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Whatever You Need, God's Got It

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Ideal weight for a man and a brother and has a wonderful hard for God's people and so, um, I don't know if y'all realize it but you got to Jewel of a pastor and Pastor can Red Bull give you have never had somebody a man. Amen.

So I came to encourage your pastor and encourage the congregation on today with a word from the Lord is that all right, Take a moment to go to the Lord with me or Father in Heaven. How would you thinking once morning for another opportunity to stand in your preaching place? I pray now that you remove Johnny the man and send me your Holy Spirit God to take your people will not see me, but they would hear the power of your word working through me have your way now. Holy spirit praise be I'm behind your wonderful cross that you would be glorified children. The other side temple of God would be satisfied. It was the devil working anywhere around make him be horrified because of your world and preach the good news in Jesus name. Amen. It wasn't your body today. Omak motel with me to the gospel of Matthew Matthew chapter number 6. She got posted up there one versus one deal with Matthew chapter 6 And was number 33, this is what it says. What's up campers? The kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you for the next few moments. I want to preach from this subject. Whatever you need God's got it. Whatever you need God's got brothers and sisters and we just be open and honest on this morning and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God. We would all have to confess the fact that we have needs.

Some of us have knees that are greater than others. Some of those have knees that are smaller than others some of us have physical needs. Some of those have spiritual needs some of us have financial needs emotional needs a man somebody. I mean all of us have various needs and I live right here and right now and here in Matthew chapter 6 verse 33. Jesus gives us instructions how we may get our specific needs met. And so he he helps us today and the test starts off with a conjunction. But So that obviously tell you about to go back before you can go forward Amen Let me take just a few moments to give you the backdrop into the text and we'll be on our way. We're here. We find Jesus preaching and teaching to a multitude of people who have followed him up to a mountain where to buy new Bible readers know this is known as The Sermon on the Mount which happens to be one of the greatest sermons that and that has ever been preached all we'll ever be please a man. So Jesus begins to teach and preach if we just take a moment to survey Our Saviors shamanic outline. We will find out that Jesus spoke to the masses on everything mandatory for mankind to make it. In other words, he spoke to them on everything essential for one's well, then he started all by teaching them was known as the Beatitudes and the Beatitudes simply teachers are tell us how I will attitude must be going to be all the tools. He said blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven yesterday who mourn for they shall be comforted blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled bless all the moral support for they shall obtain Mercy blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God bless all the peacemakers because because they shall be called the sons of God. He said blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake of the Kingdom of Heaven he continues on and so blessed are you when they were ball and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against the first What is showing some folks don't talk about you behind your back supposed to be some Eagle against you, but what is really sad and don't return evil for you just be Joyce and we can recall the great is your reward in heaven.

Did he begin to keep them and talk to them about being sent you are the salt of the earth? You are never well as he begins to deal with the committee talks about the Fulfillment of the law. He teaches them the Oaks keeping your word that you're yes be. Yes and your no be no. Baby Beluga from heavy subject like murder adultery Eddyville divorce He talks about praying and fasting.

And put your deposit in Heaven's bank account. Amen. Denny Penny deals with the fact that he wants us to love our enemies do good to those who spitefully use you and then he said you can't talk to Master Your Love the One in. Hey tell me. And then he begins to deal with a subject that everybody in the room birthday deal with at one time or another he talks about the area of wearing. I don't care what your face your life you seem to worry at one time or another matter fact, please and be alright one day and then they all tore up the next day and you find yourself worrying but when it comes to worrying Jesus says goodbye not be so as a matter fact when he comes around what Jesus really said. He said you need to stop Trippin. Take a chill pill. Take a pill for the cars going to come to where and show your roll pump your brakes. What you need to do. What you ought to do is sleep. First the kingdom of God, huh? Yeah, yeah.

Shiki first amen. Can I go ahead and and slicing and dicing Robert and packet dropping in your lap. Just the way you like it.

Look up the word the word seat there the word seek really mean to be about it means to acquire it mean to Endeavor. Does the Wii U pick it up? I like to break it down for you in the original language. Amen what I mean the original name of them to be talking about how the Bible was going really wouldn't wouldn't back in the date for the New Testament was written primarily in the Greek and the air man in the Hebrew a man. That's why I don't want to get two people to hurry. But sometimes you have to break it down from the original language for you can be clear and concise. So he use this word steep. Amen. And for what I want to do what I want to talk about seeking the kingdom living the kingdom and receiving the kingdom is that alright? So this word c in the original language in the Greek masoretic text is written in words called that your parents will move and then pull to the Moon nearly mean. It's a command in the command given by 112. You're farty to give the command. Not only is it in in in the imperative of movers also was called the active voice and also it's it's in the present tense the active voice works like this in the Greek language the subject performs the action or the hearer is the door of what he hears. The idea is like that the little boy

The little boy the subject the action that he did was what hit the ball. All right. So here it is and it's in the present. It was really really miss is in the present to its continually. As bad as ongoing. So, what did you decide to take? Who says you got to see Kim 24/7 and 724. Keep on seeking. Amen. Angel does this world seek here. Amen. And in the Bible is clear, but water she can a man as a matter fact, it's our duty to see Kim soldiers of the Cross of Christian people who are in the army of God. It's our duty to seek Him. Amen, Isaiah 55 verse 6 s u r a sequel or what it may be found chapter 8 verse 17 person not like putting those that seek me early shall find me.

