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26 August 2018: Luke 4:31-44

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Use the format speaks about that. So we're going to read the section for the Bible now and the Rachel's going to come and help me read that and it is in the Book of Luke and chapter number for and if you don't want to be blue one, that's on page 1031. Update 1031. I'm looking for the small number 31 in the middle of the right-hand page 1051 the beat number 5 everything over to you.

Then he went down to medium Italian ballet. But only some of us he told the people they were amazed at the teaching because his words had Authority in the synagogue that wasn't by assessed by a demon an egg piercer. He cried out the top of his voice go away. What do you vote with us? Jesus of Nazareth. If you come to this glad I know who you are. The Holy One Of God be quiet, please and said sadly come out and head doesn't even hear them. I'm down for the moral and came out without injured all the people were amazed and said to each other what was the authority and power begets ordered in pure spirits and they come out on the news about him spread throughout the surrounding area. Jesus left the synagogue went to the hermit silent. Now Simon's mother-in-law was suffering from a high fever and they asked Jesus to help up. So you better to have a repeat this Eva and it left that she goes up and they got to wait on them at Sunset people brought to Jesus and laying his Beach was he killed them? What are the demons how many people doubt that you are the Son of God the Healer abuse them? I would not allow him to speak because they knew he was the Messiah at Daybreak. We just went out through sorcery play the people of the people looking for head or are they came to where he was they tried to keep him from leaving but he said I was proclaimed the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also is that is why I was set and he kept on preaching in the synagogue of you though. If I might want that one later. The last week we saw Jesus in Nazareth, if you will see what kind of announcing his Manifesto as it were and this week isn't using Kaepernick far away. Another place far away is Manifesto promises something from most of us. Do you lay out before people? That's a promise. That's not the only unique thing is going on here by any means because this is the time when I walked the Earth as a human. This is the most unique. In history as foretold through the the writings in the Bible Percy. Jesus is coming to Montana and Jeremiah 23 or Ezekiel 34 is a singular moment. There's nothing nothing nothing like this since the moment when Jesus is walking around on Earth, he walks around with unique and absolute power and authority of here but a son with regards to these are the evil spirits are mentioned and then with regard to sickness so power and authority of the first guy he runs into 33

It was very black, but that's only says about it that we are more sophisticated people on my stuff anyway to be stories of people being possessed by demons. Will you could imagine like maybe this is all like a psychological thing. You could imagine. Maybe this is just something going on in this guy's head supernaturalist world view inside of Jesus Jesus. He speaks to he kind of Supernatural really get around to destroy us. He knows what's been foretold from the beginning actually knows it's bible really quite well in the Bible the first book in the first first woman eat, who's that crushed the head of this Supernatural? Enemy Genesis 315. So what you see here is you see there's absolutely no contest. Jesus interact with his evil spirit who was the New England versus a primary school? This is absolutely no, 270 Ricks. There's absolute certainty over in a moment on these words have the power and the authority to pack a real punch and we can feel like today Supernatural stuff is scary, but I was not for a Jesus. Play the song He's not anxious about the situation. He's in he's a he's totally overwhelmingly powerful and is the it's a power and authority of his words. What strikes needs to drop in verse 32 and they're they're amazed. They said because it's words have authority. How did you know Jesus words Howell Park. Is it just an accent the listen quite there for you gives you a sense of respectability know aren't you make me seem like I'm quite educated just because I have a funny accent.

The secret words of these little cartoon Power he gives orders the demons and they come out what's the reasoning of his words have authority is because he's demonstrating that he's doing with his word is evil spirits the supernatural horses have to abandon. I think I'm through the second demonstration of his power and his authority of Simon in the Bible have two names for some reason why you got so high on pulling the story of Jesus and Peter. He's my father-in-law is sick and you can see Peters on his route to being a holy personal significance because his mother-in-law wants you to get well rather than just like

But anyway, I asked Jesus to help I'm done riding his biography the guy that's why she's back up in that. He's like that is not how medicine works. You know when somebody gets better, it's slow. It step-by-step will knowing Jesus is doing the work right away after these first two events by the evil spirit that the healing of the Mother-in-law then come the hordes of Jesus Zaxby's have escaped the notice of the name of the city as the sun begins to set after the first Miracles reported of Jesus in this gospel is a long queue forming outside of where Jesus is staying or more people trying to push it as a brick wall or sick or brought to Jesus is enormous number for William NYC in my head, but I get me see his power and authority on the plaza at 100% Desperate by Vi nothing like today's modern miracle workers this success rate.

