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God is Merciful: He Hears Our Prayers

God is Merciful: an exposition of Jonah  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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No one is too far gone for God to forgive them. Go to Him in prayer

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God is Merciful: He Hears Our Prayers

Open your bibles to Jonah 2:1
we are still going through a trek through Jonah with the Main Idea that God is Merciful - that’s the common theme that comes up throughout the book
1st week - Jonah 1:1-7 - God is merciful:He commands us to Go - summarize
2nd week - Jonah 1:7-17 God is merciful: He wants us to know Him - Summarize
Set up the framework for Chapt. 2 with vocabulary - christianeze: Christianeze is word we use to describe words that make sense to us, but outside the church - a little harder to understand
Washed in the blood - ex I’m going to pray on that - ex
backslide: backslide is a word with a very very very small biblical presence only in older translations. it means falling a way from our faith and falling into habitual sin but without saying it. So, in essence it’s a word we use to make ourselves not feel so bad about what is actually happening
In reality - we’ve ceased striving for holiness and following after Jesus, taken off our armor, rolled over and exposed our soft belly to the enemy.
And some of us have been that way for so long, we don’t know how to get back up again.
maybe it’s small, maybe it’s not. it may not have kept us from coming to church or serving in the church but God sees the wickedness thats thriving in our hearts. But it’s been there for so long, we’re pretty sure we could make MEDICINE sick, and we’re not sure if God wants to hear from us anymore. even if we wanted to come back and have that victory and reinstatement that the prodigal son has with His father.
maybe it’s been months…maybe even years that you’ve allowed this lifestyle of apostacy, faithlessness, rebellion, and defiance to consume you from the inside. and right now you’re feeling pretty hopeless.
I’ve got some good news for you. God. Is. Merciful. You are not too far gone to experience the grace and mercy of Jesus.
because he is SO much better at forgiveness than you are at sinning.
and what we see in Jonah 2 will let you know where to go from your backsliding.

A Cry of Repentance in Distress and Destruction

Vs. 2-3
Jonah cries out to the Lord while in the belly of the fish
He is describing his situation but not actually describing the actual situation - belly of Sheol - not the belly of the fish - God cast him overboad not the men.
Jonah in not blaming God, He’s assessing the situation with a spiritual description.
Jonah sinned and deserved the things that happened to him
Even in God’s punishments - he is merciful

Confidence in Obvious Deliverance

Vs. 4-7
VS. 4 - driven away not by God but because of sin - the delight of sin
not wish or hope but i shall see your temple
not just a physical temple - the restoration of the fellowship and relationship Jonah had with His creator and God
VS. 5 we enter very Psalmy language - a little bit of poetry - that happened, but described from a a spiritual element
Jonah was at a place of no return, and of no hope. By all standards he was past saving. But he was super confident that his salvation and restoration was literal and secure.
You are never too far gone for God to hear your prayer, and to save you!

Vow of Fulfillment

Vs. 8-10
Jonah was whole heartedly thankful to obey the Lord once more, and He promises to do so.
Practical Application
Go back to your Bible
Jonah’s prayer is literally straight from scripture
Vs 2 = Psalm 20:1
Vs. 3 = Psalm 42:7
Vs. 4 = Psalm 31:22
Vs. 5 = Psalm 69:1
Vs. 7 = Psalm 142:3 - Psalm 31:6
Vs. 9 = Psalm 116:17 - Psalm 18 - Psalm 3:8
When you are allowing God’s word to shape your life, you can stand firm against the enemy’s schemes and pitfalls, you can grow your faith, not be faithless, and you can strengthen your disciplines
I have never met a Christian stuck in habitual sin that was in their Bible every day. that’s one of the reasons we’re stuck in the mess in the first place!
Cry Out in Repentance Vs. 2-3
some of the words we’ve used so far are: apostate - faithlessness - defiance - apathy - rebellion - and destruction. Jonah used the right words to describe His sin. so should we.
As we go to God in repentance, we have to have the same attitude towards sin that God does.
and also, we have to ask!
people who are married, before you planning anything, you had to be asked. God wont sweep this under the rug if you decide to just forget about it.
Thank Him for Deliverance Vs. 4-7
We’re instructed in prayer to have a thankful heart in our prayers, as well as confidence we’re actually receiving what we’re asking for as we pray.
God doesn't file 13 our prayers. he doesn't leave us on read, or read then never reply. If you go to God’s word, with the right attitude towards your sin, and ask him for repentance, you are receiving it as you pray for it!
Follow up with Obedience Vs. 8-10
Denying yourself is only a part of it. you also have to take up your cross and follow Jesus in obedience.
obedience is not a complicated topic, or issue.
Yes Lord, I Will
Are you willing to leave behind your sin and chase after Jesus? Just like Jonah, it will be done when we go to Him in prayer.
Quote fro Thomas Watson about prayer
describe the crucifixion
the Holy Spirit is telling you to come!
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