of God. And the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. He's telling him all three So Amazing Grace of Jesus the extravagant love of God and the friendship of the holy spirit all three of those all three persons of the Trinity are always there always somehow involved in our lives and prayer. The Worship Is Our Father where I work knowledge and only reason we can do that is because of the blood and the grace of Jesus Christ

The only reason we can do that. the only reason

Says this the mazing Grace of Jesus. I tell you what all have been the song Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a Wretch like Me I once was lost but now I'm found was blind, but now I see. a man how many you can say that? Amazing thing to just embrace the grace of Jesus in our lives. Next scripture for we do not and here's why you need the grace of Jesus. Here's where it comes from. We do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize or sympathize with our weakness. I have screamed out before the Lord before in my weakness and Temptation then when I was younger man, sometimes like the Lord I got overcome these I got to thank yous not listen, or you can understand what you're going through. But he clearly he can says we have one. We don't have a reason to start over who was unable to empathize or sympathize with that. We have one who has been tempted in every way. Just as we are yet, he did not send that's amazing. Don't think for one minute some gallon and throw themselves at him right or that he was tempted with money Satan got him up there in the desert in the world. everything he said no, it was only Worship the Lord my God, he was tempting and weighs probably beyond what we can even imagine. I am after his death and Resurrection. He becomes our high priest and somebody that he can just we can just come to he's not somebody off in a castle somewhere the weekend. Everything would turn around. I could turn around now cuz he's with us. This next scripture says this says let us then approach guides throne of grace with confidence with confidence. I can before like, I don't know. I don't know if you can understand what I'm going through. I don't know if he can turn things around it took me a long time to learn brass of me a little bit just expected, you know, especially in the raised a certain way. It's like I don't really deserve it. It took me a long time to get over that long time to get over that I deserved that he did this for me because he's worthy of his grace. That's a mind shift for me. Remember the day my truck driver broke over me. I said Lord. I'll never come that way again. I come I will come boldly to you cuz I'm I need help. My time right now. He has let us approach God's throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive Mercy.

Right and Grace to help us in our time of need Mercy's like this. The great incredible Pat compassionate but also the willingness to help. I'm willing. I'm going to have pit it's almost like a spitting acid like man. My heart is breaking for you, but I also can help you.

Yeah, I can help you out of this. That's the God's mercy. Stay the execution. Stay this. No, this is not going to wear the raises person up sometimes even when there's just ask his left his mercies extended those ashes when a life is torch God can speak life into ashes and bring life again.

He can bring life.

What somebody's dead and their send Ali Dry Bones Manny spoke to the tendons begins attached to each other for last begin to cover he can make life out of something that we would consider impossible and dead because of his Mercy.

So we can come to him to receive mercy and find the grace. Lord give me Grace to walk through this. Give me the grace to walk through this. Give me the gray. Sometimes we are called to walk through surgery. Sometimes were called to the road of suffering some times and seasons.

Call sometimes nobody we don't escape it all the time. I prayed my guts out to Jen wouldn't have to go through surgery. But guess what Jen needs a Grace and other people that we know Lady Grace help me to give me Grace Lord to walk through this to endure this and he will be there. grace mercy, and grace mercy and Grace

That's what is this what he said to me. My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness. Isn't Paul when he said man take this from me, you know, I got a thorn and whatever that was people interpret it, you know, but it was a struggle and he said my grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness sometimes in our suffering. There's this a great grace and incredible power of strength that comes to us. And helps a walk through everything everything.

Next thing the extravagant love of the father amen not know about you. The first time I really counted the love of God. I was hooked. I was the time like I never want to be out of this ever. This is this is where I'm this summer on this day, you know, this is don't ever take this from me. Don't ever don't ever remove this from your father. I love this place. But then extravagant love of God it says for this reason I kneel before the father because of his great love for me. I kneel before him because of his grade extravagant love for me.

He loves us that much so much. The Lord is compassionate Psalms that says the Lord is compassionate and gracious slow to anger. Abounding in love. He will not always accuse nor Willy Harbor his anger forever. Some of us to Freedom group. She had to let that goes like you just think you were blue it and run to Forever and he's always going to be angry with you. He's not.

He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our Nick. Thank goodness. Incredible love that's extravagant love right there. We are people that can just cut somebody off like unfriend on Facebook and everything else and like kick him to the curb. Got to say hey, I love you. You you can't get past my love for you and it keeps us always is coming back to this place of like I want this Lord, and I'm so sorry and he's always going to restore you always. For as high as the heavens are above the Earth. So great is his love for those who fear Him as far as the East is from the West so far has he removed our transgressions from us? As a father has compassion on his children. So the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him who are in awe of him Lord. He has compassion on it. compassion I love that. He has removed our transgressions from us.

That's love.

And intimate last thing is the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit. We need all this the grace of Jesus the extravagant love of God the intimate intimate friendship with the Holy Spirit direct communication. And we need that in our lives.

