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He Still Steps In- Manifestation Of Christ's Power

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We're often amazed by that which is mysterious and can walk away from witnessing first hand a mysterious and miraculous event yet somehome not be impacted by the event. Our human minds and hearts love the thrill of mysterious– and so the thrill only lasts or lingers for a time. Our history is to fuzzy at times to remind us of life changing events when the Power of God was displayed. Its is now more clear that the repeated instances in History where the Power of God was displayed, were not immediately understood or informed our faith. Recalling the peril of the apostolic crew and the panic that surrounded thier second citing of Jesus' Power and the manner of their deliverance–we emphatically call men and women today to see that "Chrst Still Steps In"; You and I may never have the capacity to overturn our circumstance but Christ has the power to stay our abandonment of our mission by making his presence known.

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Key Verses:
Mk 6:49-52
Mark 6:49–52 ESV
49 but when they saw him walking on the sea they thought it was a ghost, and cried out, 50 for they all saw him and were terrified. But immediately he spoke to them and said, “Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.” 51 And he got into the boat with them, and the wind ceased. And they were utterly astounded, 52 for they did not understand about the loaves, but their hearts were hardened.
As we read the passage before us and carefully consider the weight of the saviours words, we come to the acknowledgement that the comforting words of Christ still reassures us of his power, presence and protection upon our own lives. However, admittedly we often acknowledge those words more often in abstract situations (i.e. in church, on the streets or on our jobs, in often dialogue with our peers) to show the depth of our own spirituality–yet we lack the faith that sees the hand of God when the trial is brought to the doors of our hearts, to our families and our lives. What is meant to strengthen our faith, test our steadfastness is looked upon as an invasion of our comfort, a mere disturbance an uninvited assault on or lives. The disciples are placed in a learning environment where first hand they are allowed to see another dimension to Christ’s Power over Nature (in the feeding of the five thousand)– this of course would be a precursor to the demonstration of Christ Power over the winds and waves and subduing the elements (in this two-fold demonstration of walking on water and calming the seas).
One commentator gives a stirring reminder which is worth communicating this morning:
The Pillar New Testament Commentary: The Gospel according to Mark The “I AM” in the Midst of a Storm (6:45–52)

Being with Jesus (3:14) is not simply a theoretical truth; it has practical and existential consequences, one of which is the safety and peace of disciples. If separation from Jesus brings the disciples into distress, Jesus’ presence with them overcomes storms in their lives

The Pillar New Testament Commentary: The Gospel according to Mark The “I AM” in the Midst of a Storm (6:45–52)

Being with Jesus (3:14) is not simply a theoretical truth; it has practical and existential consequences, one of which is the safety and peace of disciples. If separation from Jesus brings the disciples into distress, Jesus’ presence with them overcomes storms in their lives

