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Built: On the Rock

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A House established on the Rock (1 Pet 2:1-10, Heb 3:6): Jesus the only fondation, which is built up onunity, love, and obedience.

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Intro: The Culture Code

Peter Spilman held a competition to build the tallest structure  using:
20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti 
1 yard of transparent tape
1 yard of string 
1 standard size marshmallow 
Contest  The tallest The effective group:Didn’t talk much at allThey stood very close to one another Weren’t smooth and organizedThey started building and grabbing materials from one another following no plan or strategy Trying a bunch of things together
Myth: Skilled individuals will produce skilled performance
Kindergartens produced structures that stood 26” tall
Business school student produced structures that stood less than 10” tall
Teams of lawyers produced towers that stood up 15”
And towers of CEO’s 22”
False assumptions: We focus on what we can see: individual skill
What matters most are the interactions
Business school students are engaged in what psychologists call status management (all about dealing with behavior [read the book])Not competing for status. Stand shoulder to shoulder. Work energetically together. Experiment. Take risks and check out outcomes that guide them toward effective solutions. KG succeed not bc they’re smart but bc they work in a smart way 

Culture: A set of shared relationships working toward a set goal - The Culture Code

Culture is not something that you are. It’s something that you do!

What builds an organizational culture?

Skills to create strong social interactions: 
Skill 1: build safety. How signals of connection generate bonds of belonging and identity
Skill 2. Shared vulnerability: Habits of mutual risk build trust and cooperation. 
Skill 3. Establish purpose: how narratives create goals and values 

The foundation of a building determines the rest of the building: shape, size, function

Rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind, and built up through obedience in the way of Jesus.
How do I rid myself of the habits above? Is it simply by having a better attitude? Letting things “slip”? Focusing on the task rather than the people? Finding a new house/church to call home? The answer is in v.7: Jesus will need to become most precious to you!
A most beautify pleasure: from selfishness to Jesus focused
Is Jesus still precious for you, even today? Have you set in your heart as most precious even today? Have you made your mind that Jesus will be precious for you tomorrow and to the end of your days?
Look for Illustration that speaks about worth and value of an auctioned item, a precious stone, or a treasure
What’s the worth Jesus has in your heart? Worth speaks about being able to compare one thing to the other. You expect to show up at the store and have accurate weights. God would expect the same from our faith. We cannot walk around our lives without being able to say, Jesus you are of treater worth than…
In the larger context of this passage, this verse speaks about trust in the middle of trouble. God’s worth is based on his power to save. The psalmist realized that it’s better to pray to be in God’s presence than praying for deliverance! The psalmist challenges us to set our eyes on the one who protects his people in the day or trouble
How does this relate to the passage in 1 Peter:
1 Peter reminds us that:
1. We are born again, and our new nature allows us to love one another with sincere love
2. We exist to stand out above the standards of the world
3. We do not have to live in fear of those who reject our faith
Specific steps:
Holding back from your spiritual family:
Are there any people in this room that you are holding a grudge, and God is asking you to extend forgiveness or ask forgiveness to them?
Holding back from God
Are there any patterns of your life that need to be redeemed by God’s grace?
Are you trapped by the “fear of man” that hold you from showing others God’s love for them?
Holding back from suffering for Christ?
Are you trapped by the “fear of man” that hold you from showing others God’s love for them?
Does your attitudes toward God and other demonstrate that Jesus is most precious to you?
Close by reading
What type of house are we building for the Lord in Louisville? Will we be a house able to represent the beauty and glory of God?
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