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First Impressions

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Jesus' first impression reminds us of our faith and reorients our purpose.

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How important are first impressions to you?
if you’re honest, they’re very important.
Ex. - how many are married?
Ex. Job interviews
in fact studies will show that a person has already formed opinions about you in the first 12 seconds of meeting.
I’m not really sure why they are important. but they are. Jesus understood this, and I believe scripture shows us how Jesus used his first impression, his first message to teach an important lesson.
I also believe it applies to us today.
Jesus’ first message reminds us of our faith, and reorients our purpose

Quick Text Explanation.

Mark is my favorite Gospel
written first, written from Peter’s perspective, written with a purpose, keeps my ADHD focus.
VS. 1 That’s our title, our purpose and everything.
VS. 2-3 How does it begin? - It begins with a prophecy from Isaiah!
VS. 4-8 Who is that Forerunner? - John the Baptist
VS. 9 Who is the one John’s talking about? - Jesus
VS. 10-13 The picture of the trinity
God giving his blessing and confirming Jesus’ Identity
Parallel to What God says to us.
Here are the verses we’re focusing on. When Jesus comes in on the scene, we’re 14 verses into Mark and he’s already preaching.
what is the first thing we have recorded as Jesus’ words in Mark?
1. the Time is fulfilled
another term for this would be called the “fullness of time”
this is Jesus calling back to Old Testament Prophecy. In fact, all of time had been like a giant countdown clock for God. And when the time was perfect, Jesus would appear.
Jesus shows up and he announces that the time is fulfilled. He reminds the people listening of the O.T. Prophecy because most of them either had the wrong idea about Jesus appearing or they had forgotten the prophesies all together. The first thing that Jesus did was remind the people listening of God’s promise to send a redeemer of Israel and now that time had finally come.
2. the Kingdom of God is near
this, to me is a phrase that is pregnant with meaning.
We currently live in the new covenant. Meaning we know what it’s like to have a relationship with God. The first century Jews did not.
Their religious practices were set up around keeping God’s moral and ceremonial law. And it had made their lives burdensome
To be able to have a relationship with God meant needing to constantly atone for your sins by slaughtering an animal. And every time they did they were reminded of the punishment of sin and the fact that no one can be in the spiritual kingdom of God.
That’s why Jesus brought the kingdom down for us.
3. repent and believe in the Gospel
Jesus not only reminds the people of the prophecies in the O.T, and announce that the kingdom of God is near, he tells them the correct response – to repent and believe the Gospel
· Repent: 180 degree turn. Not just life direction but your attitudes and wishes and wills and desires.
· Believe the Gospel
o What is the Gospel?
Romans 1:16
§ The Gospel is the literal person of Jesus


1. We cannot forget our theology
· in some churches theology is a bad word – theology means the study of God – we cant claim to have a relationship with God if we don’t know anything about him.
practically: this looks like being in the word of God
2. We cannot neglect The kingdom
· If we forget the kingdom we’ll go through life aimless
· If we forget the kingdom, we forget Jesus’ sacrifice
3. We cannot stop our repentance and belief
· Repentance and belief are not one time events. They are a starting event that begins a chain reaction of repentance and a continuation and resolve of belief

Cast Vision

Jesus message is a simple: it’s a call to know who your Lord is, to keep in mind what he did for you, and not to neglect the mission to which he’s called you!
its a message that speaks of self watch.
I want to be a church that the same heart. To grow deeper in their faith and Study of God, to be active and offensive in the kingdom of God, and to be proactive in our relationship with God.
I want us to be ready. how about you?
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