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Discovering a Faith That is Strong Enough to Matter

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“Discovering a Faith  

That is Strong Enough to Matter”



    June 9, 1996


·         At its core, faith is _________ – it is believing something to be true, even if you don’t have all the physical evidence you’d like to have.

·         For a moment, picture faith as being represented by a well out of which you are drawing water.

à         A _____________ well will not provide for your needs – it dries up during the heat.

à         A _____________ well will look promising, but actually proves itself of no use just when you need it the most.

à         An ____________ well may or may not help you.

·         To change metaphors, God takes our rough, jagged life and allows the abrasive and confusing circumstances we encounter to “_________________” the rough spots and in the process, faith is refined and purified.

1.     Faith-Test 1:  Can I __________ God Even When I Don’t Understand His Plan? (Genesis 12:1-9)

·         God called Abraham from: (1) __________;  (2) Good _______;  

             (3) _________;  (4) _________;  (5) ____________

·         God called him to:  (1) a “mystery” _________;  (2) Hard  

             _____________;  (3) Few ______________;  (4) the “unknown”

·         God made some promises to him:




·         The call to faith in Christ follows the same pattern:

            Called from:    

                        Old way of ___________

                        Dependence on ___________

            Called to:

                        _________ life

                        Dependence on __________


·         Substitutes for an Obedient Faith:

¨       Orthodox ______________

¨       Church _________________

¨       _____________________


Obedient faith is willing to remove the __________________ that you placed on your obedience.


2.     Faith-Test 2: Can I Trust God to Desire the ___________ for Me?  (12:10-13:5)

·         Abraham’s awful situation:         No rain, no grass, no food.

            What would he do?  This time, the man of faith fails the test.

            He heads for Egypt, seeking his ________ _________________ 

            and disregarding God’s.

·         He didn’t trust God for his basic __________________.

·         He didn’t trust God for the ___________of his family on the trip.

·         In what way are you experiencing a famine in your life?

The Longest Journey:  Going back to the place where __________ broke down, repenting, and worshipping.


3.     Faith-Test 3:  Are God’s __________  Being Demonstrated in My Choices?  (13:5-18)

·         This test often occurs during the “_____________” times.

·         The context of the test is a decision on Abraham’s part that he

 and Lot go their separate ways.

·         He gives Lot the choice of _______________ !

Þ      Abraham-Values:

Sometimes you’re ______________, even when you don’t have to be.

            ___________ is more important than wealth.

            God is more important than ______________.

Þ      Lot-Values:

            Wanted the best for _____________.

Wealth & success are to be pursued, regardless of the ______________.

Look out for ______________, because no one else will.


God-honoring faith will lead us to make ____________ that reflect the values of the God we have come to trust.



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