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No Hiding Place

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God is omniscient and we must not fool ourselves into thinking that we can hide from God's sight. The allegory in Genesis shows us an example of what NOT to do. Adam had done wrong and he knew it. He tried to hide from God, but His all-seeing eye could see all that happened just as easily as we can see grass in front of us in broad daylight! Many other examples are throughout the Bible and we are given much evidence that there is no way to hide our doings (or plans) from God - whether good or evil. We have ALL done things or thought things that we would rather not have known to others, or especially to God. But God's record is exceptionally complete and besides ONE method of editing, is permanent. The one and only method that God provides us to clean our record is clearly spelled out. Listen to the evidence and learn about God's 1-2-3 plan to expunge our record and make it as white as snow! Once we do, we can then be accepted into His future kingdom on Earth!

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