Listen, John 14:16 says and I will ask the father. Jesus said this and he will give you another Advocate to help you and be with you forever and he called it this the spirit of Truth. Jesus this is so profound to me because Jesus even when he was here, he goes look I can see him getting out on those. I have to leave they didn't understand that he's going to go to the Cross this year. So the other comforter the other one can come cuz I got to get out of here. My job is done. You know, there was thinking maybe it's going to be here forever things were going to happen. But she's like I have to leave it's imperative that most priority that I leave because another is going to come and replace me and go to instead of having the Commandments like this. He's going to put them in your heart. It's going to transform you from the inside out. Is going to do amazing things for you. And he said this because I'm ask the father and he's going to give you another Advocate somebody to petition your case in the Simpson to help you and be with you forever the spirit of Truth. When it says this and the Holy Spirit Roman and the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don't know what God wants us to pray for but the holy spirit for us with groanings that cannot be expressed by words. There's sometimes I hit a wall with with my prayer life. Anime, here's the deal. I love this was a holy spirit has a way of praying for us and praying things for us that we just don't even know. Sometimes we need where's to go? He's always constantly interceding and completing our cause pleading her case before God and Christ and just like and bring in the change and bringing the answer bringing the answer. And sometimes I love this if that's he wants us to we don't know what God wants us to pray for but the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words deep deep deep prayers. deep prayers deep deep deep heart issue prayers. That's when you're digging in. That's when you're like, I'm going to I'm going to keep praying for this when you run out. Sometimes you begin to pray and always Spirit again God speaking to you and and bring you things you're having deep intercession deep groaning. Sometimes it's only thing that's going to break through for you. The only the only way sometimes

That's in the father who knows all Hearts knows what the spirit is saying for? The spirit leads for us Believers in harmony with God's Own. Well, that's amazing. It pleads for us in harmony with got its going to live in harmony with God's will in your life the baptism in the Holy Spirit feel. The spirit of God is imperative for a Christian Life. It is in harmony with God's perfect will in our life. It will bring we say it like that song this morning Lord Your Kingdom Come On Earth as it is in heaven. There it is. That's how it happens on the inside of a the kingdom of God the righteousness of Christ. bringing change bringing transformation to all of us And so strong and so powerful the Bible says the gates of hell. Can't stop.

Can stop it? And that's a lifestyle of prayer. That is something that we have got to incorporate with our exercising in our diet and different things like that. But they have a constant Daily Life Style. Let me know we just finished with 21 days of prayer and fasting fasting.

Prayer and fasting and praying we guess what we do it again in January cuz we're in prayer guts out around here. Then Jesus said this, you know, there was one story the Bible of the disciples were trying to deal with the person who was possessed and they were frustrated cuz they couldn't bring deliverance and Jesus. Come along said said don't worry some of these only come out by prayer and fasting can I tell you that there's some things never going to be accomplished unless you do that. There's some things that you're going to have to face in your life and some things are not going to be overcome unless you pray and have a lifestyle of prayer and appears at certain times you like fast. And if they Lord your will be done, nothing else. I value you more my heart pants for you like a deer pants for water. And I want you more than anything else. There's accomplishments and overcoming things that they're only done by those it somehow that strategy and Jesus knows what he's talking about. He knows what he's talking about.

the lifestyle of prayer when you pray When you pray When you pray

Miracles can have When you pray Haynes can happen. When you pray walls are not down when you pray you get God's attention and say Let's go. Let's do this. When you pray for vision come When you pray temptation is overcome I'm telling you when you pray Deliverance comes the hand of the enemy is exposed revealed in a lot of ways through prayer. Lot of ways. I don't know about you, but I'm in I'm up for the fight and I'm up for the challenge of the defeat in the end going towards the Gates of Hell, praying. God your kingdom come your will be done in heaven in Earth as it is in heaven and nothing can stop it. And that's our task last week when David spoke. You said many things are more than I had written down and and and savory 10 / through the week. It wasn't along with the couple with the words that some of you received but the Goliath thing in the he said one thing I'm going to tell you some and I'll talk about this later. If you didn't Shake nice kind of like I was kind of random but it wasn't till the next day or two between the eyes. He just kind of said it passing. is amazing Another thing. He said that wears the voices of been robbed. That means there's a place where voices are going to be raised and I'm going to say some God is called this church to the birth people that have a voice for his kingdom to be able to speak to be able to detail clearly and live their lives about the good news of Jesus Christ. That's why we're going to eat. We have the Central Valley School of ministry that we're privileged to be a part of after we were her doctor's visit was not to the past 3 overseas this and is the president and it's really good class really good some it's three semesters of a pretty intense Bible learning and transformation and it will change you increase your knowledge and it's it's it's amazing. So I'm glad we're going to have that. I'm still working on it. We have enough people to have it here if you want to talk to me about it, you know after The applications we have to get filled out and and let you know the times and the schedule, but it's life-changing. It'll change you.

It'll change it. For lifestyle of prayer Lord, make us one spray father. We bless you today. And I and I thank you Lord.

Can you come out play?

