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What’s your snack preferences reveal

What’s your snack preferences reveal

Alan HirschIn her Alternative Medicine article “Message in the munchies,” Lisa Turner says there’s meaning in the types of munchies we munch:
Tortilla chips: You’re a perfectionist. You’re successful and ambitious, and you like to plan ahead. You have a strong sense of social responsibility and abhor injustice. Pretzels: You’re the life of the party. You love novelty and can quickly become bored with routine. You tend to start new projects before completing existing ones.
Nuts: You’re even-tempered, easy to get along with and highly empathetic. Your easygoing, cooperative nature contributes to success at home and at work.
Potato chips: You’re achievement-oriented, successful and competitive. You’re a natural leader but can be easily irritated with inconveniences such as long lines and traffic jams.
Crackers: You’re contemplative, thoughtful and often a loner. You prefer private time and shy away from confrontation and arguments; you can’t stand to hurt another person’s feelings.
Meat snacks (such as beef jerky):You’re gregarious and generous, and you tend to be loyal to a fault.
Cheese curls: You have a high sense of morals and ethics, and you insist on treating everyone fairly. You might seem uptight, but you’re highly organized and methodical.
Popcorn: You’re a take-charge type but with a modest, low-key demeanor. Confident but reserved, you would make a large charitable donation without telling anyone.
Jesus uses this occasion to teach the people that their diet should be based upon a spiritual food.As the story begins the people discover that neither Jesus nor his disciples were on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. They remember that Jesus had withdrawn to a mountain to be alone. His disciples decided to return to their base of operation Capernaum. This confused the people because only one boat was missing. Where was Jesus?Unable to answer that question some board their boats and other walked on foot to the other side of the lake. They correctly guessed that Jesus was in Capernaum. Once they found him their first question was “Rabbi, when did you get here?” Implied in that question is also the question “How did you get here?” They are naturally curious.The use of the title “Rabbi” is not unexpected. It was commonly used to honor anyone who displayed wisdom and insight into the Law of Moses but is exposes their confusion. They honor him as Rabbi but will later question his instruction because they do not understand it. This reveals the first component of a healthy diet—accepting the instruction that Jesus gives through the gospels.What is the use of saying that Jesus is Lord when we are not willing to accept his instruction even if we do not understand it. Their is a great deal that I do not completely understand in the teaching of Jesus. How can a rich man be saved?Will unbelievers really be banished to state of fiery suffering?Why does the widow convince the unjust judge to grant her request when I cannot seem to even get God’s attention in prayer?These are just a sampling of the perplexing topics for which I do not find and answer in any of the gospels. But regardless of my lack of understanding I must be willing to bring my will to obey what I know and do understand.We must be careful at this juncture. We can easily fall into a simplistic mindset. The kind that says, “The Bible says it, so I believe it.” We are allowed to challenge what Scripture says. The vengeance lashed should not be taken at its basic meaning but understood in light of :
NIV84he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.
NIV84“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.
Jesus response to the people is baffling to me. I hope that this is a condensed version of the entire conversation. He does not answer the question that he was asked. It reminds me of most politicians’ strategy for responding to questions from the news media. Politicians only answer questions that they want to answer and ignore the person by going off on a different tangent. In this passage Jesus questions the people’s motives for following him. I am also confused by his response.
NIV84Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill.
I would consider feeding the 5000 a miraculous sign and it was the miraculous signs that caught their interest. That is why there were 5000+ without any food the previous day.

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