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Moses - When We Say Yes to God

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  • Thrill when you realize “God used me.”
  • Remarkable when you look at the Bible and see who God has used throughout history.  (Makes you want to ask, “God, how do you ever get anything done?”
  • Tick off biblical examples:
  • One thing all these people have in common is that each one finally arrived at a point where they said to God, “I’m available.”


  1. God is always “Late”

  1. Contrast v. 10 and v. 8

  1. look at v. 12 –

  1. v. 13 – “But, what if …”

  1. Abraham – I’m too old
  2. David – too young
  3. Gideon – from the wrong side of the tracks
  4. Esther – too comfortable
  5. Paul – bad reputation
  6. Woman at the well – had a past
  7. Peter – had a business to run & really just didn’t have time

When we make those decisions in the moment – we don’t really understand what hangs in the balance with our decision.

            “We believe that everyone lives forever somewhere.

             That the only place people can find life that transforms them and leads to heaven
                        is in Jesus.

             That God wants to help deal with our 3 biggest problems:   sin, sorrow, and

The people that excite me are the ones that nervously say, “I don’t really know what to do, but I’m willing.

The people that make us nervous who jump in and say, “I’m here to save the day!”

Look who God used in the Bible!

“I’ll be with you.”  --  that leads to people who say in sincerity, “God, if you don’t show up, we’re sunk!”

Response:  “God, I’m available to serve wherever you’re at work.  I want to join you.”

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