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Part 21: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Galatians - Liberty In Law  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  1:01:43
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Continuing with our Galatians series, we look at the scripture command to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus explained that there were two laws greater than all others: 1) Love the Lord your God... and 2) Love your neighbor as yourself. What does this mean? First, we have to understand that there are 3 different words in the Greek language that are all translated as "Love" in English and the Bible uses 2 of them. We must use the correct understanding of the definition of each word in order to know what it mens to love God, ourselves, or our neighbors. Listen and follow along as we dig in to the meaning as it was intended by Jesus so we can be sure we get the right point and make proper efforts toward our goal of eternal life.

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