Now if you want to notice when you were listening that there are there there demons here to in verse 41. Now what this doesn't say. Is that everyone who is sick? That's that's associated with a demon Museum Bridgeport CT. It's all the people who come to Jesus and inverse of 41 the demons come out many people does not the same set. This isn't just like a naive ancient culture thinks you're able I got a demon or no That is amazing first day. When you see if Jesus go out to a solitary place getting some time alone alone. We got in that something that will seem to again and again and it in route 516 snacks easy way to pray to God that I stay stay stay forever. But trying to keep his fascinating and powerful person with them instead of letting them go away by he's on a mission 43 despite. I am send that's how he thinks when something that's why I was sent he has a purpose his purpose goes beyond just feeling those people outside of just being a blessing to that 110 and to that one place. He has something bigger is better to do and he tells us what it is. He says he's going to claim the kingdom of God. Proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God NASA just I would have paid and verse 43 up too much weight on a sliding down slowly Wisconsin disaster playing the good news of the kingdom of God. We going to keep coming up as we keep working through 32 times more than any other is this thing this kingdom of God is like some of our language ever taken the time to Define it differently to different people. So what is Jesus referring to when he says the kingdom of God? I might be tempted to think right here. We have the other Kingdom of emojis is not thinking of an Earthly territory is the nation-state like we would today. So Alice you define Kingdom. Well this time the realm where. Is King, but that's what kingdom is over where Is there was a sense that God is King all the time of the whole universe is under his subjects. We use big words like omnipotent and there's no place or thing in the universe exempt from God's rule or Beyond his power. But that definition doesn't work either. Let me prove that the Lord's Prayer as a famous prayer Jesus disciples.

How to make any sense of the kingdom is already everywhere. I wouldn't have seen them, if it's everywhere already. Almost exactly the same but are you are magazines are filled with me back to the the bad news of the kingdom of God Jesus simply meant that that Spear of God's Universal rule everywhere and always well, that's the way things are right now. How can you say a good music seems like bad news. What does Jesus mean when he uses this phrase kingdom of God something says it's good news. people he's mean he's mean the Spear of God's active Rule The Seer of God's active room Wicked rule is in right where those rulers in force awakens good rule is enacted is where is my belt designs are on at this is the place where my hands are coming to If you would have last week that you sold Jesus standing up in this other sending Logan reading out part of the ancient go through my eyes on this is precisely what those words Jesus in the oppressed by restoring the brake press e r e sound is messed up Will putting it back the way it's meant to be one that buys the kingdom of God and Kingdom of God. Jesus says he has to go elsewhere to also Proclaim this good news of the kingdom of God's active role in the history of claiming the kingdom of God. Diocese of Lansing, right the NFC with words as he stands up and teaches in the synagogue. He announces it with his actions as he cast out demons and he has come to Bear right here. He is.

the kingdom of God in Jesus Jesus is the kingdom of God breaking in restoring releasing enacting dogs Rule and this is good news the oppressor free. The Seeker restored and they'll Jesus mission state that Proclaim that breaking in and take it to other places to let me know. Where is the realm of his active rule. I'm going to hold on to that. We carry on free. Will you be here are the funds Around Jesus right? Then didn't get it. I did not understand what Jesus meant when he raised kingdom of God. They didn't get what was on the volume 1 verse 6 are still looking for a kingdom of God before their death in their minds, but the kingdom that Jesus is becoming active room.

What was like to ask when we look in the Bible when you think that what it says so on what is this mean for us today? What's the relevance and significance? And we believe this is this thousand years old has significant things to say to us in everyday life says to us.

How do we set up the speed of God's active Rule and that's what breaking in with Jesus?

Have you call yourself? A Christian is a process really like a no-brainer. It's not really a surprise. It's pretty obvious that God is going to be a good thing. But if you're still considering these thing I'm what it would be to follow Jesus.

