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Christopher Baseball Team - Falcons


Possible Story

Baseball – Son didn’t want to play anymore

Really bad last year – couldn’t hit; throws pretty poorly

Asked me to coach and I said OK – almost gave up

Coach 2007 Spring - Falcons

As a father, I see my son and the players on the team,

Really improve

Want nothing more than to see them improve, what is best for them, to learn

To break bad habits, get better, enjoy themselves

Still lose some games,

But as he/ they apply what they’re taught

Stubbornly shed their own old ways – they are doing well

As they listen and trust and learn and practice,

They are being transformed into ball players

/As they do, I smile. WOW!

I am proud to see them become /

/Different players and a different team –

it is a slow, but most worthwhile process!/

I’d still love my son, whether he played ball well or not,

But as he listens to instruction, learns, applies his father’s lessons

Does well and grows, it pleases me.

/He hit a home run,

is the lead off batter,

plays second and threw a runner out at home plate/

Fair pitcher, but strucjk out guy

low ERA

He is just 10, but being radically transformed in baseball

He listens, cares, is practicing, mindful, and learning

Surely, our Heavenly Father loves us – His children –

Far more and despite “what” we so often “do”

Yet, He too is pleased as we listen, learn and turn to Him for guidance

As we apply His instruction - revealed through His Holy Spirit and the Word.

So, what is the “transformation” He brings

He brings/causes/effects it;

we receive, learn, hear, listen, practice - keeping it/Him forefront in our minds

What does He (our Father) do in us?

How does He transform us in our lives?

We do not all play baseball

But, we are elsewhere engaged

and we are His Children

He teaches, leads, guides, prompts, instucts

We are surrounded by support of the Body

What happens as we listen, follow Him?

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