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Revival Of A Dying Relationship

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Read - Pray for God’s Blessing
Revival - the sudden awareness of the absence of God
Revival causes us to recognize that in our daily life, experiences or relationships something could or should be different.
Malachi - brings the final message of revival to God’s people - Final words
Context of the message:
These were going to be the final words from God for nearly 400 years
have you said this to your kids “i’m going to tell you this one more time and I’m not going to say it again” - that was this message
These were the final words before one of the most significant works of God in all of human history - the coming of his Son
This was a message for the religious people - the priests bear the force of this instruction.
Summary of Malachi’s message: The Need Revival in a Dying Relationship
Have you gone somewhere with someone and they didn’t share the same enthusiasm about he experience or location that you did? Illus. Braden eating in Chicago - He was willing to miss something spectacular and settle for ordinary.
We need a revival in our relationship with God

The Description of a Dying Relationship

If you’ve ever found yourself in a struggling relationship of any kind (friend, spouse, etc) most relationships do not collapse in a moment, but slowly over time.
Such was the case with God’s people, there were points in their relationship with God that eroded and changed over time and Malachi begins to describe them.
These are some of the very same things that begin to surface in our relationship with God today
We’ve stopped bringing our best to God
Read - What was once a true sacrificial offering had turned into just the leftovers. (Illus. Gift giving with my wife)
What was once the outpouring of a relationship had turned into religious obligation - I’ll give only what I have to
This has significant application on our Time, Talent and Treasure
We’ve made sacred things common
The worship of God had become routine and boring
Profane: to take something sacred and make it common
You know something is common when there is low value and low expectation
We’ve grown weary in service
another translation of that Hebrew word: to give up
give up on God, church, serving
Almost always weariness is because we’ve lost sight of the mission

The Cure For A Dying Relationship

Repent of our apathy
repentance is the pathway to experience revival
Return the Lord to his place of Honor
God is described in chapter 1 as a father, master and king
Remember His love
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