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Intro 00:00 - 02:10
1st Segment - 02:10 - 17:10 Solus Christus NO More -
Theology/Doctrine: Universalism & Postmodernism
Christ alone no longer part of Gospel message
No need for the cross/ atonement
Apparently the cross is not necessary to reconcile humans to God.
According to the Presbyterians Church, God would not need to send His Son to die because He (God) dispenses His grace on all.
Story Background:
Apparently the cross is not necessary to reconcile humans to God.
According to the Presbyterians Church, God would not need to send His Son to die because He (God) dispenses His grace on all.
During the Presbyterian Churches General Assembly this year, they offered prayers, as many other denominations do during their assemblies.
The opening leader is not a muslim invoking a muslim prayer as in last years General Assembly in Ga.
However here is the prayer that was offered up.
We praise you for the gift of faith we have received in Jesus Christ.
We praise you also for diverse faith among the peoples of the earth.
You have bestowed your grace that Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Practitioners of traditional religions and others may celebrate your goodness, act upon your truth and demonstrate your righteousness.
In wonder and awe we praise you great God (see pg. 113 of the 223GA Program Book).
Bestow Your grace -
We as Christians believe in 2 types of grace, Common grace and Special Grace.
Reformed theology, however, insists on the essential difference between common and special grace.
Special grace is supernatural and spiritual: it removes the guilt and pollution of sin and lifts the sentence of condemnation.
Common grace, on the other hand, is natural; and while some of its forms may be closely connected with saving grace, it does not remove sin nor set man free, but merely restrains the outward manifestations of sin and promotes outward morality and decency, good order in society and civic righteousness, the development of science and art, and so on.
It works only in the natural, and not in the spiritual realm.
It should be maintained therefore that, while the two are closely connected in the present life, they are yet essentially different, and do not differ merely in degree.
No amount of common grace can ever introduce the sinner into the new life that is in Christ Jesus.
The effects of common grace:
(a) The sentence of death on man is deferred.
God did not at once fully execute the sentence of death on the sinner, but gives him time for repentance, ; 2 Pet.
(b) Sin is restrained in the lives of individuals and nations The corruption that entered human life through sin is slowed and not yet permitted to complete its destructive work, ; ; ; .
(c) Man still has some sense of the true, the good, and the beautiful, appreciates this in a measure, and reveals a desire for truth, morality, and certain forms of religion, , ; .
(d) The natural man is still able to perform natural good or civil righteousness, works that are outwardly in harmony with the law, though without spiritual value, , ; ; ;; .
(e) All men receive numerous undeserved blessings from God, , , ; , ; , ; , ; ;10.
Here Inlies the problem and issues in the prayer offered up.
It magnifies the theology of Universalism, postmodernism.
All roads can’t lead to God.
If so then much in God’s word is not necessary.
But so goes the conundrum when truth has no foundation.
When truth is a moving and subjective thought.
All Faiths “act upon Your (God’s) truth” - How can a faith that doesn’t believe in Jesus as Savior act on God’s truth?
You can’t claim God’s truth in one breath and deny Him in another.
God’s word says ; ;
PCUSA claims of defends that people of all faiths can claim the truth of God, while denying the truths and beliefs in Jesus Christ.
In most religions, you can find some moral and spiritual truth.
But does this truth point to God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.
Is the truth one that is built of a foundation of solid truth, or is it a partial truth that can move when the mood hits them.
Demonstrate Your Righteousness - You can look into many religions and you will find a righteous attitude.
In many cases you will find legally defined righteousness, as religious folks may define it.
When you look at man as a whole you will find dirt.
Isaiah even stated that our righteousness is nothing but dirty rags ().
claims that “no, not one is righteous”, We hold no candle to God in any fashion.
Even through Special Grace we are not righteous, we are cloaked in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
PCUSA may claim or desire to believe that common grace can give people the ability to present themselves as righteous.
But that is false, only through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ can our sins be cleansed.
You can’t deny Christ and have Him do the work atonement in your life.
“A policeman has a book of law, or better known as a codebook.
The policemen shows up because a law has been broken.
But the book does not take you to jail.
The book does not condemn or go after the person who’s hurt you.
All the codebook does is give you guidelines by which the laws can be manifested.
When someone is breaking into your house, you don’t need a codebook.
You need a person who represents the codebook.
That is, you need the codebook brought to life in an individual.
You need a person to bring alive what’s been written in the law book against trespassing on private property.
You can’t say to the criminal, here is the law.
You’re trying to break into my house, let me read to you what the law says: “Thou shall not trespass on private property”.
While you are right with the law, there is no power in simply reading it.
You have to pick up the phone and call 911 because you want the law enforced by somebody who’s got the power to pull off what the book talks about.
The Grace of God has appeared.
It teaches us from the book what’s godly and what’s not, but you’re looking to the officer to enforce the book in the context of your environment.
When you get the combination of the written Word connected with the Living Word, you get to experience the engine of Grace.”
Tony Evans
Common grace may give man the ability to know what is moral.
Man may know what is right or wrong or even what is good or evil.
As Christians, we may share what the Bible says about morality, right and wrong, good and evil; However, until man experiences the Living Word, Jesus Christ, he cannot know the goodness of God, He cannot act on the truth of Jesus or God, and most definitely cannot demonstrate the righteousness of God.
Because this all comes from the atonement and redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.
You can’t deny the cross and experience any of what some churches promise.
Christ alone is our Hope and nothing else.
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2nd Segment - 19:35 - 24:45 5 Min Rant - Hillsong Has ruined it for everyone
Hillsong Teaching Evolution
Background Story:
Hillsong has ruined it for everyone.
It is all over now.
All worship, praise and contemporary songs need to be removed from the Church and any services.
Words are mistranslated and hidden meanings are contained in there.
Don’t believe me listen to these lyrics:
All nature and science
Follow the sound of Your voice
And as You speak
A hundred billion creatures catch Your breath
Evolving in pursuit of what You said
If it all reveals Your nature so will I
These come from a song by Hillsong.
In an interview with Hillsong United, published on the Hope 103.2 website in July 2017, we read,
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