In our presentation this morning we wish to make a few observations towards our survey of the text. Observe with me if you will, that:
that Christ taught his most profound lessons to his disciples, by taking them to solitary places or remote places (away from the masses and away from the crowd
Christ taught his most profound lessons to his disciples, by taking them to solitary places or remote places (away from the masses and away from the crowd
The disciples were amazed by the display of Christ Power but were yet to understand the essence of its manifestation ()
The disciples fell into distress whenever they were separated from Jesus ()
Dear Friends, In addressing us this morning I want to make it certain, that we are being called to utter trust and confidence in the Power of God once again by our Lord Jesus Christ. We can’t emerge victorious, if we continuously keep Christ out of our affairs; we can’t emerge successful even when we are treading familiar territory, familiar terrain or familiar circumstances, if we keep Jesus out of our sojourn and our affairs. I am here to encourage us to abandon self-sufficiency and spiritual self determination, by pointing us back to the fact that all the ways we can trod in this life are not restrictive to the power and presence of God. I want to remind unsaved folks in the audience today that you may have lived a lifetime of opposition to God and may have never invited his presence in your life, But Christ does not need your permission and invitation in order to invade the Chaos that you call “life” in order to give you a new life. Having established this significant Ground work I must hasten to show you that Christ Still Steps In- As he manifests his power and presence in the lives of his people.
I would like to consider the passage in Three short points followed by an application:
1. The Occassion of Christ’s Stepping In: ;
You will note immediately that the people followed the disciples who retreated to a solitary place, not at their invitation, but because they desired to hear from Christ– these Christ did not turn away but engaged them. You would observe that they had now been there in the company of the disciples and Christ for a long period- for it was now towards evening. We ask ourselves for whom was this miraculous wonder performed, the disciples or the crowd; and yet many response surge, but we may say that the object of the calming of the sea in was for the disciples, the object of Christ’s display of power over nature in multiplying the loaves and fishes, was for the benefit of confirming his power and strengthening thier faith, as well as the instance of stilling the storm being remote from the boat. But the Occassion of this last display helps us to see the knock-on effect of Christ’s presence in our circumstance. I cannot say this enough– if Christ is not in the life of an individual that individual perishes-yet the occassion tells us there is hope for those who will see and recognize the power and presence of God’s hand upon the life of an individual. Today can be the point in which Christ steps in. When Christ Steps in the Occassion gives way to his omnipotence. We see this in the following ways:
Christs Power Prevailing in ensuring Their Sustenance
The Limitation of Man’s provision
The Limitation of Man’s conception of aid
The Limitation of Man’s Foresight
Christs Power Prevailing in Ensuring their Security
The Limitation of Man’s fears
The Limitation of Man’s Failures
The Limitation of Man’s fainted Heart
2. The Observation of Peril
You would note with me that this isn’t the first instance Christ recognizes the peril of the disciples and steps in. In he intervenes to avoid peril at sea. In , he intervenes to avoid the disciples wearing-off themselves. In , he intervenes to address the shortage of food for the crowd present. In he intervenes to avoid disaster upon the apostolic crew. You ask why does Christ intervene these circumstances what does he seek to do? We wish to repsond by saying that this account highlights a combination of God’s Divine attributes seen in Christ, for not only does he manifests his omnipotence, but he manifests his omniscience, he is knowledgeable of the position of his own irrespective of their circumstances, He is knowledgeable of the peril of his own, irrespective of their location; He is also knowledgeable of the degree of the peril, even when no one else can hear them Cry! are you hearing me this morning. Look a bit closer with me and you will see Christ Stepping in :
Christ Steps In Refusing to Turn away destitute men and women ()
Christ Steps In Refusing to allow a weakening of their faith by a mere sight )
Christ Steps in Refusing to Allow a tempest, to terminate His disciples (he talks with them and pronounces pronounces a calm)
3. The Overturning Circumstance
I love this portion of the text and it reminds me that the power of God is not seen in panic, its seen in stillness. In order to overturn a circumstance, God has to hush our anxieties he has to put our fears on a complete hault in order that we may see his hand. don’t know about you but I can’t pray as much in panic mode as well as I can do when there is a surging calm; but Christ overturns my panic, overturns my chaos by speaking calm to me; “be of Good Cheer”. Never has a sweeter word be heard– be of Good Cheer; quit worrying , the same God that called you to move swiftly and launch out will see you through the end of the Journey– be of Good Cheer.
The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Sermons, Vol. LV Good Cheer from Christ’s Real Presence (No. 3,128)

If he had suddenly appeared in brilliant light in the middle of the ship, he might well have astounded them, and driven them to fright. If, in a moment, he had shone forth just at the stern, or alighted from the heavens upon the deck, they would have been petrified with alarm; but he began by showing himself away there on the crest of the billow, and one cried to his fellow, “See you that strange light yonder?” They watch, and Jesus comes nearer! They can discern a figure; they can see a man step from wave to wave with majestic tread. In tenderness he will not flash upon them all at once. As when the morning breaketh by slow increase of light, so Jesus came to his timid followers. Even then, he moved as though he would pass by them, that they might not be alarmed by his appearing to bear down upon them as an adversary. Even thus he manifests himself to us in the riches of his grace in all wisdom and prudence.

Christ in the passage steps in in a dynamic way that we must highlight this morning; Observe with me when Christ Steps in:
The remoteness of your position won’t limit him- brought to a solitary place, a solitary way and still he makes a way out of no way
The residue of your possession won’t hinder him- what you have may never seem to be enough, and what you will ever have won’t undo or exceed his unlimited provision
The reservation of your faith won’t turn away his awareness of you- he sees us in our peril, even when we turn away
The realization of your fear, won’t limit his renewal of your faith- He sees our failure in panic, he passes by to reinstill faith and remove fear
The repeated fears and doubts, won’t overcome the resurgence/renewal of faith he gives by making his presence known.
I urge us all to consider two important things as we think this over:
Have there been areas of our lives that we have attempted to keep/lock Christ out; he still Steps in
Are there now any areas you and I have limited the far reaching Power of Christ; She Still steps in
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