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God's Personality

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Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. --Abraham Lincoln
This morning we will consider the character of our all-powerful God.
All powerful and perfect in His character.
INTRO - In our time we are subject to listen in when people bash the name of God.
Our passage today shows the terribleness of using God’s name vainly.
This text teaches us how much greater God is than the average person thinks.
Anyone capable of creating the universe by speaking it into existence is greater than anyone we might term as “great.”
EST - Our verse this morning will speak of God’s greatness.
ESS - Our message will identify five characteristics of God.
OSS - The message will ask what part of our lives demonstrate the greatness of God.
TRANS - Let’s begin with prayer and then look to our passage.

What does it say?

Deuteronomy 10:17 ESV
For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who is not partial and takes no bribe.
How do you respond to this verse?
Does it humble you, cause you to think, or remind you of your smallness?
Can we read this and say, “I don’t fear God!”
Can knowing this verse help bring about a deeper respect and appreciation for God’s mercy?
Lot’s to think about when reading this passage.
Let’s peel back some layers together to gain an increased understanding.

What does it mean?

God’s Preeminence “For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords”

Government can be pretty powerful.
Institutions can sometimes overwhelm.
Even a big city or new area of town can be a challenge to navigate; especially when Siri doesn’t know the road your on is there.
But not to God, our God is bigger than any of that.
Now, what about other god’s like Buddha?
How about the Shinto shrines of Japan?
You know, governments, institutions, cities, Siri, Buddha, and Shintoism will all one day be gone.
God is bigger that time itself.
After all, God invented time for us; just read Genesis and you’ll discover that fact.
In our world there is a push to accept other religions as equal with Christianity.
But, that’s a problem because the Bible, our authority in all things in faith and practice, says that Jesus is superior to all other gods.
Either a person believes this, or they don’t believe the Bible.
Okay, so there we have preeminence.
What’s next?

God’s Prominence “the great”

I like to see the talent that some people demonstrate.
There is one young fellow, George, that plays classical piano like a master.
I played one of George’s videos for our neighbor Kathy, a classically trained music instructor, who said George demonstrated great technique.
You see, George’s talent is considered great at any age.
The Bible uses the word “notable” which can mean conspicuous or prominent.
To be “great” as God is great, is to be clearly seen or illustrious.
We can see how the word great is applied to God as noted in Acts:
Acts 2:20 ESV
the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the day of the Lord comes, the great and magnificent day.
We should get the idea that God’s “great” is not on the same level as man’s “great.”
We’ve heard of :
Alexander the Great
Catherine the Great
Herod the Great
Others, like George, are simply know for there greatness.
Ramesses II
Perhaps we think of sports people, Hollywood stars.
Yet, if we consider any of these great, then we need a better term to describe God.
Society thinks all those others are great, but not God.
Even our courts frequently rule God out of public life.
At the very least we can say God is greater than what society says is great, even when society rejects God.
I think “greatness” as we attribute it to men may be something, but it falls miserably short of the “greatness” of God.
Okay, preeminence and prominence.
Let’s look at another of God’s traits.

God’s Powerfulness “the mighty”

“mighty” tells us about God’s power.
ILL - Recently a lighten bolt hit my radio tower made it’s way through our home. It took a television, surround sound system, sprinkler timer, modem, Apple Airport, printer network card, and even our toothbrush.
Pretty powerful that all that happened in a flash.
The white light filled the room at the same time that the sound had us air born in our seats.
It was powerful!
Yet, God’s power is tremendous even to that of a lightening bolt.
Just speaking, God made the world.
Just speaking, uttering words, God can melt the earth.
Yep, you heard right; speaking can melt the world:
Psalm 46:6 ESV
The nations rage, the kingdoms totter; he utters his voice, the earth melts.
There it is in the Bible.
Let the powerful people ponder that for a while.
It should knock them down a notch or two.
Wow, every aspect of God we’ve noted seems bigger than I’ve been able to describe.
We’ve noted His preeminence, prominence, and powerfulness.
Yet, we’re not done.

God’s Profoundness “and the awesome God”

ILL - Some years ago people started using the word “Awesome” to state their firm position on something as being good, positive, or agreeable.
Everything was just “Awesome.”
Awesome movie, dinner, drive, day at the beach, and even a way to describe people.
But, the accurate meaning of the word is that when something is awesome, its something that people want to revere and worship.

Awe, Awesome. Webster’s dictionary defines awe as mingled dread, veneration, and wonder.

In our English translations of God’s word, “awesome” almost always refers to God or His work.
Perhaps we need to consider how we employee the word :-)
The word refers to an emotion that combines honor, fear, and respect before God.
We see a picture of that sort of reaction in 1 Samual:
1 Samuel 12:18 ESV
So Samuel called upon the Lord, and the Lord sent thunder and rain that day, and all the people greatly feared the Lord and Samuel.
This is how people respond when truly recognizing God’s awesomness.
Every description in this verse present the picture that God is “awesome!”
God is awesome and that demands we revere and worship him.
So far we touch on God’s preeminence, prominence, powerfulness, and profoundness.
Lets move on to discuss this morning’s final characteristic of God’s personality.

God’s Propriety “who is not partial and takes no bribe.”

God always acts proper.
God is not prejudiced.
God is does not accept bribes.
We know that bribes that pervert justice is corruption of the worst kind.
Corruption of character is the sort of thing we, sadly, associate with politicians.
The very people we elect to represent us in government are some of the most bribed.
But, not so with God.
God always acts properly toward humankind.
As people, we have no place, nor can we do so justly, to criticize God for His actions.
People that blame God for troubles tells me that they do not know God as they should.

How does this effect me?

How does confessing idolatry place God above all in your life?
What do you put ahead of God that needs your attention at this time?
How can seeing someone as great help us improve our view of God?
How does knowing that God can melt the earth with his voice make you feel?
After this morning, how might you reflect differently on the use of the word “awesome?”
Do you know anyone corrupted, prejudice, or that thinks they can “strike a deal” with God and skip out on serving Him?
How might knowing the fairness of God toward all people help you talk with them?
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