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Be Humble

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It took me a while to understand what the Saints used to say, “You are God and God all by your self.” But, I get it now. That God doesn’t need help being God, but also there is no God besides God, and nobody else is God except God. That was a mouth full so let me simply. God is God and you aint. Of course most people don’t consider themselves to be God, we don’t need explaining that we can’t do the things God did. Even the atheists who don’t believe in God by default understand that they are not God. But, people of faith understand that we are made in the image and likeness of God. Our creativity comes from the creator, our ability to reason comes from God’s wisdom, our desire to socialize comes from the council of the Godhead, our proclivity to love comes from God who is love, our drive toward Justice comes from a God who is Just, our inherent goodness comes from a intrinsically good God. We understand we are made in God’s image, but we are not God. But, every once in a while. We hit our self-righteous blinker, switch into God’s lane, cutting God off, and say I got this.
This is what Lucifer did...
This is what Adam did...
This is what....Jacob, Moses, Pharoah, David, Jonah,
This is what European Christians did...

Self-righteous Pharisee

Focused on himself and not God. He was feeling himself a little too much. His prayer starts out with a good introduction. “God, I thank you...” and but when your prayer of thanks means that you compare yourself to others you have missed the mark.
He could see the man…but didn’t pray for him.
Religion isn’t worth much if your heart is in the wrong place.
He exceeded the normal requirements of the law.
Heads of grain.

Self-humbling Publican

Tax collector?
Standing far away, didn’t want attention.
Lift up his eyes, why not? Beat his chest. The man was a self-identified sinner. He didn’t need people telling him that, he knew. One of the reasons he was justified was because he understood his limitations.
I found out that you can buy 40 lbs of topsoil at Home depot for about 1.75. That’s right. and after you take away the water composition of the body, that’s about what we are worth. (preach) its not what we do that gives us value, it’s God that values us, and he feels the same way about that tax collector as he did about the pharisee.

Salvation after Repentance

He offers a simpler more sincere prayer. Have mercy on me.
The word literally means two things: 1. to propitiate, to make right. 2. Conciliate.
Fix toy for kids. repair, make right, send out.
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