This idea of gaunt absolute ruler. It might feel like those rules that you going to encroach on us. It's going to advance by pushing back our freedom. I feel like tickling do not enter stickers all over the place telling us what we can do where we can go. That's how we might think about rules. oppressive and liberating

in more and ready to play Under the final he set for me was giving up control with submitting to God's rule. I knew it was going to change my life. I knew it was going to be a big deal. That would have serious implications for a long time. I really wanted that.

The ultimate league on GroupMe interesting and so are you afraid of girls rule if you're afraid of what it will mean for you and your life but this is an important as if you look at this is a picture of the good of going through as it's coming right up grass released Sigma restore it comes and brings it brings Rita. If you would have slashed and remember what Jesus read from Isaiah good news Freedom recovery favor. God's kingdom rule is it, doesn't take your things away. It doesn't take one single thing away from us as it comes brings good things to us. That is just as true today as it ever was Justin. It was a little see the same pictures of going to drool breaking into my house see demons out and people killed in the same way, but I love you beyond the physical. At a greater and a more important level. We get these things released from the prison of our Rome D from a guilty conscience for the things in our past that we cannot on YouTube a real Freedom restoration of something more important than physical body and restoration of a relationship with God that we were made for the word design for a change of art are corrupted how we were Twisted how we naturally do on course. The kingdom of God coming with stores are inside our sun. That was my next week. So I went through that scary stepping sing. Well, okay Dawn over to your room. I didn't lose. I like in God's kingdom. His rule coming is good news. Becomes one person at a time just like it was picked to hear my Jesus lays his hands on them and their well becomes one person dances. Is today the day are you that you are ready to enter into God's Kingdom? That's what you came to do.

The first don't kingdom is good news today. It's a good thing. I'm second thing now and not yet if idea of now and not yet still coming on that day you get pregnant yet. And that phrase is still truth to let me show you what I mean. I bet you really glad.

Sunglass Hut Beaver the ones brought to Jesus sick you were here was thrilled about that.

We never say ever again by line.

I doubt it, but I can say this with certainty or them time. All of them die in the end of the city where all these wonderful things happen. We're right in front of their eyes. They so just remarkable demonstration of power. What are the NFC was that City would really bother need to go to call. Jesus actually didn't answer until later on in in the Book of Matthew chapter 11. He says you saw the kingdom coming with power and yet you didn't repent you didn't change your ways. You didn't turn back to God. 13 in counting with Jesus. It was an evil was overcome. Please change things were transformed yet in that it wasn't everything that was going on. the passage last week in Isaiah

Is this the ultimate individual suffering here? This isn't the ultimate and final defeat of all evil. This isn't the hrunting of every wrong. This isn't the wiping away of every tear. Those are all things their promise. They still have it if you like to think your a military person. This is like the beach hit. Okay, so last week we saw the plans and that the invasion of Russia invading his own creation. He's doing he's coming to take it back.

Are the battles not yet won the war is not yet over now. The album is absolute irresistible power.

Is a battle still to be older than that now, I'm not yet it still on today. We still live in the in between right we still live in a broken world or wrongs are not know yet. But the rent. But we live in a broken world is being restored. Circus Britney, you can have a wonderful certainty of this future all I can of Jesus the story had its first climax. Jesus when he died on the cross and rose again that was victory in the pivotal battle. That is turned the title The Remains really is the individual experiences if I trust and hope is in him. We are safe forever. I want to look at one of the famous reformers from 500 years ago when threatened with going to be executed. He says he'll take my hand because God will give me a new one.

Yet another way. This is still working at the Kingdom still come. I would still broken. It's not put the right probably here to do is the trick is to advance this kingdom of God through our lines. Wilson YouTube and his kingdom of God blog message. You noticed Jesus talks about has a message to Proclaim here. That's the message that is entrusted to ask are in John's Gospel of John Bible talks about Jesus says in the same way the father sent me so I am sending you but that's on passes blunts. The events of God's kingdom comes to rest with us. You'll have to call the share on this good news the packing people into the reality of the kingdom of God is wonderful spirit of God Active blue. Today's the two things going to take from said cuz Kingdom Builders rules really good news, even if you can seem scary really good news, and he is now and yet it is not yet. This message will still be funny. The other friend and then we going to have a question for you to explore with one another.

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