So anyways, father we bless you today's war. We honor you today Father with them. With who we are like thank you for these last Twenty One days. Thank you for everybody that participated Lord the 6 in the morning prayer times father God The Saturdays Lord, and and even through the night father. What made always keep us Lord imprint on us for that lifestyle? Or just the style of prayer father.

More so we honor you today. How many do you want to have a lifestyle of prayer and we just commit this morning and Hazard Usher's come forward for prayer and in our offering to as we both get ready to close here.

But you need prayer for anything in any issues at all. It's just just come up and have prayer over this time and and and glasses commit man. I want a lifestyle in the Nike store. What a lifestyle Nike store has all kinds of cool stuff right mean to a person must work ethics and they are there Nike from head to toe. Edit. Oh, that's a lifestyle.

That's a lifestyle. I want that Mark on me. However, Jesus does that I want a Happy Meal and I'll put the lifestyle of prayer. It's a lifestyle of devotion and lifestyle Fair.

The father is we just come to you today Lord, and we lift our hands to you today Laura denied My Heart Lord Sunil this morning before you got because I want to be I wanted to be a lifestyle, but I just don't want to be a moment in time. I want to be a lifestyle From Here to Eternity father to just be a worshipper Lord and Incredible Lord, is it with all my heart? Follow you Jesus?

follow you

or should we honor you today?

map NFL receiver offering this morning, we close funny last week and send them on their way and it was really great. Hopefully they come back in August the Lord we bless this offering this morning.

So we bless us offering father and we thank you for the gift you or that you've given us or so we can give to you Lord. And so we just have to bless the Lord in an increase of God just a hundredfold father.

increase Lord everything that we do.

father in Jesus name amen


So there's exciting things happening. This is the new book for Freedom group. We went through a publishing company this time. It's copying all 200 pages per person. Printer setup in our house. I may just like it. It's just a lot of paper a lot of printing. So this was it cost to all the freedom participant this year is $12 and that's also good smells like a book.

Happy about it. It's so small. Your back pocket won't fit in the back pocket. So you can come up and have a sneak peek after if you want to see. But don't cheat if you haven't been through breeding groups don't read anything.

It's important that you go through Freedom groups. Awesome. Next week is Labor Day weekend? And so next next week we were talking about when you pray it's going to be when you work. So it's imperative that we working at be fruitful with our lives then after that is the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah. Is it September 10th, which is sunset, you know for us and you might not understand what that is, but that's on the Jewish calendar the new year and I'm going to say something in our hearts. We feel like some really new things are coming and I'm excited about Giants Giants play. I know I've been kind of put promoting this for a while, but it's going to be fun and I so I'm excited about that too. So things are we got to destroy things we have to overcome and you can because God has called you to do it. And so I'mma tell you bring an auto in September 9th that Sunday You don't have to but just pretend you bring the rocks in the swing and get ready. Okay, I don't buy a sling and them things around here, but just be ready because we're going to refill call to a task in a battle and to overcome some big time stuff a couple things that I want to remind you about last week that was said in Battle immarksman beats a footman any day. So you may feel like the sword comes and tries to bring these things to your mind and tries to condemn you and convict you or Slice the way out you your arrows in your rocks again. Hit the mark So when you pray know that I'm Marksman beats a footman in battle. Any day doesn't matter how big the enemy is or how big the situation as you're having to do happen to go through its You're going to beat them. We are victorious.

game So we'll just dismissing prayer and if you need prayer, please Dora and Kenny are up here come up get prayer.

Don't let it slip by if you need it. Okay some Lord. We just a thank you today Father, and I thank you. That you're so faithful to your kids Lord.

I Thank you for the new season Lord, and I know we're quiet today. Maybe we're just really hungry.

but I'm excited in my spirit Lord, and I do feel a deposit Lord of

Of the fresh thing coming the new thing coming Lord, I believe that you're going to anoint our people and anoint our church for the task ahead Lauren. I believe that you're going to bring freedom Lord you already doing that. You're going to bring Miracles Lord, you're already doing it your healing minds and bodies Lord and lives father God and you're already doing it Lord, and that's something to be excited about Lord. So I just got today Lord. I just consecrate our semester to you father God this next semester and I pray father God that Lord anyone father God that you are starting to draw on Lord that would they would they would enter our paths father God for us to be able to speak to them about this new semester Lord that that father God that that they would wind up at the right place at the right time father guy and that you would call them and Lord you're calling people and father God to join this lawyer to bring them Freedom lord. It's things that they've been hopeless about 4 years Lord and you're going to bring hope and then Name of Jesus and we just believe this father God we declare it and we decree it as Dora says declare and decree that this semester is going to bring you honor is going to bring you glory father God. It's been a bless your heart father God I ask that you annoying our people and annoying our church father guide for this season Lord. I ask that you be with us this week Lord and give us an enthusiasm for this for what you're going to do Lord and excitement Lord and a hope Lord of what you're going to do father. And we thank you for it in Jesus name and we thank you for it in Jesus name. I thank you for it father in Jesus name and everyone said He-Man hi-five handshake fist pump side hug, whatever you got to do, but love somebody today and man.

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