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At The Crossroads

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At the Crossroads

My first sermon ten years ago was titled At The Crossroads while I have looked and could not find the sermon itself I still remember the main point and four sub-points of that message. I would like to share those with you this morning.

Main Point: We all come to crossroads at points in our lives and we must decide which way to go.

Last Sunday I spoke about Turning Points in our lives, just like crossroads God gives us turning points so that He can move us from one direction to another. The difference between a turning point and a crossroad is in the scope of choice that get.
In the Turning Point the only choice is whether to take it or not, the path has already been laid out by God and to not take the turn would mean to go outside of God’s will in your life. The results are always disastrous.
A crossroad however is different, it is a decision point God has allowed in your life and He will be with you which ever way you choose. This could be with small decisions such as which type of car you are going to buy or which team you are going to root for. Regardless of how much you love the cowboys, patriots or redskins it is not a concern for the Lord almighty, maker of heaven and earth which team you root for! Some decisions may seem bigger but affect God pretty much the same way, like a job. If you seek His will and it comes down to two or three jobs pick one, give the glory to God and move on. He will be with you and bless you whichever one you choose.
I think it may have been much easier, in some ways, to have been one of the early disciples of Jesus when he said;
Here are the five options you have when standing at a crossroads:
1) Do Nothing
2) Go Back
3) Go Left
4) Go Right
5) Go Straight ahead

Five Options but Only One Choice

There is stop sign at the crossroad, this is the point in your life that God wants you to stop for a moment. Maybe He wants you to stop doing something that is destructive in your life or in the lives of others, or maybe it my look destructive by wordly standards but it is blocking your growing relationship with God and need to let it go before you can proceed.
Whatever it is, leave it at the stop sign!
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