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Every man perfect in Christ
Paul’s goal, Paul’s aim, Paul’s desire was that every man maybe perfect in Christ Jesus.
In the preaching, to warn, to teach, so as to present every man perfect.
That is what He labors for strives for, works for and it is Him who is working in him to accomplish his goal, his aim, his desire.
Paul had a purpose, and we need to have a purpose, we need to have an aim, what we purpose to accomplish.
From the aim we are able to set some goals and make a plan on how to accomplish it.
Paul’s desire was for the church at Colossi to mature in Christ Jesus, for in maturity you cannot be easy deluded by persuasive arguments (COl2:4) and you may be stable in your faith (Col2:5)
Do you just set out to do things or do you make a plan?
If we want to mature in Christ we need to have an aim, a goal, a plan.
Paul uses this section to encourage them, to assure them, to rejoice with them and to challenge them.
So it would not be surprising that Paul
Struggle's for Them
Hopes for them
Warn’s them
Assures them and
Challenges them
Paul has great concern for them (vv.1-3)
Paul has reason for his concern (vv.4-5)
Paul exhorts in light of his concern (vv.6-8)
In all of these they go hand in hand with his aim
His aim is spiritual maturity.
We can find a couple of great things about spiritual maturity in these few verses.
Indications of spiritual maturity (vv.1-5)
Steps to spiritual maturity (vv.6-8)
I. Indications of Spiritual Maturity
Paul’s deep concern, his struggle for his brethren, friends in Colossi (v.1)
Though Paul thought of himself as the least of the Apostles (1Cor15:9); he still was a mature man in Christ and emulated that so we can replicate that (1Cor11:1-2)
As Paul was taught by the Lord himself (Gal1:11-12) and it gave him the heart for the people, a heart for the churches (2Cor11:28-29)
He had concern not just for the church at Colossi, but all the churches as seen in (2Cor11:28-29 even the ones who have not seen his face like Colossi.
Another great example is Epaphras who demonstrated maturity (Col4:12-13)
Question: Do we have a concern for the brethren like is exampled by Paul?
Paul’s hope from his concern was that they maybe knit together in love (v.2)
Knit together with full assurance (other scriptures used, referenced: Jn14:1, 27; 2The2:16-17; 2Cor1:3-4)
knit together, comforted (kjv); encouraged (NASB); filled with courage (GNT) with full assurance.
For it is the will of God that we serve Him with hearts that are full of comfort and encouragement.
Remember we started in (v.1) with Paul’s concern, Paul’s agonizing, Paul’s struggle, Jesus also had concern
Paul also prayed this for the churches
Comfort, who does not want comfort?
may we remember that as we go through things that it is so that we may comfort others (2Cor1:3-4)
For a troubled, an anxious heart is not a mark of maturity in a Christian.
Paul exampled a heart that is encouraged even when facing death (2Tim4:6-8; 17-18)
And then just a few verses later
He has fought the good fight, he has kept the faith
He know what is laid up for him, a crown of righteousness
He knows why, for the Lord stood with hi and strengthened him
So that, he might proclaim the gospel and fully accomplish the mission.
With the end result being the heavenly kingdom, to be with Him in glory forever!
One of the examples Paul may have had, remembered is that of the deep love and concern between other hearts that were knit together like Jonathan and David
This is what the church at Colossi was already doing and he is encouraging them more
Question/challenge: Are we a body of believers that are knit together in love?
What steps are we taking to deepen that being knit together?
Knit together in full assurance of understanding (v.2) (also see 1Jn5:13; Rom15:4)
As our hearts are knit together in love, we are to have our lives knit together in full assurance and understanding of our salvation.
This comes as we continue to seek the Lord and continue to mature in Christ.
(1Jn5:13; Rom15:4)
We should not be question mark Christians, with full assurance of our salvation in Christ
We have the written proof for our instruction so we might have hope.
(expand on this, assurance cannot be coupled with arrogance)
One of the riches we have in Christ (since we are knit together) is that assurance of what we have in Him and through Him and by Him!
It is our salvation that Paul tells us to work out (Php2:12)
It is knowledge of the mystery of God (Eph3:3-6; Rom16:25-26)
See all wisdom and knowledge is “in” Christ not “from” Christ , all treasures are found “in” Him
(insert the William Randolph Hurst illustration)
Now let me expand on knowledge of the mystery
Therefore, it is important, even vital to have a good understanding and knowledge of the gospel to help in your maturity.
So, may we always be increasing in our knowledge and understanding and we will always be increasing in our maturity too!
This brings us to (v.5)
Good order and steadfastness of faith (v.5)
Paul was confident and even rejoicing in knowing they had good order and steadfastness of faith
This is walking by faith (2Cor5:7)
This is walking worthy (Eph4:1)
Walking in a disciplined manner in line with the lifestyle that is expected of a Christian!
Is our life of faith, being knit together in love, with knowledge, with assurance in good order with steadfastness?
Are we progressing (maturing)?
Or do we waver at times?
If you waver, it’s OK there are steps we can take towards spiritual maturity.
Steps to Spiritual Maturity
You can’t step in spiritual maturity unless you are already Christ’s so that is first and foremost.
(expand on how to become Christian here)
So if you a Christian and want to grow in spiritual maturity this is for you.
The Church at Colossi had received Christ as Lord, and they were challenged to walk in Him!
Many claim to have accepted Christ, but have they made Him both Lord and Savior?
(Act2:36; See Gal2:20 too)
He is Lord, He is Savior but have we accepted that and does our walk prove it?
Many claim it, but don’t do it.
Paul was about walking the talk (Gal2:20)
Talking leads to walking, walking leads to being firmly rooted, built up, established and then overflowing with gratitude.
Being rooted is where our foundation grows stronger, we need to remember that Jesus is to be our foundation of our faith (Lk6:48)
Being rooted is where we get our nutrition (Psm1:3; also See 1Pt2:5)
Being rooted on a firm foundation of faith and receiving the nutrients that we need from the Living Water we can be built up in Him, allowing ourselves to be who He created us to be.
A spiritual house, a holy priesthood, who offers acceptable spiritual sacrifices to God through Jesus Christ.
When we are challenged, when we accept the challenge to walk by faith, we are rooted, built up, and our faith is established even more
and we are then abounding in our maturing faith with thanks giving over flowing with gratitude!
This walk we are challenged to do looks like:
Walking in the Light (Eph5:8)
Walking in love (Eph5:2)
Walking in wisdom (Col4:5)
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