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What to Do When the Roof Caves In

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What to Do

When The Roof Caves In!

John 20:19-29

October 31, 1999


·         Today, we're going to take a look at can take a person from depression, fear, and frustration to ______________, confidence, and ___________________.

·         Our natural response to crisis:


___________ me?  (Frustration)

___________ cares?  (Failure)

___________ now?  (Fear)


·         What to do instead:


1.  DISCOVER ____________ ________________

¨      Everyone has a ___________ or ___________ that has the potential of dominating our lives.

¨      The key to survival is realizing we are not _____________.

“It was late that Sunday evening, and the disciples were gathered together behind locked doors because they were afraid of the Jewish authorities.”  John 20:19a (GN)


“Then Jesus came and stood among them.  `PEACE be with you,’ He said.  After saying this, he showed them His hands and His side.  The disciples were filled with joy at seeing the Lord.”  John 20:19b-20 (GN)


(God)  “When you go through deep waters and great troubles, I will be with you.  When you go through rivers of difficulty, you won’t drown!  When you walk through the fires of oppression, you won’t be burned up…” 

Isaiah 43:2-3 (LB)


“The Lord is near to those who are discouraged.  He saves those who have lost all hope.”  Psalm 34:18 (GN)

2.  DETERMINE ___________ ________________


¨      There is some ____________ or some _____________ that can be gained out of any problem.

¨      I can only learn the lesson or see the good if I look at my problem from God's ____________ rather than my view.



“… at present, you may be temporarily harassed by all kinds of trials.  This is no accident – it happens to prove your faith, which is infinitely more valuable than gold…”

1 Peter 1:6-7 (Phillips)


¨      You don't really know _________ you are until the roof falls in.

          “We are puzzled, but never in despair.  We may be knocked down but we are never knocked out!  This is the reason we never lose heart.  These little troubles (which are so temporary) are winning for us a permanent, glorious, and solid reward out of all proportion to our pain.”  2 Corinthians. 4:8-9, 16-17 (Phillips)


¨      Problems can either make us ___________ or _____________.

          “(Christ) wonderfully comforts and strengthens us in our hardships and trials.  Why does He do this?  So that when others are troubled … we can pass on to them this same help and comfort God has given us.” 

 2 Corinthians. 1:4 (LB)


          “Again Jesus said “Peace be with you!  As the Father has sent Me, I am sending you.”  John 20:21


3.  DEPEND ON __________ ________________

¨      Problems drain you of your ______________.

¨      At least _______ times in the New Testament, "power" is used.

“(Paul) We were really crushed, and overwhelmed, and feared we would never live through this.  We saw how powerless we were to help ourselves, but that was good, for then we put everything into the hands of God; who alone could save us for He can even raise the dead!  And He did help us, and saved us … and we expect Him to do it again and again.” 

2 Corinthians 1:8-10 (LB)


¨      The __________________ means no problem is too difficult and no situation is hopeless.

¨      God gives us the _________ _________ to guide, comfort, and empower us!

“… then Jesus breathed on them and said, `Receive the Holy Spirit.’” 

John 20:22


“For the Spirit that God has given us does not make us timid; instead His Spirit fills up with power, love, and self-control.”  2 Timothy 1:7 (GN)


“The Lord… stopped my tears and kept me from defeat.  So, I walk in the presence of the Lord… I kept on believing, even when I said, I’m completely crushed’ and even when I was afraid and said, `No one can be trusted.’”  Psalms 116:8-11 (GN)


“The Lord never grows tired or weary… He strengthens those who are weak and tired. Those who trust the Lord for help will find their strength renewed.”  Isaiah 40:29-31 (GN)

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