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The Power of Prayer  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  49:25
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I). LORD TEACH US TO PRAY. a). The Lord then begins to teach them some things about prayer. b). This is a combination of all we have learned so far. c). Today we add to that learning. II). THE ATTITUDE OF PRAYER. a). ATTITUDE b). Examine the words of Advice: EFFECTIVE FERVENT - AVAILS MUCH. III). THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PRAYER. a). Earnest Prayer can be very effective. S.P.... Pressure is an Effective ingredient for Prayer. b). Prayer can Break the Chains of Bondage. c). Prayer can protect you from the enemy. d). Prayer can open Doors that are Closed and locked. e). Prayer can grow our Faith. f). Prayer can Rescue us from Harm. S.P....Partnership is Effective incredient for prayer. S.P... Persistance is Effective Ingredient for Prayer. IV). LORD TEACH US ABOUT PRAYER. a). What has the Lord Taught you today about Prayer. b). Now Apply it to your Life.

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