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Wed Night Great Commission Study 7/18/18

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Chapter 9: Should You Stay Or Go?

12 Factors To Consider

The purpose of your move. Why are you leaving? Is it for negative reasons or to escape? If it is not to support gospel work elsewhere, it may be a wrong move that won’t sustain you.
The theology and philosophy of ministry. What do they believe about the Bible? How do they teach it? What is their understanding of growth?
Evangelism. Is the place you’re going a place where gospel work can be done? Revitalization may not begin healthy but will eventually get there.
Edification. Three types of people in every church:
Unhappy people: These people should not leave to plant or revitalize.
Growing people: These should probably stay and keep growing unless there has been a long season of growth
Stable people: These people are growing at a slower pace and have shown sustained growth over longer periods of time. They are prime for leaving.
The strategic nature of the church’s work. Does the focus of the church appeal to you? Are they presenting opportunities to serve a particular group of interest to you?
Ministry you presently have in your church. Are you currently in a position of ministry at your church? Would you be better serving where you are? Could your skills be put to better use elsewhere?
The particular pastors you would be supporting. Do you have a relationship with pastor and his family? Could you benefit under his pastoral leadership?
Geography. How does geography affect where you currently attend? If you’re far, could you better serve a church nearby? If you are close, will you move in order to better serve your new church?
Life stage. Will your new church serve your current or desired life stage? Will your spouse and/or children be equally blessed at the new church?
The state of your finances. Will you be able to afford to live where your church is? Are you able to afford where you attend now? Do your desires and expectations truly represent genuine needs?
The state of your relationships with others. If you’re leaving on bad terms, it’s probably not a good time to leave.
Prayer. Does God want you to go? If there are multiple good choices, which would God have for you?

Some should go, some should stay.

Don’t stay simply because moving will be costly.
Some of the people in our church should go help struggling churches, plant new ones, and go overseas.
Some of the people in our church should stay. In this day and age, staying is often more countercultural than going.
Whatever decision is made, don’t make it rashly or in isolation. Instead, make decisions prayerfully, with friends who know you well, and with at least one elder who knows you.

Chapter 10: The Grand Goal Of The Great Commission

The grand goal of the great commission is the glory of God in the church.

In the church we see:

A people created for God.
The blessing of the visibility of the character of God.
What God is like.
The glory of God’s goodness and love.
Praise to God in people from all nations.

Christ identifies himself with the local church. He is:

Its head.
Its power.
Its source of wisdom.
The giver of the Great Commission.
The source of

The local church is where:

Disciples are made.
Disciples are baptized.
Christians are taught to obey.
Christ has given his Spirit and authority to fulfill the Great Commission until he returns.

Church planting is the normal business of the local church. The Great Commission is normally fulfilled through it.

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