Not only speaking him I would do it in and take him. Also. Is it a priority? Look what the tax rate was? So cute first that's a priority right there. You got to see Kim first Numero Uno. Amen, I just trying to keep dropping off my Espanola on you today, huh? Yeah. Yeah, but seek him first. What am I saying? You got to pick him up to take for an early in the morning before you say you have that when you roll out of bed. You have a role on your knees and start keeping him, huh? Oh, yeah before you have that for a cup of coffee or cappuccino espresso. That's wake up in the morning. You should have already been speaking the Lord seakeeper not on this chicken up in the kingdom are booty, but it's also a priority but next next morning. What do you know about the time for the chicken bikini was awarded Hebrews 11:6 to those who diligently see the rewarder to those who diligently seek Him who is rewarding right there? Matter fact, it's so rewarding are the Bible also up for claims in Proverbs 28 5, but don't speak the Lord game understanding. You mean to tell me if I seek the Lord. I gave you some understanding for my life. I'll stop bugging my head up and get the same big football for the same thing over and over and over again. How do we seek him? We seek him? It's a very simple. All we got to do is stay right here in the world to chill. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Amen. And we have to always be about seeking the Lord and Master priority Duty. Amen. And then what was it take with seek? Ye first the kingdom of God. Edward Kingdom their unique word in the Bible in the New Testament alone. You'll find this word Kingdom 137 * 110 was used in Jesus ministry there with Matthew you find this word Kingdom 32 * of the Kingdom of Heaven five times of the kingdom of God for times of the father's Kingdom and twice as the kingdom of Solomon. Did y'all do know that he is the son of man, don't you? Spell Matthew told you in the beginning that Jesus Christ was the son of man. Jesus Christ is the son of David the son of Abraham Abraham, the father of Isaac. I have the fall of Jake Jacob's father Judah and his brother Jr. Father Perez and his mother was part of the following has run run run the father Ram run the problem. You got a problem next time next time. I'm at Publix salmon. Tell me about a boy whose mother just he just the thought of King David King David Bible sermon.

My brother my brother and ask him acting upon an appointment in New Jersey weather.

He can go early to bring the kingdom come.

I wish I could take in the song.

Yes, Papa

Why do we have a secret? Florida Credit Union

Who was King is right there in the tech?

That's all we got to leave because his wife.

It was the work. from the Greek word

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so you you broke busted and disgusted that you calling the store, but you ain't got no money. Take your time. We can figure out a way to get back into the store. And get the item that you need. Where do you get your car going home? You at the house chilling like a woman?

For 5 o'clock in the morning. mercadito What is the shoulder? Bulrush you and take you to jail.

Why did anybody can get caught up now? No, they take you to jail. They give you a court appointed attorney when they call your name.

I know I guess I'm the only one that will call the police in here. So that's okay. That's alright. Bethesda they give you a court appointed attorney your toys pulling up or you're there. And only one things different here. This court appointed attorney is able to get a sidebar conversation with the judge anytime on his way. And he goes to his father. I know my client is guilty because they got you on video. They are perfect. It's all due to. They got the booster on Facebook. purple ribbon on Instagram and a show that you posted on Snapchat

biggest biggest red-handed But your attorney goes. It says problem even though my client did the crime would you please because I asked him what you hear the word because I was in the group Milli means to be innocent. He said what my clan take innocent even though he's guilty. I'm talking to somebody in here right now. He's got to go to the damn what you don't pay anybody. Tell my wife to give God some praise you can right now.

Who sells in a row he who the son sets free is free indeed. All of us have been busy. But I wanted to be free. Amen. That's good news moving his kingdom. It was righteousness because he was if it was up to each other and we don't know each other under the jail, So we got delivered in his righteousness his righteousness includes. I've been holding because he is holy God said in his word you be holy for I am on it. So we got the same way. We live change what we think I'll be about speaking up for his righteousness. But you know, that's what's up right there. Yeah. Who his his righteousness? I will keep you too long. Let me get ready to get out of this dick, but seek ye first. the kingdom of God and his righteousness that word in another conjunction. This time it was known as a meeting conjunction here. And so he says seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness see first off. We got to realize it look like there's nothing like it right away. Is there not like always a lot like love you, but I don't like you because I forgot to be about his righteousness by 20 picture like this unless your righteousness exceeds. What are the stars of authority rooster? No way. No one enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Got to be about his righteousness brothers and sisters. So so what blood. Seeking the kingdom is imperative? What are the kingdom is individual? What am I saying? I'm sorry for you, and you can't let the kingdom with me but together. We are the live the king of God cuz it's just the way Mac. So if seeking the kingdom imperative. living the Cannabis individual Then receiving the kingdom. is inclusive

no specs

His righteousness and where is it at his Improvement inclusive?

Should we had a few what is intrusive? Amen? He told us about these things in Matthew chapter 6 verse 25. Convert 31 and 34 ways to win, do not be worried. Should I be troubled Hey man, nice and all these things. I said, he got you everywhere everything you spell specific needs in the text cuz it knows both of us. Just quoted to you. He's talking about. Don't worry about your life. Don't worry about what you going to eat. What you going to eat? I mean where what you going to wear? He's got all that covered whatever you need. Does got it, huh? Yeah.

if you need food on your table God will give you Manna From Heaven and you need something to drink. To give you more. Thank you. Never ever first again. You need shoes on your feet clothes on your back. Can I tell the Jehovah Jireh my provider?

Text Shelby.

Deadwood additive Shipley means to be placed along side, but can I ask you a question has God ever play some things around?

Thank God they were placed. tomorrow by compression Just added. Does God ever giving you some joy and some peace? But that was added. Gabrielle Give you some space.

Google Ok, Google take me to Billy daughter comes up with you. Whatever God waitress one who always comes up with my brother because it's a multiplication.

Because we're going to give you money for the blessing. He wants you to be a good guy.

Holy by Jesus behind the driver's door wide open. 5:40. This must be better than my mama told me.

What do you use to do you do the man of God? I just told us what happened to gas gas gas by the way downstairs with all the preaching. He's got an amazing gift.

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