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Why study Colossians?

Colossians: The Preeminent and All-Sufficient Christ  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  57:58
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Pastor Juan Ocampo begins a new sermon series in the book of Colossians. In this introduction pastor Juan gives us a brief overview of this book and encourages us with for reasons why we should study this rich letter to the Colossians.

Why study Colossians? | An overview of Colossians Why should we study Colossians? How is Colossians relevant for us today? How does this book of the Bible help us as Christians? I. COLOSSIANS HELPS US UNDERSTAND THE CENTRALITY OF CHRIST. We are living in a generation where there is so much confusion about Jesus Christ. Not only in the world but even among many professing Christians (in the church). So, Paul helps us with our understanding of Jesus by explaining His supremacy. • Christ is exclusive. Jesus Christ is the only one of his kind and stature. There is none other like Him or who can compare to Him. • Christ is divine. We see the deity of Christ. He is Lord. He is the one true God and Messiah. • Christ is superior to all things. He is preeminent. • Christ is over all things and the center of all things. He is Master. • Christ is all-sufficient. He is the solution to the dilemma of every man. He is all you need for all things. In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. (2:3). Not on Google. Not on Facebook. Not on any social media. Not on the internet. Only in Christ! You find it all in Him! • Christ is the center and most important part of the Christian’s life. Everything we are and do is because of Christ, by Christ, and for Christ. It’s all about who Jesus Christ is! This is who He is… Colossians 1:15–20 — 15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16 For everything was created by him, in heaven and on earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities— all things have been created through him and for him. 17 He is before all things, and by him all things hold together. 18 He is also the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that he might come to have first place in everything. 19 For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, 20 and through him to reconcile everything to himself, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross. II. COLOSSIANS HELPS US UNDERSTAND OUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST. We live in a culture where the meaning of self has been distorted. Many are unclear about who they are; who they are as a person; as human beings. They are confused about their identity. Even Christians. Colossians defines our Christian identity (character, uniqueness, individuality). • We are saints (1:2, 4, 12, 26). Colossians 1:2, 4, 12, 26 — 2 To the saints in Christ at Colossae… — 4 for we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all the saints… 12 giving thanks to the Father, who has enabled you to share in the saints’ inheritance in the light… 26 the mystery hidden for ages and generations but now revealed to his saints. • We are His church (1:18, 24; 4:15, 16). Colossians 1:18, 24 — 18 He is also the head of the body, the church… 24 Now I rejoice in my sufferings for you, and I am completing in my flesh what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for his body, that is, the church. Colossians 4:15, 16 — 15 Give my greetings to the brothers and sisters in Laodicea, and to Nympha and the church in her home. 16 After this letter has been read at your gathering, have it read also in the church of the Laodiceans; and see that you also read the letter from Laodicea. • We are complete in Him (we have been filled by Him) (2:10). Colossians 2:10 — 10 and you have been filled by him, who is the head over every ruler and authority. • We are a new being (we have a new self) (3:10). Colossians 3:10 — 10 and have put on the new self. You are being renewed in knowledge according to the image of your Creator. • We are God’s chosen ones, holy, and dearly loved (3:12). • We are the family of God. Faithful brothers and sisters (1:2). Give my greetings to the brothers and sisters in Laodicea, and to Nympha and the church in her home (4:15). III. COLOSSIANS HELPS US UNDERSTAND FAMILY AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS. Colossians teaches us that our relationships can be meaningful in Christ regardless of race, social status, or economic status. We are one in Christ. We were all created in the image of God. • Wives and Husbands (3:18). • Children (3:20). • Fathers (3:21). • Servants (employees) (3:22). • Masters (Employers) (4:1). Colossians 3:18–4:1 — 18 Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. 19 Husbands, love your wives and don’t be bitter toward them. 20 Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord. 21 Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they won’t become discouraged. 22 Slaves, obey your human masters in everything. Don’t work only while being watched, as people-pleasers, but work wholeheartedly, fearing the Lord… 4:1 Masters, deal with your slaves justly and fairly, since you know that you too have a Master in heaven. IV. COLOSSIANS REMINDS US THAT CHRIST IS THE HOPE OF GLORY. Colossians reminds us of our future hope; our destiny; our eternal inheritance. Colossians 1:27 — 27 God wanted to make known among the Gentiles the glorious wealth of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Colossians 3:4 — 4 When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. Colossians 1:12 — 12 giving thanks to the Father, who has enabled you to share in the saints’ inheritance in the light.
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