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Surviving on Broken Pieces

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It was routine on a lake near Branson, Missouri that children, family, friends, and other vacationers would, with great anticipation, look forward to the famed “Duck Boat Ride” excursion. However, on July 19, 2018, a day of joyful anticipation, turned into a day of tragedy that will forever be remembered and etched into the hearts and lives of TIA COLEMAN and her family.
The nephews and nieces, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters have been gathering lately to mourn and remember the nine members of a close-knit clan who perished together July 19 in a deadly duck boat accident on a lake near Branson, Missouri.
Tia, with a voice of a mother who tragically lost her children, tearfully stated, “If I had life jackets, I could have saved my babies.” She later commented with tears flowing down her cheeks, “We were never told to grab life jackets.”
As I come to church Sunday after Sunday, Wednesday after Wednesday, service after service, I see people whose lives are a shamble. I see people whose lives are a mess. I see people whose lives are jacked up. I see people who are going through pure hell. And the sad story is they don’t know what to do. They have no survival skills. People whose marriages are crumbling...whose families are disintegrating...whose children are cursing them out and have become ridiculously rebellious.
People dress up and put on a new dress, hat, shoes, or not. Some put on a happy face. Some sing joyful songs, but behind all of these masks, their lives are broken pieces.
The purpose of this sermon is to show us how to survive on broken pieces.

I. The Storm

a.In the previous chapter, we know Paul has had words with King Agrippa and Festus. Preaching always seem to have gotten Paul in trouble. Therefore, Paul was put on a ship of Adramyttium to Italy.
b.The context says in vv 1-14, “And when the south wind blew softly, supposing that they had obtained their [1]tpurpose, loosing thence, they [2]qsailed close by [3]pCrete. 14 But not long after there |[4]|arose [5]uagainst it a tempestuous wind, called Euroclydon.[6]”

i. An ancient term for a northeastern storm, what modernist call Levanter, a typhoon whirlwind or hurricane blowing in all directions.
c.Storms are inevitable…you will have some cloudy days.
d.They come on all of us (the just and the unjust)
e.It was good weather, and then they came from ALL directions.
i. Look at Paul in the Storm
1.Calm, cool, and collective, good counsel
2.Prophetic power (10, 21-26)
3.Loving, thankful, and hopeful
4.“Thou will keep you in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee…”

II. The Shipwreck (39-41)

a.A shipwreck is a destruction of a ship sometimes caused by a storm.
b.The rudder was a board to guide the coursing of the vessel. When storms got too strong, the rudders were hoisted out of the water.
c.Some people are shipwrecked…
i. In their religious faith…life has thrown them a curve ball and they have given up on God and life.
ii. In their moral habits…shipwrecked of a godly conscience…drifting further and further away in the wrong direction towards destruction.
iii. In their spiritual life…decline and disappearance of spiritual life in the soul…the thrill is gone… (David said, “Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation.”

III. The Survivors (42-44)

a. They started out with 276 people.
b. Cannot give up on hope.
Cannot give up on hope.
c. God can work through human means
d. Some could swim, and some could not
f. They started with 276, and they all made it!

IV. The Unsinkable Ship

Looked like we should have been out of business! But Jesus put in us SURVIVAL STRENGTH! On Monday through Saturday, they would put heavy loads on our backs, but on Monday morning we would and could come back for more, and the reason we had strength to come back for more is because on Sunday we met JESUS!
At the time of the sinking of the Titanic, one of our great American preachers was in Belfast, Ireland. The Titanic had been built in Belfast, and there was a great local pride over the mighty ship. She had been heralded far and wide as “the unsinkable ship.” Sixteen members of the church in Belfast, all skillTheed mechanics, went down with her. The mayor said that Belfast had never been in such grief as that which came over this terrible tragedy. When the news finally was verified that the gallant ship was certainly lost, so deep was the grief that it is said strong men met upon the streets, grasped each other’s hands, burst into tears, and parted without a word.
The visiting American preached the Sunday after the tragedy in the church to which the sixteen members who had been lost belonged. Not only was the building packed with peoples but on the platform were lords, bishops, and ministers of all denominations. In the audience, many newly-made widows were sitting and orphans were sobbing on every side. The great preacher took as his subject “The Unsinkable Ship.” But he did not apply that term to the Titanic which on her first voyage had gone out into the Atlantic and crashed into an iceberg, carrying her precious cargo of human lives down to watery death.
We sang, “I’m so glad—trouble don’t last always!” And we kept coming back for more.
Marshall Shephard said, “When the oppressor keeps hitting you below the belt, it takes more out of them, than it takes out of you!”
No, the preacher’s message was about that other “unsinkable ship”—the frail boat on the sea of Galilee, unsinkable because the Master of land and sea was asleep on a pillow in the afterpart of the vessel. Thank God He still lives and rides the billows and controls the storms, and when the children of men take their only true Pilot back on board, we will ride out the present storms and He will bring the vessel through to the fair harbor of our hopes.
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[4]|| Or, beat. So .
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On this journey with Paul, it started out with about 276 people.
The shipwreck was in Malta.
The three points of interest in the sermon were the storm, the shipwreck, and the survivors.
How many survivors were there?
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