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Is Jesus the Only Way

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“Is Jesus the Only Way?”


There’s no way around it, Jesus said some amazing things about Himself.  It’s one thing to say He is one way a person can reach God.  It’s a completely different thing to say He is the only way to God.  Yet, that is exactly what Jesus claimed about Himself.

Our group will spend 6 weeks exploring the questions raised by Jesus astounding statement.  Whether you are a Christ-follower or someone trying to find answers about God, this can be an exciting and productive time in our lives.

We hope you will not only come each Sunday, ready to do some hard digging into important questions – we hope you’ll invite your friends to join us as we pursue the Truth.

Session 1:  “Who Is Jesus?”

Session 2:  “How Is Jesus Different From Other

 Religious Leaders?”

Session 3:  “Did Jesus Really Claim to Be God?”

Session 4:  “Why Focus On Jesus’ Death?”

Session 5:  “Isn’t the Resurrection of Jesus a Myth?”

Session 6:  “What Difference Does Jesus Make      





Coming To Our Small Groups

Sunday, April 20

“40 Days of Purpose”


  1. From the list of words below, check the top 3 that sum up your current understanding of Jesus:

Myth     Man      Leader                          Overrated

Guru     Rebel    Nobody Special                        Son of God

Misunderstood  Teacher             Prophet

King     Idea      Lord     Other ________________


  1. What is one word or phrase from the above list that you believe is not true about Jesus?





  1. We have all accumlated “facts” about Jesus – some of which may not be accurate.  Which of the following have strongly influenced your picture of who Jesus is?


- Encyclopedia - A pastor         - A professor

- Parent                        - A friend          - A scientist

- An idea that came to me while in deep thought

- A book I read - A person antagonistic towards Jesus

- Ancient documents written by people who actually

  knew Jesus





  1. Looking at your list from above, what are the strengths/weaknesses of relying on these sources?








  1. Using Matthew 10:32-29, write a summary sentence about what Jesus was trying communicate about His identity.





John 5:16-18





John 8:56-59





John 14:8-9





Luke 22:67-70




















  1. What are some of the implications for all of humanity if Jesus really was the unique Son of God?











  1. What are some of the implications for your own life if Jesus was God come to earth in human form?








  1. Read John 8:24.   What priority did Jesus place on accepting His true Identity?







C.S. Lewis Quote






  1. What do you think is behind people’s sometimes emotional reactions in thinking Jesus’ claims are offensive?





  1. What is the hardest thing for you to accept about his claims?






On the scale, place an X near the spot & phrase that best describes you.


       1         2        3        4        5        6        7        8        9        10

       I’m in a                            I Have a Few theories                     I’m Very Certain

       Fog About                      about Jesus, But Need                 about Jesus’ Claims

       Who Jesus Is                             More  Information              &  Accept Them as Truth

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