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The Gift

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The Gift

          What if you could give a Christmas gift to Christ?  You have one thing that even the King of Kings would love to have.  And heaven erupts in song if you dare to give this gift to Jesus.  Your heart.

          But Jesus won't take your heart unless you give it. He's not a heart-stealer, but if you will offer it, the One who came in a moment to change the world will come in a moment to change your life! If you will offer it.

          What does it mean to give your heart to Jesus? It is to give Him your past, your present, and your future. It is to cup your hands, holding all of your pain, your dreams, your mistakes, successes, and aspirations.  Your fears, longings, and most of all your love and your trust. Even if you've done it before, He accepts the gift again, because we have a tendency to take back the gift we gave Him.

          I'd like you to close your eyes and cup your hands, as though you are holding your heart in your hands and let's talk to God.


n         based on a writing by Max Lucado

[Candle Lighting Service]

Used in Coming Home for Christmas, 12/13

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