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The Holy Spirit - 1

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The Holy Spirit:  The Presence & Power of God

September 9, 1998

Study 1

What are some of the questions or misunderstandings people have concerning the Holy Spirit?

Two Inadequate Approaches to the Holy Spirit:


·         ______________________


·         ______________________



Why Is it Important to Learn About the Holy Spirit?

·         Billy Graham said, “Man’s two biggest needs are forgiveness and goodness.”  God met our need for forgiveness in __________ _____________ and He met our need for goodness in the _________ ____________.


·         Because to fail to understand Him and His role is to ignore a __________ ________ of who God is.


·         He has always been involved with humanity

Ø       At _____________

Ø       Within Old Testament __________ & ___________

Ø       With the ___________ birth

Ø       At ______________

Ø       In writing of _________________

Ø       Within every ___________ since Christ’s Ascension


·         He is a Person

Ø       A Real Person with _________, __________, and a __________

Ø       A ___________ Person – He is God


“homoiousios” – of like or similar substance.

In other words, He is not the same as the Father and Son. Each Person in the Trinity is unique, while still One.

·         He is a ___________ Person

Ø       John 14:17 – Jesus called Him the Spirit of _______

Ø       He is ________________, intangible, and invisible.

Ø       He is the very ___________ of God.

How Does the Holy Spirit “Help” Us?

·         John 14:16 – “Paraclete” – which means “called _________________”

·         “Apart from Me you can do nothing.”  (John 15:5)

·         He helps from ___________ us.

·         He helps us just like Jesus helped His friends.

“allos” – “another of the same kind”

“heteros” – “another of a different kind”


·         You and I get _____ of God in the Holy Spirit when He comes to indwell us. The question is does He have all of __?

·         He is ___________ with us – He does not “come and go” from us.  (John 16:7)

·         He can be ____________ with each believer at the same time! This is a primary reason Jesus had to go back to heaven – to remove the physical limitations of His presence and ministry.

·         John 16:13-14

We need Jesus for Eternal Life.

We need the Holy Spirit for our Internal Life.

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