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Expanding the Kingdom

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Pastor Bill will talk about all the mission activity in which Reliant is currently involved. 
He will spend some time on Arminia and the opportunities God has opened there.
Arayik & Nellie Sardaryan (Picture of Arayik and Nellie)Picture of the two ladies that are close to salvation. (Arminia Salvations)Video of Arayik thanking the church for trip support. Jacob & Lisa Presley
Real 4 Christ
Pastor Bill will call two team members up at a time to interview. 
Alan and Christina
Christina: You have take several kinds of missions trips.  Describe the difference between a manual trip and a ministry trip? (An assortment of Camp and Church photos)
Alan: What was it like going into villages and seeing the people in their native environment? (Scroll through the hut to hut folder)
Christina:  On our last two day in Kenya we were able to go on safari.  Tell us the coolest thing you saw while on safari. (Pick out the good animal shots and us in the van, have elephant video handy)
Alan: Tell us what it was like to lead someone to Christ on that second Saturday?   
Dustin & Taylor
Dustin: How do you believe this trip has helped to mold your thinking about missions? (Just a constant Scroll)
Taylor: I know there were several times on this trip that God moved you out of your comfort zone.  Tell us how you felt when Kim asked you to take the devotion from the girls? (Talor Camp Pic)
Dustin:  Recount for you what you feel was the greatest moment for you personally on the trip?
Taylor: Tell us about someone you feel you bonded with in Mombasa? (Scroll through the camper pics)
Bryan & Savana
Savana:  How do you feel you connected best with the girls on your team? (Savana Camp)
Bryan:  What was your impression of the spiritual state of the youth to which you were ministering? (Scroll through Camp pics)
Savana:  What was the most memorable part of the trip for you?
Bryan:  What was your impression of the churches we visited? (Scroll through church pics)
Brant & Stephanie
Stephanie:  You mentioned that if did have all the responsibilities here at home that you would move to Mombasa for full time ministry.  What do you think was such a heavy draw for you there? (Stephanie Camp pics)
Brant: What impressed you the most about seeing all the kids that we sponsor in the closing ceremonies at school? (Child Sponsorship/ Closing Ceremony
Stephanie:  What do you feel was the biggest take away for your life from going on this trip?
Brant: What was your biggest take away from the trip?
Bill & Kim
Kim: What impressed you most about our team on this trip?
Kim: I know that a missions trip to Africa was an item on your bucket list.  Was it everything you hoped it would be and what will you take from it?
Bill:  Tell us about the time you were sick and got to witness. (Mike Salvation, Mike Follow Up)
David & Kim
David: Now that we are back, what feedback have you heard from Chris, the R4C team, or the kids about our visit to the school.
Kim: If I'm not mistaken from the influence of Reliant we currently sponsor 20 kids in the school.  What kind of impact does that have on the kids? (Scroll through Sponsorship Kids)
Kim: Follow Up question:  There are a lot of people here that were not with us a year ago when you were here.  Please explain again the sponsorship process and cost.
David:  How is God moving in your lives personally and what might we do to help?
Bill & Jay
Jay: What did feel the spiritual climate to be in Boston? (Scroll Boston Pics)Bill: Tell the story of the D.L. Moody Plaque. (Bill with Plaque)
Jay:  What impressed you about the church planters we were able to visit in Boston?
Bill:  Tell how we are going to partner with Banner Church. (Pics of Banner Hill)    Pastor Bryan Shipply (Bryan's Family Pic)    Youth trip for launch in September    Youth to go to college and be interns for the church planters. 
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