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Building a Culture of Service 2

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"Building a Culture of Service:

  Getting Ready For Company:"

  Various Scriptures

  Wednesday, July 26, 2000


·         People and churches choose between 2 basic choices:     a culture of _____________ or a culture of ___________________.


"When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not do

  him wrong.  The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as

  the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself;  for you

  were aliens in the land of Egypt; I am the Lord your God."  

  Leviticus 19:33-34


·         Clearly these verses are primarily intended for Israel as they learned how to be the people of God who pointed people to Jehovah as the reason for the way they lived their lives.

·         By extension, the verses can give us important clues about how people who are new to our lives, community, and church, ought to be viewed and treated.

è     Don't __________ them.

è     Treat them as our ____________.

è     _________ them (as we do ourselves).

è     Why?   Because we have all know what it was like to be ________________.


·         What do you think our strengths are as a church?

·         What are some things we need to pay closer attention to?

Who Are these Guests?

·         Only _____% of them come from a similar church (national average).

In 1960, 90% of church visitors were from a similar church.

·         In 1960 there was a denominational _____________, music, style of ___________, _____________, and culture that would be shared by most churches of that denomination. This is no longer the case.

·         What all of that means is people are in need of _______________________ and _______________________.

·         ______% of guests who return the next Sunday will stay for good!

Without A Steady Flow of Guests, a Church Cannot Grow:

è     _________% of any church's members leave or stop attending each year.

è     A church must retain a minimum of ____% of its guests in order to be growing.  Rapidly growing churches retain 25-30% of guests and transform them into regular attenders or full members.

How Do You Get Ready For Company?

    The Key is understanding the 11 Moments of Truth in

      the Experience of a Church Guest:

·   MOT 1:       The way they are invited to the church.

·   MOT 2:       Driving by the building.

·   MOT 3:       Walking up to the front door.

·   MOT 4:       Entering the Front Door

·   MOT 5:       Meeting People

·   MOT 6:       Information & Amenities - childcare atmosphere

·   MOT 7:       Entering the Auditorium

·   MOT 8:       Experiencing the Worship Service

·   MOT 9:       Exiting the Worship Service

·   MOT 10:     Contacts During the First Week

·   MOT 11:     Contacts In the Months Ahead

Evaluating The Crossroads Culture

1.      Do we go out of our way to serve each other (and strangers who come in the doors)?


2.      Do we give to each other beyond normal expectations?


3.      Do we exhibit a spirit of generosity toward others?


4.      Are we only willing to serve in our "primary gift" area, or will we pitch in to help in other areas because we're family?


5.      Do newcomers feel a spirit of love and care?


6.       When it comes to our Sunday morning worship and our personal preferences for how a church functions, do I expect it to be done my way or the way that will most effectively reach spiritually lost people?

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