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Body Life - Chapters 8-13 - #2

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People think other things are so much more important than Love / Family / Community / Intimacy – They are Wrong!

Paul Describes the Qualities of Love

Patient – Long tempered

Kind – Love chooses to live without the barbs, the hurts, the stings, etc… that we are inclined to give each other.

It Does Not Envy – It is not jealous (Love is secure and not afraid of losing something.)

It Does Not Boast – It does not push itself forward  (Love does not live saying “LOOK AT ME”)

It is not Proud – It is not puffed up  (Love should not be filled with self, but filled with the object of it’s affection.)

It is not Rude – It is not shameful  (Loves respects the values and boundaries that others have set for themselves.)

It is not Self-Seeking – Love is not focused on itself and what it wants or what will bring it satisfaction / fulfillment.

It is not Easily Angered – It is not provoked.  Love is not easily goaded into over-reactive out-bursts.  (Self-Control)

It keeps No Record of Wrongs – Love has wrongs amnesia.  It does not nurse or find strength from past hurts.  (Forgive?)

Love does not delight in Evil (The Unright)  (Rom 1:30) – Love rejoices in, savors, values truth (Honesty / Openness)

Love Protects –

Love Trusts

Love Hopes – True Love is always a dreamer of what could be.

Love Preservers – True Love is very resilient

Love is Committed to Moving Toward Maturity and Completeness.  (For All of Us, Love Should Be a Growing Process.)

Of the Big Three, Love Is The Greatest!

Genessi 6:4

Who are the Sons of God?

      What do we know about angel so far? 

      Based on what we know about angels, is it really possible for angels to procreate with man?

      If angels and procreate with man, what does this say about the Nature of their progeny? 

            Are they still fashioned after the image of God?

            Are they redeemable?  (Note, they would no longer be in Adam.)

Vs. 5 If the Sons of God were angels, why is God’s anger and distress only focused on mankind?

Vs. 4 What do you think it means when Moses writes – The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward?

            Where did the Nehphilim come after the flood?

            One other significant possibility here is rampant demon possession of men and ruler.

                  Demon possession would account for the wicked behavior.

                  Demon possession would account for the “super human” feats.

Look at the context – Chapter 5 just finished mapping out the Sons of God – The Righteous seed of Adam.

God was upset because now, not only were the wicked living like the wicked, but the righteous were living like the wicked.


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