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Philippians 05 - All Stars

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Reading: Philippians 2:12-18

15 so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe 16as you hold out the word of life Philippians 2:15-16a (NIV)

I.   Work it out

     A.  Ready to Obey

           1.  We talked about this word last week: We don’t like it.

                 a.  This word challenges our egos.

                 b.  This word challenges our idea that we are mature enough.

                 c.  We want to remain in charge.

           2.  One of life’s most important questions is: Who is your leader - Whom do you follow?

                 a.  You might follow your own whims.

                 b.  You might follow some other bloke.

                 c.  Why not follow God who created you and loves you self-sacrificially.

           3.  Being a Christian means being a child in relation to God our Father.

                 a.  Children are supposed to obey their parents.

                 b.  Have we really arrived spiritually? Are we really mature already?

     B.  With fear and Trembling

           1.  “Work out your Salvation” means, putting our energies toward living out this life.

                 a.  Being saved, is not a spectator sport!

                 b.  It is both once for all, and a process of becoming who we’re meant to be.

           2.  This is a holy task.

                 a.  When we are working out our salvation, we are touching God’s work

                 b.  This is nothing to trifle with.

                 c.  “Fear and trembling” we might say: with awe and great care.

     C.  Who’s Really working

           1.  God is the one working in us (as we are working this out).

                 a.  This business of becoming is God’s business.

                 b.  God works in, what we are to work out.

           2.  God works his will into us.

                 a.  To will. . .according to his good purpose

                 b.  Our desires change: we want to do what pleases God (Don’t you?)

           3.  God works his doing into us.

                 a. act according to his good purpose

                 b.  Not only do we want to do what pleases God, God helps us do it!

II.  Shining like Stars

     A.  Without Complaining or arguing

           1.  Uh oh! Everything?!

                 a.  What would it be like to go through a whole day without complaining?

                 b.  What about without arguing?

                 c.  But isn’t there injustice and falsehood we need to object to?!

           2.  As you’re working out the salvation God is working in you.

                 a.  What Paul is talking about is obeying: willing and acting to please God.

                 b.  What God asks us to do is not up for complaint about debate!

     B.  Faultless among the faulty

           1.  Children of God without fault!? (w/o blemish)

                 a.  Following God completely and without hesitation, will make us faultless.

                 b.  Though we aren’t able to do that perfectly, we still stand out

           2.  It’s tough to be true to God in a world that is in such rebellion against Him.

                 a.  This is hard when everything around us tells us that wrong-doing is normal.

                 b.  It’s hard to swim against the current.

           3.  Rejecting that negative attitude about God’s will for us, is essential to being blameless.

     C.  Lights in the darkness

           1.  Holding on to the Word of God, you will be lights in the darkness.

                 a.  This is not a goal but a promise.

                 b.  Hold on might be hold forth.

           2.  You will shine like stars in the universe.

                 a.  Brightest and most visible when all around is darkest.

                 b.  No star gives enough light by itself to do anyone much good.

                 c.  Stars are used by travelers to find their way home.

III. Joyfully Poured out

     A.  Let me be Proud of you

           1.  Paul wants to boast about what the Lord has done in the Philippians.

           2.  Paul wants to see that his ministry has born fruit.

                 a.  He wants them to shine like stars!

     B.  Happy to sacrifice myself for you

           1.  The picture of a drink offering, is one of a part of a normal, daily sacrifice.

                 a.  There’s an obvious connection to the blood being spilled at an execution.

                 b.  But there’s also a sense in which Paul’s life is being spent on their behalf.

           2.  Paul is facing a possible execution because of his ministry to the Gentiles.

                 a.  For the sake of their relationship with God.

                 b.  He willingly and gladly sacrifices himself for this great purpose.

                 c.  And for them!

     C.  Be glad With me!

           1.  Paul wants them to rejoice with him at the privilege of being an offering for them.

                 a.  It is on their behalf and to their advantage that Paul is poured out.

           2.  If they have the same eternal perspective that Paul does, they’ll see there is cause for celebration!

                 a.  If Paul can gladly embrace anything God calls him to do, they can too!

                 b.  If Paul can embrace this happily, they can embrace their stuff happily.

           3.  When we trade in our “woe is me” attitude for one of Joy in all situations, we will truly shine like stars in this dark universe!

The Bottom Line:

Let the Presence of God shine through You. Shine like stars Everywhere you are.

(GHoF #313 Stepping in the Light v.1

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