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God’s Will Or Mine?

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We pray. We get what we want. So, that's confirmation that God responded and complied with our request. OR IS IT? We MUST be careful to not misinterpret coincidence as an affirmation from God. We have free will. We can go after what we want with all the enthusiasm we decide to and God will not intervene. If we put in enough effort, we may achieve many things in this world that don’t have God’s approval – or worse, have his disapproval. God commands us to pray for things according to His will, not ours. Jesus prayed to “let this cup pass from me” but continued, “Yet not as I will, but as you will.” As our example he showed that we must pray in accordance to God’s will. Listen to this week’s message to hear more. We’ll explore how to tell if what we’re praying for is God’s will and conversely, when it’s not.

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