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There is no coming to God on any other basis.
I don’t want you to ever look at your Bible again, and wonder why it matters that Jesus comes after the order of melchizadeck. That you worship when you read that name because it points you to your need for Jesus.
fdHow can you fail to worship A gOD WHO does this kind of planning, love. Fall down in unqualified delight that Jesus is your priest king.
33 - In the Torah, the status of king and priest originally belonged not to a divine man, but to a man who bore the divine image and was commissioned to fulfill a divine calling. God created Adam, the ideal man, to function as a king over the earth and a priest before God. His calling was to establish God’s kingdom by making God’s garden sanctuary into a global reality. Adam functions as the Bible’s archetypal royal priest, even though he failed to fulfill his royal priestly role.
34 - The remarkable truth of is that God chooses to mediate his divine rule over the world through human beings made in his image. Human beings will establish and rule God’s kingdom
74 - Smith similarly suggests, “David . . . realized that the Messiah would be a king-priest like Melchizedek because the Messiah would replace Adam as the king of the world, the firstborn son of all mankind.”130 Thus, David appeals to the Melchizedekian priesthood—not Adam, Noahor the Levitical priesthood—because the Melchizedekian priesthood simultaneously looks back to God’s creation project for royal priestly humanity and typologically points forward to the Davidic covenant by linking Jerusalem to the Abrahamic covenant.
92 - As the representative of the entire community, the high priest adopted Israel’s identity as a royal priesthood. Furthermore, the priest represented the people of God as a cosmic man keeping order in the microcosm of creation. After creating his cosmic temple, God placed his “image” () in the garden-sanctuary to learn God’s ways before mediating God’s rule to the world. In a similar fashion, the people of Israel, led by a man filled with the “Spirit of God” (אלהים רוח ; cf. ), created a microcosm of creation (tabernacle) as the sanctuary where God’s image (the high priest) would maintain the priority of worship for a nation called to mediate God’s rule to the rest of the world.185 Israel would only be able to establish God’s kingdom (king) by maintaining the privilege of access to God’s presence (priest).
92 - On the importance of having a priest king throughout the covenants
93 - 6 By understanding Melchizedek as part of a historical and literary development of royal priesthood tied to both creation and redemption (Abrahamic covenant), we can begin to understand why David understood the roles of מלך and כהן to be part of the messianic ideal. The messiah would be a new Adam, a priest able to mediate the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant, and embody the corporate identity of Israel as God’s royal priestly viceroy on earth.
94 - In essence, the biblical logic behind the priestly kingship of is God’s creational purpose for humanity to establish God’s kingdom (king) by mediating God’s covenantal blessings from his temple sanctuary (priest).
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