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Spiritual Gifts

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Spiritual Gifts

How Can I Discover My Spiritual Gifts?

1.       Make Sure you are a ______________.

2.       Let God break sin's _____________ over your life.  Root sins of pride, bitterness, and moral impurity grieve the Holy Spirit and quench His power and expression in our lives.

3.       Concentrate on ______________. The purpose of our spiritual gifts is to give God's love to others and serve them (the Body of Christ). If we aren't focused on serving others, we won't be in a good position to recognize His gifting in us.

4.       Discern your _____________. Each spiritual gift prompts its possessor to view others from a different perspective. An exhorter, for instance, looks at people differently than an administrator.

5.       Examine your ________________.  Every Christian will view people and circumstances from the viewpoint of his spiritual gift. He/she will tend to think everyone else sees things as you do. What irritates you about others? This can be a clue to what your gift is.

6.       Find your _________________. Using the characteristics lists that describe spiritual gifts, see which characteristics you personally exhibit.

7.       Give yourself ___________.  Don't feel like you have to figure all of this out immediately. This is important, but your salvation doesn't depend on it. Allow God to take whatever time He chooses to reveal to you what your gift is. Don't be afraid to experiment with various kinds of ministry to see what "fits".

8.       __________ your heart.  "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble."  James 4:6

9.       Identify gift ____________. When a spiritually mature Christian uses his gift there is fruit. When an immature or carnal Christian uses their gift there is negative reaction or misunderstanding. These can be clues to knowing what one's gift is. With that knowledge, the immature or carnal Christian can then begin to grow and mature, so that the use of the gift glorifies God and builds up the Body.

7 Reasons You Should Know Your Gift:

1.       It will help you understand God's _______ for your life.

2.       It will help you understand how the Holy Spirit works through you to _______ others.

3.       It will help you know what God does _____ want to do through you.

4.       It will relieve you from serving out of  __________, _________________, and ___________.

5.       It will help you fulfill your deep inner-need to __________.

6.       It will help build _________ among Christians, as you understand others better and they understand you better.

7.       It will add to your _____-_____________, as you learn to appreciate how God made you.

The most important thing in my spiritual life is love

not my spiritual gift.

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